Admiral Victor Kennedy

Foul Mouthed Flying Ace for the Brown Wing


Starship Ace:3

S16 D16 C16 I12 W10 Ch10

F10 R8 W4

Pilot:20 Knowledge(Military):6, Knowledge(Physics):6 Astrogate:11 Computer Use:13 Repair:10


A Dyton born boy, Son of a border world merchant, grew up listening to the underground waves leading up to the war and idolizing the pilots he heard about fighting for freedom from an opressive rule.

Shunning a higher education at a local college which his father had offered to buy for him he sought work at a private airfield starting as a mechanics aprentice working for over 2 years. During that time he not only picked up a solid graps of basic spaceship repair and operations but also several new languages to swear in from his fellow workers.

After two years he got a chance to get behind the stick when the airfield he was working for had to relocate to make room for an expanding alliance military facility. All the workers thought to be trust-worthy enough to pilot the ships outside fo the shop were used. During the move one of the other workers lost control of his ship as thrusters failed and fell out of formation. Victor managed to avert a crash by using his own vessle to catch and hold the other ship until it could restart its atmo-thrusters.

Knowing a feel for the stick when they saw one the owners of the Namagem Airfield started teaching Victor how to fly. Within a year he was a fully trained and liscenced pilot working full time for the Airfield and managed to scrape enough together to buy a gently used starfighter. Spending his off hours fixing up the ship he Dubbed “Namtuc”. He placed highly in a few local sector races and won himself enough to further improve his ship.

As Tensions rose galaxy wide he decided to move a little further from the alliance and made for the rim world of Greenleaf. While on Greenleaf sa he continued to race to make ends meet he was quietly approached by a Brown wing recruiter who convinced him the the brown wing would not only improve his quality of life but also give him something to do to help oppose the alliances expanding grip on the verse.

After 4 years with the brown wings he has risen to the position of wing-captain in one of the special ops space squads.

Recently attached to the brown coat vessel the Hippocratic Victor has risen to the rank of Major and acquired a X-Wing which he as named the Victorious.

Admiral Victor Kennedy

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