Col. Saul Tigh

Executive Officer of the Galactica


Saul Tigh is a line officer assigned as executive officer on the Galactica. He is an ex-Viper pilot, the son of another military pilot and the grandson of a Senetorial military advisor, and is around 70 years old. Memorabilia in his quarters suggest that he flew with a squadron named “Vigilantes” in the first unification war.

Tigh is gruff and sometimes rather unlikable, although he once observed that “If the crew doesn’t hate the XO, then he’s not doing his job.” He and Kara Thrace initially had a particularly unpleasant relationship; he regarding her as an insubordinate hothead, while she considered him mentally weak. Tigh attempts to bury the hatchet at one point, but does it in such a high-handed manner that he fails to accomplish anything. They appear to have reconciled at some point during the fall of Whittier and relations between them are now much warmer.

He expresses contempt at civilians’ unwillingness to forego certain comforts, such as having more than “a thimbleful of water a day” and seems genuinely shocked they refuse to accept martial law. He has an unrelenting moral vision and sense of duty. He is trusted absolutly by his Commanding Officer Admiral William “Bill” Adama, but has slipped a few times as he has amajor issue with alcholism


Col. Saul Tigh

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