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Word has reached the Silver Lining that the Queen is in fact alive and well. She said she was provided with an unexpected opportunity to receive a little down time with the Infamous (and totally cute) Dread Pirate Calgorie. The Queen apologises for worrying her subjects, and reports that there must have been an error in the PR department and her public calendar. The Queen has relayed that she will be arriving back on Silverhold within a couple weeks’ time but has maintained the business of ruling from afar, and has remained in constant contact with her people since her departure. When asked how he felt about the Queens unexpected absence Duke Carlisle stated

“it is not our place to question the Queens actions or habits, it is our duty to trust that she is doing what needs to be done for the good of all Silver Hold, the Queen owed us neither apology or explanations and we are privileged that she saw fit to give them”.

We were also able to speak with Duchess Louise Caroline Windsor the 4th who had this to say about this incident

“The Queens absence worried us, we are pleased to know that she is alright, although this does bring up an interesting question of succession, should something happen to her, who is next in line to rule on Silverhold?”

This reporter took to the question and cause, unfortunately most of the succession and genealogy has been lost during the invasion and occupation, things are a little murky right now, please feel free to fill out our pole, WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD BE THE NEXT TO RULE?

Duchess Louise Caroline Windsor the 4th

Lord Henery Fiztroy Duke of Accalia

Lord Estiban Carlisle

Duchess Anastasia Inevitalis

Lucian C. Calgori

High Chancelor Erik Voltaire

Or other?

I’m Cat Grant with the Silver Lining



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