Yuri Chekov

Boss in Nishka Family


A major boss with in the Misha Nishka Family. this man is a hardened killer, he has a reupation for upholding deals, but killing everyone involved should he be double crossed. this man is not someone to be triffled with.


A Russian businessman, former vice president of the Petersburg Fuel Company and allegedly a boss of the powerful Nishka Family.

Allegedly joining the Nishka family just after the first unification war to run protection rackets, Chekov later expanded into nightclubs and strip clubs, sometimes useing slaves or even abducted Companions.

After the war he was connected to former Londinioum Senetor Vladimir Artell

4 years later he extorted his sentorial contacts to be appointed as deputy mayor of St. Petersburg (on Londinum) Artell also awarded the Petersburg Fuel Company, or PTK, the highly prized right to be the sole supplier of Tillium to the city that same year.

The deal allegedly triggered a violent gang war during which there was an attempt on Chekov life. After being sprayed by machine gun fire he fell into a month-long coma. His right arm had to be amputated at the shoulder and bullets pierced his stomach, chest and lungs. To this day he still has bullet fragments left in his heart, he is also identified by the cybernetic implant that acts as his right arm.

After that incident things became to difficult within the CORE as Allaince investigators were begining to look into his businesses adn contacts. Nishka ordered his return to the RIM and so in a final act, the Tillium stores were burnt causeing major catastaphy and leaving many killed, it is said Chekov did quite well on the insurance moneys. He is now in charge of a majority of operations for the Nishka family on the RIM.

Yuri Chekov

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