High Chancelor Erik Voltaire

War Hymn Composer, Head Council Member of Whitefall


Age: 21

 Gifted in the arts of persuasion and debate, Erik Voltaire is possibly the youngest person to ever hold the position of Council Head. His rise through the political world was rapid, reaching his current positi9on in only a few short years.

  He is a supporter of freedom, and truly tries to do whats best the colony on Whitefall whenever possible, but finds there is only so much to do to stimulate a rim worlds economic growth. 

 Aside from administrating the colony, he composes music. At first he wasn’t too great at it, but in the aftereffects of a failed pirate raid, he was struck by inspiration and found his true talent lay in War Hymns. Since then he has released a number of synthesized songs, which he is quite proud of.

  With Whitefall as stable as a small colony can be, he decided to take temporary leave from the job of head council. He set of to gain battle experience for greater heights of music, and to see how other colonies and nations are run, hoping to find ideas on how things on Whitefall could be done better. 

  Since he left the colony, he has traveled to a few of the Core Worlds, but found the political scene there to be distasteful, and quickly made his way back to the border and rim worlds. 

 While traveling, he took part in a handful of battles against pirates, either by just making sure he was in the vicinity at the right time, or hiring himself out as a mercenary to cargo runners in need of protection.

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High Chancelor Erik Voltaire

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