Sarah Imperialus


  The Daughter-Heir to The throne of Silverhold Sarah Impirialus was Ironically a perfect candidate for Silverholds secret Project Dawn. She learned quickly was spirited and demonstrated a near genius level of talent in the field of human medicine even at a young age. Her focus however was not on that natural talent. Never having known her father Sarah was raised by her mother queen Mira Impirialus. She spent most of her younger years admiring the planets graceful Ice dancers, nearly as soon as she was able to walk she was trying to mimic there movements and at the age of 8 her mother enrolled her in the training to become one, Though not incredibly talented at first Sarah determinedly, almost doggedly committed to her training in hopes to be the youngest champion of the Borialis World dance competition. Her relentless pursuit of her dream landed her as the Youngest performer in the competition by her twelfth Birthday and she was working her way to the finals when her life was forever changed.

   It was long known that the Queen Mira Impirialus had no love for the alliance and their tactics subverting the authority of rim world leaders and turning their planets into little more than resource colonies. She had managed in the past to coexist if tentatively with their laws and regulations. It was when the alliance “suggested” that silverhold send 90% of it’s yearly resource income to the core worlds as a “relief effort to assist in the task of dealing with rim world rebels” That she finally ran out of patience. She stopped all shipments to the alliance and declared Silverhold an independent nation. She then sent the core worlds a notice stating that if they wished to reestablish trade they would treat silverhold with the respect and courtesy of the sovereign rim world nation that it was. A bold move to be sure but it was not beyond her rights as ruler and certainly not anything worth starting a war over.

   The Diplomat she sent never returned however the Alliance certainly sent a reply. on October 13th Mira and Sarah were taking the imperial transport back from Sarah’s quarter final match. Sarah had been succesful in passing into the semifinals and was in high spirits. Mira was letting her daughters success take her mind off the political difficulties. The Archway under wich the transport was traveling suddenly gave way and crashed down upon Mira and Sarah. Sarah came to. Her legs were caught under a large peice of debrie and through the rest of the recage that concealed her Sarah could see her mother. Laying on her back. Injured but still alive. Releife shuddered through sarah and she was about to call to her mother when two men aproached Mira from either side. one bent down while the other held her arms and legs. “cortisy of alliance command little missy you should’a just listened to em” with that there was a cracking noise Miras body went limp. Sarah could only stare horrified. “where’s the Daughter?.” One man asked. He was close but his vioce sounded a million miles away to Sarah. The sound of her heart rang in her ears. Darkness was growing around the edges of her vision. She wanted to scream but her throught was dry and no sound came. “looks like she bit it in the ruble” the other man said “just as well I’m not really into killing kids lets get out of here before the….” his words faded out as Sarah lost consciousness.


Sarah was rescued from the ruble and kept hidden from alliance eyes by Thorold Xanthus a member of her mothers secret service and leader of project Dawn. The alliance quickly moved in to offer condolences to the planet for the terrible tragedy and to set up a temporary government to insure stability of the planet. With both the queen and the Daughter-Heir Dead civil war was bound to break out if someone didn’t step in. Sarah lost the use of her legs. the muscles and ligaments torn beyond repair and the bones in worse shape. Had she had access to alliance medical care she may have been able to get them fixed in time to prevent permanent damage but going to them was as good as signing her own death warrant. Thorold searched for alternatives but could find none. He was currently in the process of finding a way to get her off the planet when they encountered a man. A man whom was willing to help her get her legs back. Thorold being suspicious asked who he was and what he was doing here to which the man answered “Lucian Calgori a space pirate. I am currently stealing all the goods from one of the alliance vessels in the port” Sarah just gaped at him. who admitted not only to being a space pirate but alsoe told two people he had just met that he was in the middle of a heist? Lucian then told them that he was a clockwork revivalist and that he could, if she was so inclined, build her a new set of legs that would not only allow her to walk again but to dance again as well. Thorold was skeptical but Sarah had lost her mother her kingdom and her dreams in the past week and the thought of even one of those things being returned to her was like a breath of life into her currently bleak future. And so under Thorolds watchful eye Lucian began work on reconstructing her legs out of clockworks. After nearly two weeks of work she unesely took her first step on her new legs. “If you want to run or dance with them you will have to wind them up with these keys” Lucian told her as he handed her an ornate necklace holding two brass keys on it. Tears welled up in her eyes it was like a dream she could dance again when she had thought even walking would be gone from her life forever. She found her self hugging him and asked him how she could possibly repay him. Looking a little startled at first he recovered his composer put his hands on her shoulders and said. “your smile is enough. There aren’t enough of them in the verse these days. Take care little one.” With that he hurried off without another word. Thorold looked surprised apparently he and Lucian had agreed on a price for the components and the like before hand but now Lucian had just left without giving him a chance to pay.

   Sarah eventually found a way of Silverhold though she was separated from Thorold in the process and she spent the next four years surviving on the rim worlds. She studied her legs to understand what he had done and began her own carrier in mechanics. She constructed herself a body guard out of clockwork parts and named him tic toc. She free lanced using her skills in medicine Mechanics and dance to earn a living and whenever thing went bad her legs made her quick enough on her feet to escape any really dangerous situations. She hoped one day to be able to repay the strange pirate who had given her her legs back, maybe if she found him again she would ask to be a part of his crew. It would be like something from a story book if he accepted. “a dethroned princess joining the crew of a pirate and liberating her planet from the evil empire.” Except this was not a story it was all too real and she vowed that one day she would liberate silverhold from the alliance.

Sarah Imperialus

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