Steve the Pirate

An Ace Brown Coat Pilot with a few excentrisities


Steve was an ace pilot, he was known for his skill and cunning and was on the A list for any Brown Coat missions, he has alway liked pirates, but they were nothing more then a hobby for him until it happened.

After a vicious Reaver attack, to which Steve lost his left leg, he retreated into himself, and emerged as Steve the Pirate, he turned down the offer of a cybernetic leg for a peg leg instead, even with his little tics, he is still a very good pilot, unfortunately with his current mental state, command won’t trust with any high profile missions and so Steve is usaly sent out picking up and dropping off new recruits, food or salvage pieces.

It is best not to argue with Steve, on his Ship ( colourfully named the Black Dutchmen or Flying Pearl depending on when you ask him) he is the captain, and may ask you to Walk the Plank…. whatever that means.


Steve the Pirate

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