Blue Lotus Mercenary Core

A mercenary company with a record of professinalism and sucess


This group is commanded by Master Chief Tyrell and has it’s main office located on Bellerophone as a floating estate, being on the boarder it gives the crew a respectable place to do business but not be completely under the thumb of the [[CORE]]. It is commanded by retired soldiers from both CORE and Brown Coat backgrounds and is very effectively used to quickly solve RIM and Border disputes that the CORE dosnt care about. they have been in operation for almost 16 years with an incredible success record, they attribute much of their success in that they never get into any confrontations with the alliance, they wont take those contracts and wont recommend any one who will. currently they also provide security for the Corillion Construction Corp, this has been a steady contract for the past 4 years, it has been very profitable and means that most of the time the Blue Lotus has the most state of the art Corillion Toys when flying anywhere.


Blue Lotus Mercenary Core

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