Master Ardun Taal

Jedai Master returning from a long trip


Tall middle aged. Some graying of hair from all his ordeals. Absolutely dedicated to those under his protection. And utterly fascinated with lightsaber technology and combat. He seems much more reserved since his return from the CORE and has helped in the return of the Galactica, and is presently assisting in the moving of the Jedi Temple to Lilac.


Master Ardun Taal looked back over the life that he had led, bringing him to this ship. He had been among the first of the jedi to be created by the Brown Coats in their attempt to win the war against the Core. Ironically it was the CORE that had put him in his present situation. He had trained many Padawan jedi to Knighthood, or at least assisted in their training. Master Ardun was not skilled in many of the more esoteric disciplines. But he was VERY good and melee and lightsaber combat.
When the jedi program had first started, Master Ardun had been training as a soldier, he had always liked close combat and demolitions so that is what he trained in. He quickly learned to use all the basic weapons that a soldier could use, but exceeded at using vibro weapons, it got to the point where his fellow soldier thought that maybe he would be able to stop incoming fire with them. Little did they know that would eventually be possible for him.
What had made him such an ideal candidate for the Jedi Program was his view on the verse. He did not want to be a soldier but the verse needed him. A friend of Master Ardun once described him as “He is not a jedi because he likes the hum of his lightsaber, nor does he like using one; he does not WANT to be a jedi, but the verse needs them.” This did not mean that he only half harted his efforts to be a jedi, but understood the need and accepted it. He trained with Master Windu, at the temple and helped train many of the Jedi with lightsabers. He for some reason loved lightsabers. He liked training with them, liked building them liked figuring out ideas that could use them, he had a lot of those ideas. He had fought many battles with the CORE worlds when he was a Knight and then as a Master newly brought into the council he was sent on a mission to the CORE worlds. Not much is known about what happened to him after this point.

Master Ardun Taal is now seen most often Flying either The Viceroy or The Fenris. Though he is willing to lend them to the Jedi Order and to those he thinks well of.

Master Ardun Taal

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