Zack Manske

Owner, pilot and mechanic of the "Luna Eternal"


STATUS: Brain connected to portable life support systems, Input/Output routed through droid electronic systems. Awake and active.



Primary Role: Pilot

Secondary Role: Mechanic

Ship: General Purpose Modular Design 11-902 (GPMD-11-902)

Ship Name: Luna Eternal

      Zack Manske was born near the end of the Unification War, the son of a field nurse Marie Konrad, and Theodore Manske who was a very successful Brown Coats combat pilot. Shortly after Zacks birth, Theodore was called on to assist in the battle of Serenity. There he was put in command of a small wing of Space Superiority Fighters, and during the weeks of the battle flew a number of missions, until he encountered Captain John Stone. In the dogfight that ensued, Theodore's ship was disabled and badly damaged, and John Stone was able to complete his bombing run to drop his deadly payload.

      Theodore managed to repair his ship enough to limp home, but he never forgave himself for his failure during that last battle, and the loss of the Unification War. For a few years he ran missions as a mercenary, pirate hunter, and even did a bit of pirating himself against CORE targets, but eventually he took to drinking, sold off most of his ships military gear, and let it rust in the field.

      Zack however took after his father as he had been is his younger days, with a passion for adventure and the freedom of space, whenever his father sobered up, he would badger him for stories of the war, and spent much of his time in the partially disassembled ship. At 13 years old, he got his hands on an old GPMD-11-902 service manual, studied it from cover to cover, and began repairing the old ship.

      At 17 he enrolled in pilot training for freight and passenger transports, and then with a friends assistance, installed an illegal copy of a CORE Navy Combat Trainer on the schools Simulator. Over the next 4 years he proceeded to pass all his official pilot exams, and in secret all the Combat Trainers built in tests.

      At an early 21 years, he finished his pilot training to his satisfaction, and had his fathers old ship once again space worthy, even if still lacking most of its original military gear. Zack named it the “Luna Eternal”, and biding his home planet farewell, set off to see the stars, where he has been for the past 2 years, working jobs as freight transport and in recent years with the acquisition of some military hardware for the ship, military troop transport and dropship.



Zack Manske

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