Master Taelros Qor Val

A kind older gentleman who has seen too much of war and has the scars to prove it...


A man of many moons, Taelros Qor Val served in the First Unification War. Taelros is also the only jedi, apart from Master Windu, from the initial super serum soldier program. Although not the most powerful of the council, his wisdom is closely considered. Master Taelros Qor Val’s wisdom is based on first hand experience. His knowledge of tactics and alliance maneuvers is extensively based on his combat experience and thus he provides an invaluable insight into current conflicts. Unfortunately all this war experience is enough to scar any man and weigh heavy on their soul, and Master Qor Val is no exception.

All this very few would think to see in the lighthearted and kind gentlemanly nature of Taelros. An aged man now, bearing many wrinkles and creases on his beaten brow, Master Qor Val is a pleasure to come upon within the halls of the jedi. Unlike many jedi masters who prefer to opt to taking young and fresh padawans, Master Qor Val specifically takes only padawan who are in danger of expulsion or who have trouble understanding the nature of light and dark. It is this habit that has kept Master Qor Val from the council for many many years. The first padawan that Master Qor Val ever took was his only failure and this fact has haunted him his entire life.

It was this student who refused to respect Master Qor Val and publicly challenged the master’s credentials, forcing Master Qor Val to reveal much of his past to the rest of the jedi order. Although a few of the Council already knew Master Qor Val’s past, it was not known to the rest of the order and was not something he shared readily. Shortly after this incident Master Qor Val excused himself from the order on a sabbatical. With Master Qor Val went his apprentice’s chance at redemption, and padawan learner Pierce Brosdin was expelled from the order.

The entire experience was a was very painful one for Master Qor Val. The First Unification War was a time of great strife when people on both sides acted in ways that humans should not act. Although Master Qor Val was not directly guilty of war crimes, he witnessed many himself and these experiences had weighed heavily on him. It is now known that after the first war, Master Qor Val disappeared for some time. Although no one knows where he went or how he spent his time, no one has been willing to openly ask him these questions. All the kind Master will say is that he used the time to come to know his place within the force. It is rumoured that only Master Windu knows Master Qor Val’s entire past and this has been enough for the other Jedi Masters. Given Master Qor Val’s track record, they have good reason to trust the man.

Only recently has Master Qor Val been given a seat on the council. Although the kindly man has only failed to reintegrate one padawan, that one padawan has become a man of much repute and the memory hangs over Master Qor Val. Only a short while ago, due to the critical nature of the war and in response to Master Qor Val’s extensive tactical knowledge, has the council decided to grant the jedi a place among his peers.

Master Taelros Qor Val

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