Brown Coats

Black Velvet

Zack walked… rolled? around the Luna Eternal. The couple years of disuse had had their toll, it had been thrown around by the tumult of its carrier ships taking damage. Captain… no Admiral Kennedy had been kind enough to, on Zacks request, order a squad of techies to repair any outstanding damage and prep it for flight. A touch of sadness overcame Zack, as he looked upon the ship, his inheritance. It wasn’t that long ago, as he remembered time, that he had polished its rusted hull to shine, and covered it in new paint. Now it was again scratched on scorched, welded plates standing out in their silver newness. Something switched, and suddenly he saw it as a testament to the ships durability, a veteran of one galactic war, and a combatant in another.

He rolled up the access hatch, and for the first time since… … For the first time in a long while, entered into the familiar hallways of his ship. Sensors maxed out, he could feel it, at the very edge of his consciousness, life hummed within the shell, even powered down, the great reactor hummed along at bare minimum. Conduits dark, switches open, the ship slept, like a great mighty beast, waiting for the touch, the single word from its master, that would cause the great reactor in its belly to roar to life, its power conduits to flood again with power.

Slowly, carefully, as he had done a million times before, Zack inspected his ship. It felt so familiar, and yet, so strange. His new enhanced senses told him so much more about it, then he had ever known. He could feel it breath, tensed, waiting. Like a loyal dog waiting for its master to come home.

His inspection done, he made his way to the cockpit. Everything was as it should be. In the cockpit, he took stock of its new layout. Here, some changes had been done, the chairs had been removed, a data port stuck out from the floor in front of the command console. It took Zack a moment, as he remembered exactly what “muscle” to flex, and hatch in his side opened up, the data probe sliding out and clicking into the port before him. Instantly, his threads locked and magnetized to the floor. The world jumped.

His consciousness spread across the ship, its hull his skin, its pistons his muscles, its conduits his blood. It was a disturbing sensation, his body suddenly so much bigger, its functions so different to what he had grown used to. He took time, familiarizing himself with the new sensations. A whisper to the flight deck control systems, the hangar bays slid open. Slow, careful, mindful of the hangar bay roof over his head, Zack lifted himself of the ground. Too fast still, he felt the shudder as his back touched the solid surface. Down a little, he nearly overcompensated and just barely avoided hitting the floor beneath him. A gentle nudge of the rear thrusters, and Zack floated out of the hangar doors.

The cold black of space welcomed him. He exhaled at the pleasure of once again being out here, free among the stars… The ship lurched violently, and a thin white mist dissipated from around him. Sensors detected trace levels of oxygen, quickly diminishing. Internal sensors reported the ships hallways and rooms where now devoid of air. “Oops” Zack thought to himself. “Good thing there’s no-one on board.”

Thruster firing, he looped around the ship that had born the Luna Eternal all this time, taking in the view of the emerald globe that lay beneath it. For a long while, he simply floated there, watching the planet bellow turning on its axis, a gem in black velvet, twinkling with the light of a myriad distant stars.

Fight Club : Paradigm Shift

When Erick regained his senses, and controll, he was outside. The door was shut, his back leaned against it.
“Oh you fucking bastard.” Erick gasped. “Taking controll, making me do that.” He threw an angry look at ID, and turned back to the door, tugging on it.
“Is that really a good idea Erick? I wouldnt do that if I where you.” Id said, grinning from ear to ear.
“Yes, Kith is one of my friends. I wont abbandon him. Of course you wouldnt do it. You are an evil self serving manipulative figment.”
“No, think about it. I know we never paid much attention in astronomy class, but why is this planet frozen? Its orbitting Lilac, and Lilac is quite nice. There’s an atmosphere here, so it realy should be warmer.”
“Hell.” Erick stopped, his hands on the door. “We know that cold doesnt affect the goo realy… definately not contain it for this long. Which means…”
“Yes,” Id chuckled “It was getting colder as we progressed deeper, but what is cold really?”
“Cold… cold is the absence of energy. A complete absence of energy probably could contain the goo… the cold here… and everywhere else could be nothing more then a sideefect.” Ericks eyes widdened. “You planned this. Kiths thermal energy, the kinetic energy of his impact, the energy stored in his cells… Power source on the lightsaber…”
“Thats right, there’s a chance it could awaken the goo temporarily. Long enough to dispose of Kith.” Id nodded. “Or, if it doesnt, its quite possible he will be affected by the energy removal process. And he was so kind as to call for evac before it happened.”
“You… he’s my friend, you killed him! And why? To get off this rock? You got plans that are so important you need to kill Kith?” Anger flickered over Ericks face.
“He stood in my way, its unlikely he would have allowed you… me, to leave yet, so I removed him.”
Erick was slid down, the door alone keeping him from collapse. He remembered Kiths words. Relax, clear your mind of emotion, feel the lightside, let it wash away your anger. As he did, Horus’es words followed. We seek balance, between the serene lifelesness of the Alpha, and the stormy energy of Omega. Finally he raised his head. “You dont know if thats how it works. He could just be really pissed of right now, or you could have awoken the goo completely!”
“Thats a risk Im willing to take.” Id said, his face blank.

Erick pulled out his pulse pistol. “Hey Id, you remember that one movie Bruce told me about? Fight Club? Rather simmilar isnt it.” Erick chuckled sadly. “Maybe there is something to what he says, about movies of his time foretelling our events. Rather simmilar situation isnt it.”
This time it was Id whose eyes went wide. “Wait, you arnt going to… are you insane? We know the mind doesnt work like that!” He dove at Erick, grabbing hold of his arm. “You’ll kill us both!”
“Maybe. What choice do I have? I cannot allow you to keep doing this, my people would be better off with neither of us then you. If I kill myself as well… thats a risk Im willing to take.” He threw Ids own words of but a moments ago back at him.

A pulse of energy, as the pistol discharged, sending its deadly energy careening on its path.


Voltair looked up, shinning his light to examine above him. Maybe one hundred perhaps one hundred and ten feet up the rood was crystal blue, and very flat. Something tugged at his mind, the perfect symmetry of the corners where roof and wall met, the ice hinges that so perfectly swing doors that must weigh tons, the architecture, the math; it was nothing short of genius. He looked to his companion of the last six months; Kith had bent down and was studying the frozen purple block. Could it be more goo? How long had it been here? Who had placed it here? And why?

After a few moments the two looked at each other and nodded, they need not share words; they both knew they had to see more. For the first time in month Voltair saw Kith reach into a pocket and place his lightsaber on his belt. They Jedi may not portray emotion, but he was clearly nervous, or if nothing else cautious. The two began to march down a path, being careful not to touch any of the ‘goo’. There was literally tons of it, and it stretched far beyond the scope of their lights, and nearly touched the roof in some areas. As they progressed the temperature became colder, and colder still, they had gone little more than a kilometer before they had to turn back, the temperature was showing negative 62 and the computer risked damage going colder. The two walked back towards the doors and stared at each other once more.

“I’m sorry Eric, I’m not sure this can wait we must report this, and then if you wish we could continue your journey” Kith stared and him for a long time

“No Kith you are right, this must be studied right away, we need to know what this is and why”

The two agreed as Kith turned and closed his eyes focusing on the message for pick up. Eric looked about his surroundings, and it was then that he noted ID. Standing inside the large Ice Wall poking at the goo. ID looked up at him and smiled

“Get away from that ID” he said

“I’m not near it… you are” Id chuckled

“ERIC LOOK OUT!” Kith yelled, Eric heard the ignition of a lightsabre as the Jedi rushed back into the Ice Caves and dove towards him… it was like watching his body from afar as he saw himself duck to the side at the last moment… the Jedi overcompensating slammed into the goo. Eric watched himself flee, he screamed at himself to stop screamed for Kith to arise as his body left the Ice Cave and turned closing the large ice doors behind him,


Two weaks passed, and Id made no apereance, weaks of blisfull silence, with none except Erick and Knan, and a wide blank landscape. They spoke little, each lost in their own thoughts, only rarely did they speak of Ericks reason for his presence here. It was… peacfull. With Id gone for so long, Erick asked Id a number of times, to return to the temple, but Knan always denied him. “No Erick, while each mans daemons are differant, I doubt Id would be banished so easily, by one small dream. At best, it sapped him of energy, cohesion. You do not yet hold victory, merely a weapon. How you use it, if you even do, that is between only yourselves.”

Erick grumbled a fair bit at this, it had been so long… what could possibly have happened in this time back home? Was Jessica ok? Neverthe less, there was no way to return till he was done, so he turned his mind to his joy, that he had for so long let go in favor of politics. Without a tools, no synthesizer, he begun composing a new song in his head, memorizing the notes and words as they came to him. A subject came to him almost instantly, a song for Id, and perhaps, grudgingly, a little for himself.

How Can You Sleep

A conscience never burdened you,
No empathy to slow you down.
Others were there for you to use,
Like hapless ships you ran aground.

How can you sleep?
The world burns at your feet.
How can you forsake,
The casualties you leave in your wake?

You lied like other people breath,
Speaking a twisted lexicon,
To get your way by any means,
No matter who you tread upon.

How can you sleep?
The world burns at your feet.
How can you forsake,
The casualties you leave in your wake?

The saddest part is you believed,
The world you fashioned in your mind,
While all the people you deceived,
Were slowly plotting your demise.

How can you sleep?
The world burns at your feet.
How can you forsake,
The casualties you leave in your wake?

How can you sleep?
The world burns at your feet.
How can you forsake,
The casualties you leave in your wake?

Bruce's Thoughts
Drama in the life of Bruce

It was a really boring day at the office not much things needed to be done and Bruce had alot on his mind. He has really changed as a person and had alot to think about. He had done things that he is not so proud of and has alot of guilt on his mind. He really needed to talk to someone about everything that he is experiencing in his life but he really does not have a confidant he can talk to. He has betrayed one of his only friends and now what is he to do.

He cant believe the family would ask such a hard thing of him. he has to betray his dear friend Lucian. Thoughts Troubled through his head on how he was to tell Lucian about what he has done. All Bruce could think of is that thank god he really did not know the inner workings of Lucian ship. Why would the family hit him where it hurt the most and how is he to give this news to Lucian. Bruce was overwhelmed by all these feelings of betrayal. But Bruce needed that protection for his future and he thought the Family has been good to them so far. I really hope for the future they protect his family and his life. The fact that the family has done so much for him already is amazing. So on to happier thought Bruce he said to himself.

Then his beautiful wife Linda popped into his head, thinking about her long legs and he beautiful ivory skin. How he wanted to be with her back on planet earth and not in the middle of war on the edge of space. He could be on a nice beach in Mexico with his wife and daughter. His daughter, is she the one prophecised, Bruce twinged a little, Is my little girl going to save the Jedi.But really is this possible that she can take a life. Bruce shivered at the thought of his little precious girl waving a light saber around. All I wanted is my daughter to grow up in a peaceful country and be a child now. She might have to start her training in a couple of years. Can she really be the saviour from the GOO?

The GOO, that is word he did not like, it has destroyed plants and made his good friend Erick corrupt for more power. Why couldn’t he just leave the GOO alone instead of trying to get in bed with the Queen. he has been like that from the beginning. Waving from that ship when we first encountered the goo killing our people.

BULLSHIT” Bruce yelled out loud.

Randy came in the office and said “You ok boss”

Bruce replied with an angry tone " I’m fine. Just that fucker sits in his palace and builds an army and kills Innocent children with that alien shit, Did they not learn from the movies i told them about. Fuck they should really grab a brain and think about there actions. That fucker I need to kill him"

Randy replied " who you talking about and why you so pissed. I think you need a release. We should go for a couple of flyboys tonight?"

Bruce said " To pissed to talk about it, Randy, but I will take you up for some of those flyboys tonight. Give me a few hours then we will head out"

Start song now p(oembed).

Randy closed the door and left Bruce to his thoughts. Bruce was still really irritated by his once called friend Erick Voltaire. Now where the hell is he off on some fucking quest so I cant kill him. Always trying to fly under the radar. He needs to be dealt with How can he do such a thing. Voltair just threw away a life long friend. Why would he do this for Goo? Power just goes to his head. he had saved Voltairs life countless times and this is what he gets in return. He hurt little children that were innocent and now infected with goo. How can this happen right under my nose. He swore to me that he was done with that shit but all along was behind his back doing experiments and infecting children. Then he thinks he is right in this whole things well he sure was on his high horse when he was captured by Perice he got away and still has not dealt with his crimes against humanity. What am I to do with this whole situation. Losing a great friend is going to be really hard for me as I really would love to have a friendship with a great friend.

Now Bruce has had some thought of his good friend Belinda. He has been a touch unfaithful to his wife and how was he to tell her this. What was she going to say. Belinda is also a married women with a VERY jealous husband. He has experienced that side of Dean and he does not like the pain that Dean inflicts on people. So how was he to deal with his infidelity issues. He has now gone and bought two new designers dresses one for his wife and one for his beloved friend Belinda. Now how was he to deal with this confusion in his life. Loving his wife and then having tempting feelings for a wonderful friend what was he to do. He is purchasing gowns for his love Linda and a married women. Bruce yells out “Fuck why does my life now have to have drama” He opens his office door where Randy was and said " Lets get out of here and get DRUNK"


Erick slept, and dreamed. He dreamed of home, the home he knew as a young child in the Core. He dreamed of the past, the news of the accident, the uncertainty, the fear. He dreamed of the strangeness that was Whitefall, when he first beheld it as a mere boy of no more then 5 years. Cid had seemed like such an imposing scary figure, he had tried to run away so many times… He dreamed of the days he spent roaming the plains with Alexa. He dreamed of that day, he was only 10, when he saw the Reaver ship falling from orbit, disgorging its cargo of maddened lunatics, to forge a swath of blood and death across the planet. The militia put up little more then a token defence, and scattered before the murderous host. For days, individual farmsteads and villages fought on their own, falling one by one to the insanity. Cid took a roll those days as defender of any who made their way to the estate. Once again Erick found himself as a small boy, hiding with half a dozen others, watching as Cid stood alone against a group of Reavers, armed with nothing more than an aging Unification Era blaster pistol, and rusty machete.
Eventually, the Reavers left for their own incomprehensible reasons, and a decimated populace crawled out of the woodwork. The people looked to their elected leaders for help recovering, but those leaders proved incapable. Slowly, Whitefall was rebuilt, but the South constantly lagged behind the north, united under Patience and her cronies. It was a wonder all of Whitefall didn’t fall to her, but perhaps the only thing the southerners could agree on was that they would not join the north. Erick took a vow then, to become the strong leader Southern Whitefall needed so badly.
His dream continued, through the years of climbing the political ladder, till the day he sat on the High Chancellors seat. Here, suddenly, the dream changed, and Erick found himself, still seated at the Council chamber, but the chambers where empty. Dim light flickered from the great windows, covered in dust of what seemed years of disuse. With a groan, the heavy oak doors where pushed open from outside, by a small boy, so much like he had once himself been. Erick tried to rise, but a weight pushed down on him, his limbs refused to respond. As the boy stepped closer, the light intensified, illuminating his small form. He stopped in front of Erick and lifted his head, revealing Erick’s own young face of ten. The child lifted his arms, a conductors wands in his hands, and suddenly Erick realized their was music wafting through the chamber, emanating from the very walls, fixtures, floor and ceiling. Then from thin air, came the voice…

Fallen Down

I’ve seen this face before,
It somehow looks familiar,
Tattered and weather-worn,
A sad, pathetic creature.

And once you stood so strong,
Your eyes alight with promise,
You vowed to carry on,
A heart once beat in your chest.

Cut forward to another day,
Another time, another place,
You’re not who you used to be,
And I wonder why.

I knew you once,
When you were young,
Before you knew,
What you’d become.
But that was then,
And this is now,
You’ve lost your way,
You’ve fallen down.

You can’t just walk away,
You can’t choose to ignore me,
I stand in front of you,
A stranger stands before me.

What happened to the boy,
Head filled with aspirations,
His dreams within his reach,
His life a celebration?

Cut forward to another day,
Another time, another place,
You’re not who you used to be,
And I wonder why.

I knew you once,
When you were young,
Before you knew,
What you’d become.
But that was then,
And this is now,
You’ve lost your way,
You’ve fallen down.

And now there’s nothing left,
Your face a pale reflection,
With only emptiness,
You’ve lost your life’s direction.

What happened to the man,
Who couldn’t be defeated,
Who always stood his ground,
When lesser men retreated?

Cut forward to another day,
Another time, another place,
You’re not who you used to be,
And I wonder why.

I knew you once,
When you were young,
Before you knew,
What you’d become.
But that was then,
And this is now,
You’ve lost your way,
You’ve fallen down.

When the performance ended, the child bowed, and turning his back, wordlessly walked away. The chamber resounded with deafening silence. Finally, after what seemed like hours, it was shattered as Erick spoke to himself.
“I… I’ve forgotten my music…”

Walking the Ice Part 2

Location: Lilac Ice Fields
Time since Arrival: 5 Weeks

Erick lay in the snow staring at the stars sliding peacefully across the darkened skies. Hard to imagine that there was a war going on up there, to decide the fate of billions of lives. The stars twinkled gently, tiny dots of life within the cold void between. Searching for a moment, he located one of the stars, a bit brighter, closer then most of the rest… that was home, around that distant dot of light orbited Whitefall….
Stars sky lg
It had been a while since he left… a month and counting… what was going on back there? Adding a bunch of new Councillors was risky… a good way to lose control if he wasn’t there to… no, there were good loyal people still doing what needed doing. How fortunate he had changed the role of the High Chancellor, this new standing would require less direct involvement. Those who opposed him must feel better about the new system, and it allowed for time… time to rest… time to fight. To take part in the war. His eyes drifted towards the star cluster that held the worlds of the core. Was that them? It was the right direction but… no, the Core was too far away to see with the unaided eye. Just a random cluster of stars. Was there any inhabited worlds within it? Inhabited by humans? Or some other race native to this galaxy? Why was non-human life so rare… Why had humanity never encountered another life form before nightfall? Was it just coincidence that no space faring species called this section of the galaxy home? Was it just coincidence that humanity never encountered any primitive life-forms in its slow journey planet hopping out of the Core? Why was humanity even here? Why brave the intergalactic void to travel from the birth world of humanity to here?
His reverie was interrupted by the crunch of boots on snow. Looks like Id was back for another round. The past two weeks had been tiring, once Erick had struck the first blow, Id had turned a lot more hostile. Surprise attacks came whenever he got distracted… He threw himself to the side, as Id dropped an over-head kick into the space he had just moments ago occupied. “Back for another round Id? This is getting a bit weary. I haven’t had a proper sleep in ages…” He ducked another of Ids attacks. Over the past two weeks, the fighting had continued, rather one sided, while any attack that hit Id merely made him disappear, Id seemed quite capable of knocking Erick around. It was a wonder he hadn’t managed to kill him already… there had been plenty of opportunity… Suddenly realization flashed into his mind. Why hadn’t he though of it earlier? “That’s why you haven’t killed me yet… you cant. You cant touch me any more then I can touch you, except what I allow. That’s it isn’t it? Regardless of how real you seem, you are still not a physical being!” Erick grinned, and walked into Ids incoming blow. Watching Ids face, he could see the surprise, as Id tried to pull his attack, he TRIED to fumble it… and his arm disappeared into Erick’s chest.
“Damn, so you figured it out…” Id swore, stepping back.
“I should have known, right from the beginning, you had plenty of opportunities to do so much damage, nearly every time I struck at you… But you didn’t. If you succeeded in knocking me out, you would disappear wouldn’t you. So what was you plan? Why the fights, why the constant attacks? What purpose did they hold, did it bring you pleasure to know that I was essentially beating myself up, since I believed you could do me actual harm?”
“Not at all, do you take me for such lowly scum to take pleasure in that? No, but it delayed you didn’t it. I wonder how much longer you can afford to waste here, before you have to return to Whitefall?” Id smirked, and dropped himself into a snowdrift.
“Delay me? Why would you care for that? Isn’t it in your best interest to get out of here as soon as possible too? How would delaying allow you to take over?”
“Wouldn’t you love to know that. Whats the knowledge worth to you? How about partial control? We could share you know. I could take over while you sleep, think of what we could accomplish without having to lie dormant for hours on end.”
“…. And what would you do while you where in control hmm? Pursue your own methods no doubt, make things a whole lot more difficult for me. Our methods are not compatible. Forget it.”
“Ah but may it not be worth a try? Say here, on this plane, neither of us can achieve anything really, lets share for a few weeks, wouldn’t it be nice if we could resolve this now, and return back to Jessica soon?”
Erick snorted. “Like you would satisfy yourself with sharing control. No doubt the moment it was possible, you would try and take over complete control.”
“Would I really do that to you?”
“Fair enough, but thing about it.”
“Its not going to happen Id. I will find a way to remove you from existence, even if our goals are the same, your methods counteract and endanger my own plans. No, as long as you just talked to me, I could let you be, but when you started talking to Saya… that is a dangerous game, and one where I cannot allow you to interfere.”
“Oh please, all I asked was that she do what we both wanted.”
“No, you asked her to do what YOU wanted, for the event I had merely considered would be fortunate. I do not intend to abuse her, not when I need to ensure coexistence. How can you not understand that your heavy handed, anything goes actions will have a negative impact on everything? DO you not understand that the populace would not stand for your actions? Hell, look at Bruce, he is already angry, do you intend to rial up everyone else against me too? What can YOU accomplish even if you get control, if I have been deposed and everyone turned against me? If you truly believe your ways are better, then you are a fool, and I am ashamed to know you originated from my mind.” Erick inhaled, deep biting cold breaths, and waited for a reply that didn’t come. “Bastard… disappear again… Blood and Ashes.”
He sat down beside the guttering fire, and threw on a couple more sticks, and lost himself in the turmoil of deep thoughts for a while. THere had to be some way to get to Id… how? Did Knan know of a way to fight off demons of the mind? He had to, being a Jedi and all… Though he had not been exactly forthcoming before… “You must deal with this in your own way.” he had said last time Erick queried him on the subject.

Erick lay back, and exhaled frosty white breath. Above, the stars continued their elegant dance, uncaring for the troubles of one mortal man.

Walking the Ice Part 1

Location: Lilac Ice Fields
Time Since Arrival: 3 Weeks

“So Erick, still ignoring me? You should know by now its not going to work. We have been trudging through this abysmal field for weeks now.”
“Yeah thats what I thought. Getting annoying you know. Just wasting time, didn’t you promise lovely Jessica you would be back as soon as possible?” Ids image slipped in and out from the clouds of descending snow. “Gonna be a while before you can head back. Still haven’t resolved anything have we. Wont at this rate either. Poor Jessica, all alone with the Jedi. Strange decision to leave her with the Jedi. Don’t tell me you trust them now.” Laughter from behind, as Id emerges from the murky white.
“Shut up Id.” With a sudden burst of movement, Erick swung around and launched a fist at Id, only to have his target fade into the snowstorm. “If ignoring you is not enough, I’ll destroy you. You… you endanger EVERYTHING. You speak to Saya, you try and use her to full-fill your own objectives. You risk teaching her treachery and dishonesty. You risk teaching her a mentality that she CANNOT have if we are avoid the war foretold by the Jedi. You utilize methods that I long ago decided where not acceptable. You risk my dreams, for what? Merely for the chance to achieve some of those a little bit faster? What extra goals have you decided on?” A shadow in the darkness, Erick swung at it. For a moment, there was resistance, and then nothing. “No, all I do is with hope for humanity, you… you have goals I do not even guess at, goals that I have no reason to believe are in line with my own.” Another shadow in the snow, his attack found no purchase, but suddenly a flash of movement to his right, and a blow that sent his head swinging to the side.
“No Erick, my goals are just like yours, only difference is, I have a chance of achieving them with my methods. You… you are weak, your methods can achieve nothing. You need to apply an iron fist, and push your goals.” Id sidestepped another of Ericks attacks, blocked his kick, and launched a few of his own. “I am the man you need to be. To win the future you dream of for the verse. If some poor individuals must pay the ultimate price for that… well everything has a price doesn’t it.”
“Wrong. You are wrong. Not just what you say, but you yourself. You should not exist, you have no idea of what I want. Maybe your ‘Iron Fist’ will work faster, but what is the use if I make an enemy of the people whom I build that future for?” Erick dodged Ids attacks, and ducked down, scooping up some lose powder in one hand, he rose up, and threw the snow in Ids direction, followed directly by an upper cut. His fist impacted squarely with Ids jaw… and then passed right through as if there was nothing but smoke there. Smoke and snow. Id disappeared.
“That was… rather easier then i thought…” He thought to himself, and returned back to walking across the fields. The attack that came from behind had him caught unaware, knocking him to his knees. Caugh “What the?”
“Correct Erick, too easy.” Id laughed, and spun a kick at Ericks head. “I’m not that easy to get rid of.”
Erick dropped lower and rolled to the side. “Damn it, you infuriating little annoyance. I will find some way to end you… If I have to spend the next twenty years here.” He threw himself forward, trying to grapple his opponent, but met again with a moment of resistance, and then just another snowbank. Mocking laughter echoed through the white blankets covering the sky and land.

Spy vs Guy

Don’t watch the video, but listen to music while reading

Dean walked into the small cramped office that Peirce had been renting; he felt it was time to have a talk. Pierce was typing away on a small computer and seemed to have a headset he was hooked up to. Dean waved to get his attention then waited patiently. Pierce typed for another ten minutes.

“So you understand your orders?” Pierce said into the com he paused for the obvious response “… No, I am not asking you to think, I’m not asking you to speak, just do exactly what we talked about, no more, no less… How do I know?… Cause it’s my job to… you know what, don’t question me, you get paid to do a job, do it, report back when it’s done… alright then… You’re a go, 001 Out” he took off the headset and shut his computer looking up at his visitor; his face was a mask portraying no emotion. “What are you doing here Dean?” he asked in an annoyed tone.

Dean took a deep breath as he suddenly felt very on the spot “Well… I ummm… I thought I ought to come by and say thanks and all, ya saved my skin back there, and well I guess I thought I should come by and let ya know I’m grateful” Dean held out a six pack of Fly Boys as a sort of offering. Pierce looked him up and down for a long moment and then exhaled in a snort of disgust

“Well there, you’ve said your thanks and I’ve heard it, now get out of my office” Dean held is position for a moment before retracting the beer and taking a step back, he turned to leave before stopping and speaking once more

“what gives man? I’m just trying to be nice, just thought…” Peirce cut him off as he rose to his feet, his voice was a cold fury that cut deep

“Thought what Dean, that you’d come up here and we would be ‘buddies’ that we share a couple ‘cold ones’ and laugh about all ‘we’ve been through’? It’s not going to happen! If you want to thank me, than do it by honouring our deal and staying out of my sight!” Dean was taken aback by the venomous response he truly thought the two had bonded in the mine

“You risked your life for me? You fought Arturo, just to save my skin… why?”

“You backwater Rim yokel, I didn’t do anything for you, I could give two wushu’s if the Alliance cut you into little bits, I do what I do for Lindy, and only for her” Peirce paused waiting for deans abnormally stupid brain to catch up before continuing “you really don’t get it do you? You frackin moron, You think you can really satisfy a women like Belinda Carlisle for any real length of time? You think after this war she is going to be satisfied living on that Chi Lock Sue Ranch of yours? You are a big dumb dog… an annoying thing that she has taken a shining to, and if I have to put up with stupid dog for a few years to keep my Lindy happy, then so be it. But don’t mistake her affection for love… dogs don’t love, and they don’t live all that long either.” Pierce took a long deep breath “Just remember our deal, Stay away from me, and I’ll stay away from your marriage”

Dean’s face contorted red with anger, he dropped the six pack and balled his fists “You think you can talk to me like that, think I’ll just take it? You’re lucky that I’m feelin forgivin on account you saved my skin, else I’d kill you where you stand”

“Ooooh, the big dumb marine threatened me, I’m positively quivering… you know what happens to a dog that bites a human Dean? It gets put down… just try it… I assure you no one would ever find your body”

The two men spent a long silence glaring at one another, each sizing up the other when dean got a buzz on his com

“Dean?” Belinda’s voice rang through “Where are you, we’re supposed to be at my fathers in ten minutes, where are you” Dean reached up to his com and answered

“Sorry babe, just got a little side tracked, I’m coming to get ya right now” he switched off his com and turned to leave

“Run along Dean, your master is calling” Pierce taunted as Dean Left, the commando turned with a foul glare once more,

“Just remember Pierce… she chose me” with that he turned and left, leaving the spy alone in his office

Angry pierce

Angry dean

Deep Thoughts with Katria Everdeen - Vol 3

Deep thoughts 3

Maxwell Arturo is dead. Johnstone is dead. My brother Kaden isn’t a Reaver. What the frak is going on?

Kaden isn’t a Reaver? He is a force user? Do they know who my mother is? Is she still alive? Kaden mentioned that we had several uncles, who are they? Are they involved with that secret council that Bris was on?

Can I even trust any of my memories before I escaped the Alliance facilities on Osiris? Maybe they let me escape on purpose.

My brother wanted me to join them. Both Arturo and Kaden tried to give me orders, tried to activate my programming. I managed to resist but it was so hard. Part of me wanted to do what they said. But I didn’t want to. When Kaden was escaping, I ran after him. I knew he had to be stopped but my will wasn’t strong enough. He ordered me to stop and not to follow him. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t tell my comrades where he had gone. I couldn’t do anything. It was so frustrating. I am ashamed.

I am sad. Why am I sad? I knew that Arturo needed to die. I knew that. But he must have helped to create me, he was family. I feel sadness at his death, I feel guilty that I feel these things. Whatever he did, he was a big part of my past. I wish I knew how big of a part.

I wish I had gotten more information about my past and what in my memories is true and what isn’t. I was obviously human at one point wasn’t I? Was I ever human? Was I originally in a human body? Was my brain cloned?

I have to find Kaden. One of my hopes was that somehow as a Reaver he could have been cured in some way. That doesn’t have to really change. Maybe it is possible to bring him back from the dark side, save him somehow! I’m worried that I don’t have what it takes to stop him, but at the same time I feel happy that he isn’t a Reaver and that he is alive. I have nothing but good memories of my childhood with him. Do I want him to die? I don’t think I can answer that question.

I also feel relieved that Billie was the one that killed him. I don’t know if I could have done it. I wanted to convince him what he was doing was wrong. Why were he and Kaden able to activate my programming like that? How many other people have this ability? Do you have to be related to me or something? Do you have to have certain DNA? Some kind of special voice modulations? I have to find a way to break this programming directive. Maybe I need to go back to that Alliance lab. Maybe there are some records or something? Maybe there are others?

Why am I with the Browncoats? I believe in the cause but I worry it could just be part of my programming. Am I the ultimate undercover or sleeper agent? Will I be activated at a key moment? What is my purpose? I fear for the safety of my friends and family, I fear for the men and women under my command. I’m afraid what I could do to Billie and Dean. I’m afraid what I could do to Sam. Maybe I need to leave and seek out Kaden and my uncles myself. Sam, Billie, Dean and so many others might be safer with me gone.

I also find myself thinking about Dean’s kidnapping. I feel like I betrayed the Browncoats. Would I do it again to save my family? Yes. The result of the mission was that we killed Arturo and uncovered yet another secret base of evil. I chose the life of one person over the lives of countless others. I was in a very difficult situation. I ordered Billie to send fake ciphers or at least send the ciphers with a virus/mole that would render them useless. Did I truly believe that she was going to follow my orders? I made myself believe that she would. Am I fit to be in command? Is my family my greatest weakness or my greatest strength? Who is my true family? Who am I?


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