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Some Fun Facts in RIM NEWS this week

High Chancelor Erik Voltaire, was nominated as Silverholds 1st choice to suceed the Queen should anything happen to her, we caught up with him on Lilac and here’s what he said to us

“While I would be honoured to help the people of Silverhold in the case of an unfortunate, mournful event, it is my duty first and foremost as High Councillor of Whitefall to see to the prosperity and care of those already in my trust. It would be negligent of me to let my focus be diluted by trying to manage two worlds in these times of strife, especially considering the Queen has been doing an excellent job given the situation. I fully expect her to continue in her success, or personally see to it that someone worthy of the Silverhold people does so.”

What a Charmer

Speaking of the High Chancelor, in other news this morning our Whitefall Leader appealed to the Dominion to put their full support behind one Owen Wallace of Haven. Details are still a little hazy on what support they would give and why, but he said that Whitefall would always stand tall beside their Haven Brethren.

Another 3 bombs went off on Whitefall today, two in the northern contenent and one in the south. so far reports say 39 people are dead with anther 72 injured. FLQ has taken credit for the bombings.

the Whitefall defense fleet has turned back yet another Reaver attack, making Whtiefall the saftest Planet on the RIM

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