Brown Coats

Editorial For Silver Lining

Over the past few weeks our planet has come together in fear, grief, excitement and now relief as to the whereabouts and happenings to our Queen. Yesterday her PR department let us know that she had taken a brief respite with alleged lover and Dread Pirate Calgorie, maybe it’s something in this old reporters bones that cause him to keep asking questions, for example:

If the Queen did leave on a private respite, then why were the clones that were protecting her, one Purple Squadron 7, found dead several blocks away? Where is the commander of said squadron? And why the secrecy in her leaving? a little further digging led me to a source on the Hypycratis who said that the ship did receive an emergency transmission with the Isabella and then altered course in order to rendezvous. Why such a hurry to arrive there? Sources also report the Isabella departing with Dominion Command persons for a top secret mission in the CORE. Is our young Queen participating in Espionage missions with the Dread Pirate? Why the cover stories? And where was she? These are all question we may never truly know the answers to, but they have sparked an interesting question. If the Queen is conducting dangerous missions for the sake of Silverhold, Who is the next in the line of succession should something happen to her, no response came from the Queens palace by press time today.

Editor and Chief Perry White
Silver Lining



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