Brown Coats


Just a friendly reminder of what the Scorpio Space Station is like

1) to get there you had to navigate a field of moving magnetic mines, please remember that the mines had sensor blocking technology and are more attracted to ship that have their shields up.

2)Ships that docked were locked into their docking port by massive clamps, meanwhile several concussion class missiles were pointed at each ship at pint blank range.

3) each group was only allowed three people to enter from their ship, passing through a scanning system

4) scanning systems throughout the space station continually sweep for weapons, threats were made that the entire area would be vented if anyone broke the rules

5) hyperspace communications are jammed in and around the station

6) the station has numerous weapons at its disposal and is likely heavily bugged

7) the station carries more space based weapons then a Hyperion class ship

just a reminder for the up coming session



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