Cid Voltair

An old soldier seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes.


Cid was born on Bellerophon into a military family. He passed though the Academy with flying colors, and by the time the independence war came along, he was a decorated officer of some rank, and climbing ever higher on the chain of command. Early into the war he was promoted to Colonel, and many expected him to make General by the time the war was over.

Things did not work out though, during a small inconsequential battle, he took a stray bullet and was forced to spend the rest of the war recuperating in a hospital. Even after his release, he found himself stiff and unable to quite move as well as he had before, and other younger, newer officers had already built their careers off of winning the war.

Cid retired from military life, and after spending a few more years on the Core worlds, he met Cynthia from Whitefall. They hit it off, and before long he found himself setting up permanent residence on Whitefall as well. They got married, had a daughter named Alexa, and Cid found himself enjoying the simpleness of the Rim worlds.

Cid adopted Erik, after his father, Cid’s brother, was killed in a vehicle accident. He brought him to Whitefall, where Erik grew up and proceeded to become the head of the Whitefall Council.

In the years since the end of the war, Cid has grown increasingly bitter about the way he saw the alliance treating with civilians, and especially Rim-Worlders. He often curses himself for having fought on the wrong side in the first war, and has been known on occasions when some major news of alliance misconduct finds its way to him though the unofficial news networks, to swear that he would do things differently now.

Cid Voltair

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