General Katria Everdeen

Sexy Cyborg Soldier


Hi, I’m Katria and here’s what you need to know about me:

Family: Married to Sam Winchester. Twin brother Kaden, Parents: mother unknown, father, name not known, but all I’ve been able to find out is that he is a high ranking Core military official.

I grew up with my twin brother in a government run orphanage on Osiris. It sucked; I got into a lot of fights. Through it all, my brother and I stuck together and watched each other’s backs.
Later, I was sent with her brother Kaden to an Alliance sponsored Academy on Osiris. We were originally trained to be soldiers, learning about weapons, hand to hand combat, armour, tactics, etc. Later Kaden and I were chosen to be part of a special experiment. We were told that the Browncoats had a special new weapon, that they were creating supersoldiers, elite soldiers who had powers over emotion and gravity (JEDI powers). So they commissioned their best scientists to create an army of these supersoldiers, even better than those created by the Browncoats. We learned about these Browncoat Jedi’s and were to be trained/created to fight them.
They experimented on me and my brother. But during the course of these experiments, something went very wrong. Everyone was turned into Reavers, including my brother Kaden. Somehow, I wasn’t turned into a Reaver. I survived. I’m not sure how. I barely escaped the Academy with my life.

The experiment wasn’t a success for me either. I’m definitely don’t have Force powers, but I’m different. My brain must not work the same way. But now whenever I touch a computer, electronics, something weird happens. Either it turns off, or it increases power/ability, or sometimes it just seems to short circuit, burn itself out, sometimes it might even cause an explosion/fire. This is causing me a lot of problems.

In the chaos and confusion of the outbreak, I managed to escape the facility. Before I escaped, I was able to retrieve/steal some information that I think the Browncoats might find useful. Secret military documents about the Alliance/Core Supersoldier project, information about the experiments that they performed on us. I’m hopeful that this information can be used to find a cure.

I also managed to acquire some special gloves that limit the effect of my ability somewhat. Although I have to be careful not to get too close to touch computers or other electrical objects. I also escaped with some weapons, body armour and other equipment that I learned to use at the Academy.

My current situation and goals/objectives:
I’ve decided to go to the Outer planets and find the Browncoats.
If possible I want to join the Browncoat army as a soldier and fight the Alliance/Core that did these terrible things to my brother and me. I also want to find these Browncoat Jedi’s, maybe they can help me with my affliction or somehow cure my brother and other Reavers of their affliction.
I want to find my brother and somehow cure him and other Reavers of their affliction.
I want to find the people in charge of the project and make them cure my brother and if they can’t, kill them, and make them pay for what they did.
I still love my brother dearly, but now I’m on the run, I can’t touch shit and I frakkin hate the Core, I would love to kick their ass. If the Browncoats can help me take them down, then I’ll need to join them.
It is difficult for me to kill Reavers (but I’ll still do it, I’m not stupid!), as I know they were once people, some of whom I probably knew and loved.

General Katria Everdeen

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