Lucian C. Calgori

Gentelmanly excentric resinably hansome young man with a black captains jacket and manarisms from an age long past


Captains Log Year XXXX month XX

Another successful “transaction” with an alliance cargo vessel has left me with more than enough supplies to allow for a short break in my work. I find the amount of time I spent alone on this vessel in self reflection is beginning to cause the patterns of my thoughts to.. change I suppose it is best that I keep a log of past events before I owned the Isabella as so that I never confuse any of the events of the past more than necessary. That I owe to my mother father and to all the brave men and women who died trying to reach for freedom. I will try my best to keep my personal thoughts out of this log and only stick to the facts. There will be time for poetry and stories in later logs. Without further a due I present you with the Summarized History of Captain Lucian Charon Calgori.

Lucian Calgori was born on a core world of the alliance. His Mother Dr. Lenora Calgori was the inventor of the Phlegyas AI now the standard issue star-ship AI for a majority of the vessels capable of interplanetary travel. Needless to say that after the success of this AI and multiple variants of it Lenora and her family enjoyed the luxuries of wealth for a time. Her husband Nikola Calgori was a historian and mechanic. His Greatest passion was the study of ancient earth technology from ages past. From times when human technology was in its infancy and using things like clockworks, steam power, and internal combustion engines.
Lucian grew up less sheltered than one would expect, During the years when His mother was developing her breakthrough AI his family lived a humble existence. His father supporting the family with income made from the local museum of technology. Lucians two closest childhood friends were a local boy who had lived in the core worlds his whole life, Robert, And Isabella a girl who’s family had moved in from the fringes. During there school days the three of them were inseparable, mischievous by nature they found themselves in trouble with the principle and their parents more often than not. It was around Lucians 8th birthday when Isabella father was arrested for some obscure charge by the alliance police force. So began The struggle of Isabella family to get her father back. 5 years past and still not so much as a court case or information on were her father was being held. Lucian could only watch and offer what little comfort he could for his friend who was now growing up without a father because the government had seemingly decided it to be so. Roberts Mother was a private investigator and close friend to Isabella Family and finally she decided that she could not watch her best friend suffer any longer. She offered to investigate the matter personally. A few days later Robert told Lucian and Isabella what his mother had found out. apparently Isabella father had been part of some special military training program out in the fringe during his earlier years and something about his involvement in that program had led to his arrest. Two days later Robert and his entire family disappeared…Completely. Their house abandoned and for sale, there names no longer in the phone listings, gone. Lucian was heartbroken he didn’t even know if his friend was dead or alive. The next 4 years he and Isabella grew closer and eventually love blossomed between them. Lucian spent most of his spare time with her in his workshop building delightful little clockworks for her the way his father had taught him and talking with Her about how one day they would get away from the cores worlds and explore the stars together. Isabella had pointed at a picture of an old sea vessel that his father had on the wall of the workshop and said ruefully that they should fly away in a ship like that and sail among the stars together. “of coarse” Lucain had said. The three of them had always talked about having great adventures in a boat like that. Not three months later Isabella was approached by five men in suits during the schools graduation and escorted by them to a vehicle. Lucain tried to stop them but one of the men struck him on the back of the head and as his vision faded to black he saw one last glimpse of her face as she struggled against the men to reach him. After coming to he quickly hurried home to tell his parents what had happened. When he got there both his mother and father wore grim expressions. He wondered how they had known something had happened to Isabella and then he saw the news droning on in the living room. “During an unfortunate accident along the highway two people were killed in a head on collision with a transport vehicle.” The photos of the diseased were none other than Isabella and her mother. “I told her not to be so reckless. not to investigate the matter with her husband any further but..” Lucians mother said. Only 2 days after that Came the attack on Lucians home. The night before his father had come to his room and given him a disk containing something called the “Gephetto Program” a AI high-jacking program that allowed the user to remotely take control of all of the human interface devices and sensors on a ship. Lenora had created around the same time she had created the Phlegyas AI and it was doubtful that there were any ships left that would be able to detect much less stop the program itself. He then gave Lucian the number to an untraceable bank account number and said that if anything were to happen to them he should run and find the nearest ship out of the system using the funds in that account. Lucian still to dazed and disheartened from Isabella death just accepted the Items numbly and nodded. The attack came in the form of an arrest warrant for being “brown-coat sympathizers” and only thanks to some quick thinking and luck did Lucian manage to escape. Not before he witnessed both his parents being gunned down by the swat team however. He managed to make it to a space port and using the program his mother made he high-jacked a ship and flew as far as he could from the core worlds. He spent months out in the fringe worlds learning most of his lessons the hard way and barley escaping several situations with his life he began to develop a knack for dealing with the fringe underworld. He started to construct an old fossil fuel engine and control system on his stolen ship so that he could fly unnoticed under the modern day detection systems that were no longer designed to detect such dated technology. The last touch he added was to reconstruct the outer hull to look like one of the great galleys that he and his late friends had dreamed of “sailing” away in. He Named the ship Isabella in memory of his lost love. For the next for years he survived as a space pirate. useing the gephetto program and his neigh invisible ship to steal from vessels without them even realizing they had been robbed until they got to their destination. During one of his raids he happened to attempt a raid on a vessel piloted be Zack Mensk two thing stopped this raid from being successful however the first being the there was no gravity in the vessle wich gave Lucian more than enough trouble as it was. The second was that zack had the ship on autopilot and was checking the cargo bay when Lucian entered. Zack however was a reasonable man and the two had a long conversation about the state of the world and the means of making a living Lucain took a liking to this strange character and offered to help him acquire some battle simulates and Ai routines for Zacks ship, the two parted on good terms Lucian agreing not to try another raid on zacks ship in exchange for Zack not telling anyone about Lucian. Currently Lucian is a semi-successful Space Pirate in his spare time he works on human sized clockwork dolls and other clockwork contraptions and listens to classical music while remodeling the interior of his ship with brass valves and levers in place of the normal internal ship layout.

There I believe that about covers the central points I was never gifted as a writer as Robert was so you will have to forgive my clumsy portrayal. I will expound upon this at a later date I suppose as right now Renevea needs tuning.

Lucian C. Calgori

Lucian C. Calgori

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