Tosh: Captain of the Hangman


Tosh like Lucian was a self taught force user. plucked from a slave pen by the alliance when he was in his late teens He was originally part of the same Devision of experiments that turned Kartrias Brother into a reaver and rendered katrai into her current state. The experiments awakened A mirrade of strange abilities within him. The power to move objects with his mind or kill people with what he called "bad Voodoo. When he escaped he was taken in by a small band of rengade wariors know as Tirminus. most of the members of this group were cast offs from various millitary black ops that had managed to escape before they were silenced. They acted basically like a mercinary core hireing themselves out to do low profile misions for whomever wanted them done. Tosh soon realized that whatever had been done to him by the aliance rendered him incapable of using the light side of the force but in turn he didn’t suffer the eventual reavefication of using the dark side. not to the same extent anyways his comrades would be happy to addmit when he wasn’t around that he was definetly a little insane but he had a strong sense of brotherhood and the only ones who truly deserved his wrath were the alliance bastards who did this to him. It wasn’t long before tosh had gained a profound respect amoung his comrads for his strange selective compation and loyalty to those he sided with. Deep down Toshes only personal goal was revenge it consumed him it fueled him it was all he needed until he took that fateful job on silverhold.

They never saw the employer for the job sometimes employers wanted it that way but it payed well. REALLY well. aperantly all they had to do was cooperate with a few other mercs to kill some girl named Noir. The mission would be to only send the best fighter from each merc company down to deal with her as she had ways of turning the tides when she was too outnumbered. The rest of the crew would be on standby for imediat extraction once Noir was dead. Naturaly Tosh was chosen by his comrades as the one from their core. So soon enough he and the other three warriors headed down to Silverhold to deal with this Noir. They were good. in fact tosh was almost curious as to who had enough capital to hire out these kind of mercs and what this poor girl had done to invoke this kinda attention. When the fight began however he realized why this kind of skill was neccisary. The woman they were fighting was a perfect weapon. even with the element of surprise they couldn’t land a single hit before she sliced open one of the wariors necks with a combat knife. It was aw inspiring but tosh wasnt unprofessional enough to let that affect his performance. As tough as she was it was still three against one and he still had his trump card. Like a snake he waited for the perfect moment that fatal mistake that all marks made eventually that alowed him to finish them with the dark magic. One blast from his assault rifle should have made her slip up!…It didn’t though she was wounded she didn’t let her gaurd down even for a moment and tosh almost lost his hand for the miscalculation. After almost a minute tosh was getting worried. she had killed another one of them and though wounded was showing no sign of slowing down. Then it came, when she delivered the killing blow on Toshes last allie she placed him Tosh in her blind spot for a split second. But that was all he needed. “Game ova’ Sista’” He though as he unleashed a deadly bolt of red lighting from his hand and charged forward. It happened almost too fast for him to register she spun around and “threw” something back at him. A blast of pure force colided with his lightning and she was right behind it to meat his charge. When the two energies colided there was a moment of limbo for tosh as his mind and noirs mind touched through the force. To this day he can’t remember what it was that he saw in her mind but what he doas remember was the feelings it gave him, elation, freedom, purpose, determination, honer so many foriegn concepts forced directly into his contiousness from hers in a splinter of a second. And then her blade was in his stomach. His planted firmly in her right lung. Damn he had missed and taken a mortal blow. For a moment they stared at eachother her blood red eyes meeting his milky white eyes. then they sprang apart. She still seemed ready to fight but tosh had lost the will. money wasn’t worth killing this woman for but she would definetly kill him if he stuck around. he had to retreat. Sending one more blast of red energy at her to cover his retreat he bolted off into the night using all his focus to keep himself contious. His boys picked him up at the evac zone and he was rushed to the med bay as he passed out.

he spent the next few days thinking in the med bay about what had happened the things he had felt down on that waterlogged plannet had shown him diferent paths his life could take paths that didn’t involve him deing in a ditch somewere with the sky marshals shrunken head on his belt. Paths in witch he had a crew of men that respected him paths in witch he saw himself helping his bothers and sisters from the slave pens. by the time he was ready to fight again he had made up his mind. He called his comrads together " I’m out" he said

“out? what do you mean out?” Rocka their wiry explosiv expert asked

“I mean I’m don wit da mercenary bisnis dats what I mean broda. I’m gonna go find dat woman if she’s still alive I gotta few questions for her. I might try my hand at free’en a few slaves along da way I’m not sure yet. I just need enough cash to get me to the next secta its been great fighten with ya boys.” Tosh had expected some resistance when he told them he was leaveing but he haden’t expected what they did next. After talking amongst themselves for a minute they turned back to him

“whats the coarse captain we’ll head out there with ya.” Jamie asked walking to the astrogation computer

“Wadaya mean captain I’m no captain man” he said a little confused

" common Tosh you’ve been basicaly leading us for the past three years now I mean come on the hangman was bought on mostly your money." Jamie replied cheerfully it wasn’t ofter she got to catch tosh of guard like this.

" And if you say your tired o merc work I’m down with that. Hell I could use a chang of pace anyways" Renalds said walking over to the pilot seat. “So whats next on the list then Vigilantees, Space pirates?” Tosh smiled

“A little o both maby. We gonna go hunten for this Noir but if we be seein anythin that might need some freein we take care of it. Lets go broda’s and I be owen ya one” Tosh said walking to the astrogating comp beside Jamie.

Tosh and his crew searched for noir for several years but were unable to find any trace of her along the way they did a little bounty hunting some pirating of allience transports and eventually found thier way into the sons of plunder. Tosh Liked the Ideals they stood for and upon meeting and talking with lucian he decided the hangman might have found its place in the verse. He still doasn’t know that Noir is part of Lucians crew nor has he had the time to ask Lucian if he has seen her. However on whitefall he heard her name droped by one of the soldiers and is planing to talk to the dread pirate about it to see if her can help track her down.

Tosh: Captain of the Hangman

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