(Dead Man Walking) Bruce R Whitman



Former Member of Easy, Former Member of Echo, Former Crew Member of the Hypicratis
thrice winner of medals of valor on Whitefall, 4 times winner of medals of valor for Brown Coats, over 340 counts of insabordination on his file, and now honourably discharged and a civilian of Whitefall


Born in 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Earth that Was.

Moved around the country with his family following a travelling church until they finally settled in the small northern town of Peace River, Alberta.

Growing up he was a lanky, nerdy youth often found reading scifi and fantasy novels to escape the boredom of the small town life. Picked on and teased constantly by all his classmates (including his sibling Robert). A very friendly and outgoing youth who was more comfortable with the girls of his class and his younger schoolmates. Growing up was difficult, and he yearned to leave the small town as soon as he could.

When he turned 18 he immediately enrolled in the Canadian armed forces and served in an infantry platoon. He spent 10 years travelling around the world on various tours of duty advancing in that time to to be an officer.

Bruce was very keen on not hurting without cause and hated being in country where the children were armed and at war. It was hard for him to turn a blind eye when ordered to do so. he was a model soldier who always followed orders, but applied personal initiative in those orders whenever he could. The only time he ever broke ranks was to save one of his squad mates during a evacuate after a standoff in Afghanistan. the soldier survived to make it back the med base but died in surgery. Bruce received his first Victoria cross for this action.

After seeing combat in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq Bruce took a much needed leave of absence. Having had spent nearly the full 10 years without any time off he had 5 months to kill in civilian life. He did what most officers on leave did, fell in love and married his wife Sandra. By the time he was to return to duty they were happily wed and she was pregnant.

At his wifes urging when he returned to service he applied for a safer position within the military and was accepted into the engineering corp. He spent a full year in northern survival and construction training in the northern part of Quebec.

After his northern training was completed he was transfered to Cold Lake Alberta to continue with his heavy equipment and arms service training. Happy at this posting as his wife and child could live with him on base he learned how to field strip and repair an entire tank. He impressed many of his superiors with his mechanical skills and mental aptitude and was brought on board into military research and development.

Notable Orders and Decorations from the Canadian Military
-South-West Asia Service Medal (SWASM)
-Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM)
-Canadian Forces’ Decoration (C.D.)
-Victoria Cross
-Distinguished Service Order
-Distinguished Conduct Medal

(Dead Man Walking) Bruce R Whitman

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