Alexa Voltair


Alexa was born on Whitefall, the daughter of the retired soldier Cid Voltair, she continues the family tradition of military training, and hoping for a chance to prove that she is as good a soldier as as anyone else, even if she is from the rim and had no official military education. Cid thought her as much of what he knew as he could, and she learned a great deal more hunting the occasional Reavers that set down on the planet.

Her preferred weapon of choice is a high caliber sniper rifle, which she uses to great effectiveness. While lacking her fathers knowledge on war and fighting and managing armies, she does have some degree of apparently natural talent making up for her lack of skill.

Alexa and Erik grew up together and are very good friends, and supported each others endeavors in life at all times. When Erik was climbing the ladder to becoming Chief of Council, Alexa supported him all the way, and he always kept an eye open for some new piece of military gear for her to try out. Especially the big rifles she loves so much.

Alexa Voltair

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