Lord Estiban Carlisle AKA Papa C

Duke of Pandora, A Banker and Businessman, this man has many talents


Father of Belinda Carlisle A.K.A Billy Papa C has been running banks on the Rim since just after the first Unification War, he is a shrewd businessmen and is careful with his investments but is known to be a good and fair man in both his personal life and most of his dealings.

He Currently Owns

Dukedom of Pandora on Silverhold
Carlisle Group Bank
51% Shares of Tampic
27% Shares in Pandora 1st Choice Meats
42% Shares in Nike
12% Shares in Grow Up
83% Shares in Aim Ups
18% Shares in Apple
3% Shares in Corrilian Cooperation
72 Whitefall War Bonds


Lord Estiban Carlisle AKA Papa C

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