Brown Coats

Fracked Up

Wave From Carson

To: Col Weaver
To: Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

CC: Admiral Victor Kennedy
CC: General Katria Everdeen

From: General Ginja Carson

I am troubled by press reports on Silverhold, the absence of a Queen is one thing, but if the Colonels could please be so kind as to tell me WHY THE FRACK THE HYPICRATIS IS A FRACKING SOURCE FOR NEWS ON GORAM SILVERHOLD! THIS IS AMATURE WUSHU, THAT’S WHAT THIS IS!

Winchester! I thought I put a man of competence in charge of security on one of our flag ships, this happened on your watch, and I expect you to clean it up, you have exactly forty eight hours to find out who this source is, and send their name to me or I will bust you down to private so Frackin fast…

Weaver! I want to know how anyone that we don’t trust has access to our state of the art Hyperspace Transceiver, if you can’t keep control of your ship then I am sure the Admiral can find someone who can. Get it together people! Its fracked up wushu like this that’s going to lose us this war!

General, Admiral, now that you’re appraised of this situation I trust you will take the appropriate measures to resolve it and dole out discipline where required

Thank you all

Carson Out



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