Brown Coats


To: General Katria Everdeen

To: Admiral Victor Kennedy

From: Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

General, Admiral;

I write from Angel currently we still control the plane, but our ally from Haven Commander Owen Wallace is pushing hard to move onwards for the New Hall Drive Yards. He has the men spun tightly and many are volenteering to follow him. Sirs, please recall that we have several thousand clone units here as well as Echo, India, Baker and the Lenneth, Yomato and Galactica here. Wallace needs to know now, are we with him? He has not signed on to the Dominion, but is still techiniqully commanding Angel and preparing for his next attack. If we are not planning on backing him he deserves to know, though I think that may cause a situation. I would request that if we are not in support of his next move, that one of both of you come down here as it may help keep the fractureing of out troops and blood shed to a minimum, this is a very uncomfortable sit. Also If Major Dean Winchester of Echo Company is ready to return to duty, he can take command of his unit once more.


Lt. Col. Sam Winchester
Dominion Army,
Easy Company



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