Belinda Carlile A.K.A Billy

A fiesty free lance investigative repoter


Second level scoundrel proficient in basic side arms. she can handle a small ship.
(Billy can use the pretty pink matched six shooters her daddy gave her but she’d rather not!)


Billy was just a kid on Whittiker during the war for unification. though her child was influence by air raids, rations, and fear, her more vivid memories are of playing brown coats vs alliance with her little brother and best friend kiki. of course billy always got to be the heroic brown coat captain and save the universe. Billy,s Father Estavon Carlile better known to everyone as papa C was an affluent banker and avid brown coat supporter. he managed to not only save the family fortune but to increase it tenfold through secretly supporting the brown coats while publicly appearing to back unification. his wife Sun-lynn was born on Ariel and can claim relations to some of the most prominent politicians and business folk in the core worlds. papa C used her family connections shamelessly to keep his family safe and successful during the messy aftermath of the war. the results where an alliance backed franchise the Carlile Bank Of Whittiker or CBW now operates on Every Boarder world and and Launders more brown coat dollars then any other institution. Papa C also provided anonymous financial backing to some of the most successful and hence little known brown coat initiatives since the war.
Billy was sent to finishing school and university on Ariel. though she was in constant trouble for nosing around where she didn’t belong and having a general nonconformist attitude she graduated with honors and a masters degree in political science minoring in journalism and interstellar communications. she then spent 2 years as an investigative reporter for Fax News Going free lance when she realized just how little of her investigations actually included in her stories. feeling discouraged with the “free press” she went home for awhile. her mother connected her with Venson Vigs an “Agent” who swears he can find a valid paper or broadcaster to publish any of her Stories with no censuring and minimal editing. Billy is Passionate about the peoples right to know and will do almost anything to ensure that they do. coupled with her reputation for discretion when it comes to illicit activities she is welcomed amongst the brown coats who recognize the need for there side of the story to be heard. with her mothers connections and her valid press indent card she can also mingle into nearly any level core social function but prefers the adventure found searching for the Truth at the rim. accompanied by her best friend kiki( body guard / camera man) and a hi tech gift from her father, a small 2 man ship with FTL capabilities so she can be where the stories are and get them where they need to be.

Belinda Carlile A.K.A Billy

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