Fly Boy Brewers

The best damn ale on Whitefall


A partnership between Victor Kennedy, Ronald and Dean Winchester, the brewery currently is set up on the southern contenent of Whitefall and brews ales. the head brewer Rondal is currently looking for a good local substance to add to teh brew in order to distill spirtis… the Boys are hoping with the new boom on whitefall, that this may make them some money on the side and set the up for retirement later

currently the shares are as follows

35% Rondal sprig
30% VFK
20% Dean – silent partnership deal
5% Gerrick Lysander
10% Brutus

Business had grown significantly in the past year, with Three Chapters open on Whitefall, and two more now set to open on Silverhold, and supplying the Bars on the Hypicratis, Yomato and Arcadia. Rondal is having troubles finding qualified people to keep up with demand. currently he is trying to facilitate the moves to Silverhold as well as look into the potential of setting up a brewery on Lilac, the wheat and hops shortage are eating into the profits, but he expects that his partners should be making some good money come year end


Fly Boy Brewers

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