Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

Come on look at the picture, that's all you need! :) Ok ok, Sgt Sam Winchester is the #2 in command of Easy Company under Lt. Katria Everdeen



Sam grew up with his brother Dean, hunting evil doers, demons, other supernatural creatures. On the course of a hunt with his brother, was captured by slavers. He was rescued by Kat Everdeen from a Slaving ship along with his brother Dean Winchester and a number of other civilians. He survived the escape from the ship and was recruited along with Dean and a few other survivors to join the Browncoats.

He has risen up the ranks to become a Sergeant in Easy Company. Sam and Katria fell in love but have to keep their relationship private for now (military rules). Sam and Katria were recently married. Many friends and team members were in attendance.

He supports Katria’s search for the truth about her origins and often takes care of Easy Company business if she is indisposed.

Other info:
- Strong, handsome, sexy, loyal, very competent sergeant and leader
- Turn ons: Strong woman with electric personalities and a lot of layers, with a lot going on upstairs
- Enjoys “training” sessions with the Lieutenant
- He knows the truth about Katria but doesn’t care, he loves her anyway

Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

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