Garrick Lysander

A gaint of a man wearing a full siut of what appears to be a leather containment suit and a spetial breathing aperatus he is never seen without his uniqu weapon, the Death penalty


Gerrick was the oldest of three children in his family. His father was a merchant that dealt in replacable parts and an very shrewd businessman. From a very young age Gerrick had an obsesion with figuring out how things worked. He could often be found taking small broken devices apart and fixing them. His father eventually realized the Gerrick was quite talented at tinckering and as Gerrick grew older that obsesion turned towards guns. He loved practicing with them and figuring out how they worked and what could be done to change them. This led to several fines as he would modifie the guns to the point were their ownership would be illigal by a civilian and thus he was dinied access to them for many years. As he got older his father began to teach him the ins and outs of the merchant business and began to take him and his sisters on some of his trips so they could observe how he did business. This was an exciting thing to them for many reasons. Gerricks mother had died when she had given birth to Garricks Sisters and thus for most of their childhood they had been raised by caretakers while thier father did buisness to keep the family afloat. Thus the Idea of being able to spend so much time with thier father was a thrilling prospect. Garick being the oldest in his family was given many talks on the Idea that if anything should happen to his father the role of looking after the family fell to him. For many years his father Roland, his younger twin sisters Anna and Jissica and himself traveled together trading goods all over the verse. It was during the beginning of Gerricks teenage years that his father was found guilty of smuggling Illigal goods to the rim. His father managed to bypass the alliance athuraties and fled to the rim worlds were he layed low for a couple months before opening his trade buisness on the rim with the help of some freinds. Jessica who had showed interest in sceince and thus Roland enrolled her in a school on the rim studieng biology and physics. Gerrick and anna still accompanied thier father on his trips around the rim until one day the event happened.

They were doing a routine trip from Whitefall to Silverhold when their ship was ambushed by a large transport class vessel that was operating without containment. A Reaver ship. Garricks father tried to run but when that didn’t work and they were borded he died fighting them off. Gerrick and his sister were dragged onto the vessel and the torment began. Gerrick was forced to watch as they tortured and killed his sister and then they moved on to him. He does not know or care how they did it there was fire there was acid and there were knives but over one full agonizing day they stripped all the flesh off his body while keeping him alive. He held onto the image of his other sister Jessica as his form of strength he still had to look after her as father was dead. that only lasted for the first 4 hours before he was wailing and laughing he was becoming one of them.

It was then that the ship cabin door bust open. and two figures entered a sleek young woman with white hair and red eyes and a black haired man whearing a silver colored coat. six others entered the room and they despached the reavers after a great bloody battle. after it ended The woman knelt down beside What was left of Garrick. “Please…help…” He croaked at her he had ment to say more but all that came out after that were wales of agony.

“Is he over the edge?” The silvercoated man asked?

“amazingly no, but with this pain his sanity won’t last much longer.”

“then can you help him?”

“You want me to?” she asked giving the silvercoated man a questioning look

“please Noir he is just child if there is any chance of helping him..”

“as you wish” She said placeing her fingurs on gerricks forhead. He let out one final shreick before a flood of light and warmth entered his mind easing the pain and putting him into a blissful state of uncotiousness.

He awoke in a Silverhold hospitle bed with a special containment suit on to prevent him from catching infection and a breathing apreatus. The docters had him on special pain killers and told him that though the skin between his knees and his naval was still intact there was not enough skin left on his body to do a skin graft for the rest so they had to keep him like this. they gave him a special ointment that would help him stave off infection. his body had suffered various other irreparable damages and the doctors told him the best way to keep himself alive was to wear a fully sealed body suit with an air filter to keep foreign infection out of his lungs. he looked in the mirror to see what he looked like and almost vomited. He could not even recognize himself. He had been pulling himself through so that he could go help Jessica but if she were to see him like this… no, better to say he had died it would no doubt scare her for life seeing what her brother had become. That left only one other Direction for his life, revenge he was beginning to plot exactly how he would hunt down and kill every reaver in the verse.. when the memory of the warm light in his mind returned to him. That woman, those people had saved his life and his mind, something within him told him that he should honer that debt so he sought them out. It turned out they were part of the Silverhold government and had been returning from a mission when they had seen the ship. Gerrick offered his services as a gunsmith and bodyguard as well considering his large and intimidating appearance. He got a custom leather containment suit and special mask made for himself and began work on his spare time on a weapon a weapon he would use to prevent more people from sharing his fate. Weapon that would bring death to all the reavers of the verse. A weapon he called the Death penalty. When Silverhold was taken by the alliance Gerrick drifted through the rim. Hiring himself off as a mercenary protecting transports and whatever other jobs came his way and making guns for those who could pay for his craftsmanship. He left money for Jessica once and a while disguising them as small scholarship funds for her school or as government checks.

He took every opportunity he could to learn how reavers came to be and how they operated. weaknesses, possible causes of revefication, habits, behaviors, Myths, truths. Every time a mission had risk of reaver attack he would go hopeing to kill as many as he could. It was during the time of the second Browncoat war that he was Reunited with Noir and Harren and where he met Lucian C. Calgori. He took a liking to the pirate life and seeing as Noir and Harren were alsoe working with him it was all to convenient for Garrick to join the sons of plunder as well.

Garrick Lysander

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