Starship Issabela 20:33 shipboard time
Lucian and Harren are sitting enjoying a drink together to unwind after a long day of piracy. Lucain gazes through the window of the captains chamber that leads to the deck. Noir is on the deck soruonded by at least 7 children most of which are no older than 14. She has the same cold expretion on her face and is apperantly teaching them several deferent ways to use a blaster.
“tell me Harren” Lucian Inquires lifting an eyebrow “Who is that women?”
Harren leans over to look out the window. “Oh thats Noir. She is probably one of the best upcoming secret afents that progect dawn had to offer.”
“Ah. I see… and is there any particulare reason she is turning my midship deck into a daycare center?” He asked turning his questioning look towards Harren.
“That is explainable as well captian. You see noir is alsoe a force user a reasonably strong one at that so when she joined us at project dawn we asked her if she could train other youngsters with such ‘talents’. It took some convincing (she isnt much of a people person you understand) but once she was givin a few pupels she seem to warm up to the job a little bit, in fact I think it is one the few things she actually enjoys, besides killing of coarse.”
Both of Lucians eyebrows are now raised in mild concern “relly. You mean to say she is a psicopath? Need I be worried?”
“Of coarse not captain she is absolutly loyal to me and I have told her that as long as I am working under you so is she.” Harren shakes his head. “and shes not a psycopath. I suppose I worded the killing thing wrong she doasnt so much enjoy the killing part as much as the outwitting of her opponents.”
“Alright fair enough” Lucian leans back in his chair" perhaps You should give me a bit more information about this Noir. Being a force user she might be able to assist me as well" he reaches over and pours Harren and himself another glass of rum.
“hmm alright lets see there isn’t alot to tell but I will tell you what we know:

Noir’s parents and home planet are unknown there is no genetic trace to any regestered resedents of any system in our information web and if she knows anything, whitch I am pretty sure she doasn’t, she is not talking. She grew up as a slave called 7 and was traded around the verse quite often do to her unerving habit of trying to kill her owners with ordinary household objects. She was responsible for numerous slave escapes though she never maneged to get away herself. She was eventually bought by an independant military organization who had hoped to train her to be an assasin given her rather colerful reputation among the slavers. They got more than they bargained for. For the first time she was abosolutly obediant and they soon found out that she had force abilities. she dedicated herself to all the training they gave her and they soon were preping her for her first actual mission. It was then apperantly that everything went wrong. for them at least. Noir went rouge in the most extream way possible. She turned on the organization and killed every member of it. She then deleted all files hacked into thier computer network and deleted every file that proved they ever existed."

“All of them? surely some information survived” Lucian intergects
“Have you ever heard of CORE 3?”
“No actually I havent”
“that was there name and you can ask anybody about it and do web serches all you want you will not find anything about them even about what there goals were.”
“then how do you know about them then”
“It took me and my father two years to get this information from noir and still all we know is that they were militaristic and called CORE 3” harren takes a sip of rum. “regardless can I continue with my story?”
“certainly my good man my apologies for interupting.”

“Noir spent the next few years hiring herself out as an assasin to the highest bidder though she had one rather unerving and unexplainable habit every job she did after completeing it she would kill the person who had hired her and only taking enough of her pay to survive on. givin that assasinations are usually kept between the emplyer and the assasin noone was able to catch on to the caus of this chan of murders. Eventually however her luck took a turn for the worse. During one of her missions she was attacked by 4 men. 4 very very skilled warriors I might add she doasnt know who hired them or who they were. She managed to kill three of them and drive the last one off but not without sustaining near mortal wounds. As she lay there on the verge of death the very man she had been hired to kill found her and helped took her in.

“Who was that” Lucian askes his eyes are closed and he is swirling his rum in his glass

“My father Thorhold Xanthus. We tended to her wounds and helped get her back onto her feet. As soon as she was able to speak coherantly again she grabed my hand and swore some sort of Oath in a language I didn’t understand. I asked my father about it but he was never able to identify the language. And Noir has never spoken about it again. All I know is that she has been loyal to me ever since. I have told her that she doasnt need to listen to me, being a slave half her life I would understand if she wanted her freedom. All she told me when I said that was that this is the least she could do to repay me and my father and that she was free. It must be some sort of personal honer code or somthing I am not sure. Regardless that was the only time I ever saw that woman smile. And that is all we know about her. According to her she likes you, she finds you a bit soft but a competent captian nevertheless.”

Lucian is now staring out the window at Nior thoughtfully. “An interesting woman this Noir. Ineresting indeed” He muses. “thank you harren I do feel much more assured on haveing her aboard. Now let us talk of lighter matters. How did your training sesion with Sarah go? has she Finally got witch way to hold a blaster?” Harren gives a hopless smile and shrugs they both laugh and continue to enjoy the evening. Outside Noir is looking up at the captains quarters at the two men enjoying thier rum.
“Is something wrong Sensei?” one of her students asks.
“No little one” she says with what might be a hint of amusment “I just need to talk to Harren about who he divulges my life story to.”


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