Brown Coats

Deep Thoughts with Katria Everdeen - Vol 2

Deep thoughts 2

Katria sat alone in her room looking through Arturo’s belongings that Lucian had given her.
- Steel cylinders each with pronged ends looks like they jack into to some kind of port (needs further study)
- One encrypted data pad
- 1 med kit
- 1 all temperature black cloak (force)
- 1 liquid cable dispenser
- 1 vibro dagger
- Boots tinged with the dark side of the force
- Black cloth sensor blanket

She was trying to be methodical and meticulous in her analysis. She used her enhanced vision to look over everything as closely as possible. She had no idea what the steel cylinders were used for, she would have to look into it further. She was sure Billie could hack into the encrypted data pad, maybe there would be information about the cylinders in there. Maybe there would be a lot more important information in there as well. She was surprised that she was able to magnify her vision so much so look so closely at the materials. She frowned looking at them in greater depth. She had been told they both were connected to the force somehow; that they were tinged with the force. She didn’t feel that when she touched them. The black cloth sensor blanket would be useful. How many times had they been tricked by this kind of thing? The vibro dagger, well, she didn’t seem to be indestructible when it came down to those little buggers.

She was amazed she could see to such a microscopic level. It made her think about things like nanobots. Maybe they or something similar could be utilized in her body for something like self-repair. If they could get Zack’s brain into a droid successfully then she was sure nanobots could be successful. Looking closer at the cloak and boots, maybe she could find enough DNA from the cloak or the boots to do DNA testing. When they got back to the Hypocratis, then she would get Billie and Dr. Spencer Reid to check the DNA and determine her relation to Arturo. Maybe her own identity could be confirmed. Maybe Billie could access Alliance medical databases and find other matches; other family members. Maybe if they could get access to Alliance medical databases, there could be some kind of evidence of her identity or her origin.

Was Arturo even her father? Was Johnstone? Were she and Arturo even related? Was Arturo one of the uncles that Kaden mentioned? Could she even trust any of her memories since she escaped that Alliance facility? She had to find some answers.

The Nisha Nakamu Glacier

Erik Voltair kissed his wife and daughter. He looked about the hallways of the Jedi Temple of Lilac once more; the irony of the situation did not escape him, less than three days ago he had been ready to destroy this place, now he was leaving his wife and daughter here for the safety it provided.

He turned to Kith and nodded he was ready, the two departed for the Hanger Bay, and loaded onto a small transport. The ship shuddered as it lifted off, a few Jedi were piloting but aside from that they ahd the entire place to themselves.

Kith began to change into the winter cloths that were in the cargo bay, Erik followed suit. “So how long will we be out there Kith?” Kith was different from other Jedi, he wasn’t one who demanded ceremony or was stringent about his title of Master, he had insisted that for at least the remainder of this journey that they address each other by first name. Erik hadn’t sure how he felt about that, it had been such a long time, really only Jessica used his first name, even Lucien and Belinda usually referred to his as Voltair.

“We shall take as long as we need, no more and no less, Our friends…” he ushered towards the cockpit “… are going to drop us off on the Nisha Nakamu Glacier, I think it means Two Songs, in their language, The Innu there seem to fear these White Walkers, they say they wander the glaciers and attack the Innu, driving off the Polar Bear and Seals. I thought this would be as good a time as any to take a look” Kith leaned down and began to check the contents of his pack

“I thought you said we should be alone?” Erik asked a little nervous of going anywhere without his power armour

“The Innu are a highly superstitious people, there is no evidence of any other tribe out there, fly overs and heat scans only show the Innu villages, on top of that, these White Walkers are blamed for every natural disaster or anytime anything goes wrong with the people, I am doubtful that we will find their legend” Kith said securing his light sabre to his belt
“Then why go at all?”

“Something is driving off the seals and Polar Bears, and if we find out and fix it, we shall be closer to the Innu for it, besides, I often find it best to have a goal when wandering the glaciers, even if it is a very broad one, gives us reason to break camp every morning and to keep walking, keeps the mind sharp.” Erik nodded at this as he secured his winter parka, he looked up and saw Kith’s hand outstretched he raised his eyebrows questioningly. “Your com’s please Erik, data pads, and communication devices as well if you don’t mind; we will need to be alone” Erik didn’t like the idea of being totally cut off

“what if someone needs us or we need help?” he asked

“I will use the force to contact the Jedi when we are finished, or if we are in need of aid. As for someone needing us, we are unavailable, they will have to find a way to make due until our return” Erik thought for many long moments before nodding his head. Slowly he removed his com unit as well as his back-ups, he gave over his tooth beacon and his data pads. Finally he was alone. The ship shuddered as it landed, Kith pulled up his hood and put on his snow goggles, Erik followed suit.

The cargo doors opens and immediately Erik was awed but the beauty and majesty of the place, perfect untouched land as far as the eye could see, this was a site that few ever saw. The wind blew and for the first time he felt the bone chilling cold of this awesome environment, this would indeed be a challenge. Kith spent a minute or so giving final instructions to the pilot, and with that finished he grabbed his bag and departed the transport. Erik took his first few steps out onto the ice, feeling it for the first time under his heavy boot, he turned to watch the transport lift off from the ground and speed up into orbit. He turned on the spot again taking in the environment, Kith nodded to him and ushered to the distance that they should begin.

Quest for Queen Comes Up Dry
Front Page of the Silver Lining

Quest for Queen comes up Dry

Seven days ago was the last time that the queen was sighted on Silverhold. The Queens office will not confirm her whereabouts at this time. Here is what we know:

1) Seven days ago the Queen was working at the Transport Ship Yards, with a Clone Security Escort known as Purple Squad 7
2) Seven day ago Captain Lucien Calgori’s ship the Isabella was sighted landing without authorisation at the Queens work site. He then departed within 10 minutes and promptly left orbit and the system.
3) Sources on the Isabella do imply they know where the Queen is but refuse to answer questions or put anyone in contact with the Dread Pirate Calgori at this time, nor will they disclose their current whereabouts.
4) Purple Squad 7 was found to have 8 critically wounded members on scene. An additional three were found dead, their commander is currently missing.
5) One of the injured clones recalled being attacked by “Bandits” before being shot, the Clone has not recovered from surgery yet to extrapolate on the story yet.
6) A nurse within the Silverhold royal hospital reports a “Ruffian” kidnapping two patients on orders from the Dread Pirate, the Queens name was mentioned, although the nurse cannot recall the specific context, as she feared for her life at the time.

From the facts presented this reporters opinion is that the Dread Pirate for reasons known only to himself landed at the Queens work station, attacked her guard and took her against her will. What the Dread Pirate intends to do with our Queen now, well this reporter could only speculate based on the Pirates reputation. It is my hope that those of you reading this will contact your government officials, demand answers, and assure our planet is protected should the Sons of Plunder have a greater plan a foot. This reporter will continue to work on this story until all the facts have been made clear.

Cat Grant
Investigative Reporter
Silver Lining

Whitefall Radio, More than just static

Whitefall Radio

This is Rod Dangerfield again for Whitefall Radio, and here is today’s news minute

- High Chancellor Voltair was attacked today during a swimming event for the make a wish foundation. In an incredibly moment the High Chancellor swam to shore with a bomb attached to his chest, the local Home guard were unable to disarm in, and in the last moments a CISIS agent stepped cutting away a chunk of the Chancellors Chest and Hand in order to free the bomb from him. The High Chancellor seemed to be in good spirits afterwards considering, and had presences of mind enough to offer little Timmy a rematch later in the summer season. He then had these words for his would be killer “This time you have gone too far; I will find you, and I will kill you” Dangerous words from an angry man. This news team attempted to interview the intervene CISIS Agent, but she denied comment and was unwilling to provide her name.

- Less than then two hours later, the High Chancellor called a classified meeting of the remaining council members. When asked what the purpose of the meeting the High Chancellor encouraged the press to “Stop Pestering” him. The meeting was less than twenty minutes in length when the High Chancellor left the room with the entire council. They quickly left the planet boarding the recently returned Arcadia (Point of notice, the Arcadia had not yet been handed over to the Dominion Army). All of the Councillors present denied comment as to where they were going. The Arcadia left for a course that would take them to Lilac. Dominion reports show, the Arcadia stayed in orbit for almost three hours, Dominion Bases were put on yellow alert. Dominion, Jedi, and Whitefall spokespersons refuse comment on what occurred.

- In a major act of Government Reform The High Chancellor has almost doubled the size of his council, this now includes 5 seats for Southern Whitefall, 5 seats for Northern Whitefall and 1 seat for Ithica. The High Chancellor will no longer have a vote within the council but will retain veto ability. Because of the martial law status, the council will appoint the new members as opposed to holding an election.

- In other news over twelve tons of food was stolen from a southern food depot, the depot was food had been under Home guard watch, 6 soldiers had been found killed, the depot had been opened with a welding torch and evidence shows that the cargo was moved by truck. If you have information on this please contact your local home guard.

- A Sheriff in Old Gas Town in causing some trouble having shot 7 civilians whose only crime may have been wearing an FLQ pin. When asked about this the Sheriff stated that all were made aware of the new law. He’s sorry for the loss of life, but would and will do it again, “there ain’t no middle ground no more, and I ain’t warming to fence sitters, so long as I’m Sheriff this is how it’ll be”. Strong words from an angry man, when asking the High Chancellor of his opinion he commented “Many have criticized this government for interfering with the traditional ways, this man was democratically elected to his position, he is following the laws of his city, the government at this time sees no need to interfere.” Once again be warned in Old Gas Town that wearing anything in support of the FLQ will cause you to be considered a criminal and treated as such.

- In a new effort to balance the budget today The High Chancellor Laid of a whopping 1.8% of the Whitefall population, all of which were government employees. The High Chancellor also cut all government department budgets by almost 12%. When asked why such measures need to be taken he stated clearly “The government needs efficiency, and now one should have personal drivers or multiple secretaries. After some digging, This news team would like it noted that the only government official that has a full time personal driver would be High Chancellor Voltair (the driver was not laid off), he and three other councillors also have three secretaries each (none of which were laid off), the High Chancellor also has a personal cook (not laid off) and several in house staff (all with secure jobs). I would also like to note that the High Chancellors security escorts, power armour purchase and maintenance, Shuttle operators, and advisors total a staff team of almost 47 people, none of which lost their jobs today. On a positive note the High Chancellor has declared that the planet will not be posting a deficit this year and can expect a small surplus. That is excellent for those of us who are still employed.

- This next ad was purchased and does not necessarily match the views of the broadcasting station. Carlisle Banking Group will be opening 5 new branches this year, and to celebrate, if you open a savings account and deposit $200 or more within the next two months, you will receive one free 22 calibre colt peace keeper, with a single box of ammo and holster. This gun falls perfectly within the Whitefall protection laws, and is beautiful piece, why not save some money and get a gun today, this deal is offered at a Carlisle Banking Group near you.

On the FLQ

After the FLQ attack, things had been a bit of a mess, but even so, Erick had managed to prepare for a speech. It took a bit longer then normal, but there was so much to do. He re-read it once more, before he would go out live.

“The FLQ attacks earlier this week pain me greatly, that there are those with such utter hatred and disregard for human life, I had hoped we where above such things. Let us hold a minute of silence for the 24 man and woman so callously murdered.

As for the FLQ… As long as they kept their actions at least cloaked in civility, I had been willing to reciprocate in kind, it is after all a citizens right to protest, but that right ends when innocent people are harmed. With their actions, the FLQ have undeniably revealed what they are. Terrorists, and murderers, uncaring for any but their own agenda. Though I had hoped they would come to realize their mistakes before making any such foolish gesture as they have, they have left me no choice. With a direct attack on Whitefall and its people, they have moved themselves from the category of unhappy citizens, to hostile military, and will be treated as such by the law enforcement, military, and any true patriotic citizens of Whitefall. Anyone who supports their murderous actions will be considered a hostile spy and dealt with in the appropriate manner. Whitefall will not stand for the seeds of terrorism and treachery to sprout from our own native soil.


A bit harsh, but the FLQ have been a growing problem for a while now, and it is time to deal with them once and for all. He nodded to himself, and swung open the press-room door.


The Infinity Thought dropped out of Hyperspace in Angel. Noir had been ready for it, she hit the button on the NAV computer to confirm the results that she had pre-inputted; she should be ready to jump in about a minute. She glided the ship keep a distance from the planet as not to raise suspicion or issue as she passed through the system. Her program beeped the affirmative and she spooled up her FTL drive. She was about to jump when she saw it, the most amazing sight she could ever have hopped to see. There in high orbit over Angel was the Hypicratis, and floating beside it docked at the usual docking ring 9, was the Isabella.

The ship looked good, Lucien had been busy as the mast had been reinstalled and some of the finer details were beginning to come into focus. She changed course and began to fly towards the ships broadcasting her position. Within moments she heard the familiar docking officer’s voice as he guided her towards one of the landing bays. The Infinity Thought sailed into the docking bay; she hardly waited for the engines to shut down as she raced to the back. Mace had been in a coma for almost a week now, she would have made it to Silverhold by now if she hadn’t run into Alliance trouble on the way back, now what luck, not only did she find Lucien, but the best hospital on the RIM as well.

The back hatch opened as a medical team boarded, quickly she explained as best she could what happened as the team lifted the master and began to transport him to the Med Bay. As soon as the Master was cared for she saw the last on the Hypicratis crew from the ship and locked it, this was still a Jedi Ship, and their cargo and privacy deserved to maintained, it was the least she could do. After her duty was done she turned and ran, calling upon the force to speed her way she ran through the decks on the ship and quickly approached the Isabella, she had to see Lucien, had to see Sarah, had to make sure everything was ok.

CPWH Whitefall Radio Improtant Notice

Emergency Notice to all citizens of Old Gas town Tasmantas, Whitefall

By order of Lawman Wyatt Earp

As of Sunrise tomorrow it is against the law to wear any FLQ paraphernalia, doing so will be considered marking yourself as a criminal, you will be dealt with accordingly

according to Lawman Wyatt Earp if you have problems with that you can take your complaints and… oh well… uh you get the point

that is it for

CPWH Whitefall Radio

more then just static

Throw Down or Shut Up
a northern Story

Listen while reading

The two retired Lawmen looked about as they rode into Old Gas Town. They could both remember when this town used to be something, a place where an honest man could get honest work, and respect for one another ran thick through the streets.

Now what was it, tall buildings replaced the old wooden ones, some of the main streets had been paved, gas trucks and cars drove the streets while shuttles lifted off and landed. This was no longer the town of their youth, no longer their home. Folk wandered the streets with red pins, pins that had the emblazoned FLQ on them. Could it really be that murders and their supporters could walk the streets so openly? The two urged their horses forward to the old sheriff’s office, this was one of the few buildings that hadn’t been upgraded, so be it.

The two dismounted, hitching post was gone, so be it, there was a nearby parking meter, they tied the horses their and entered the building, it was unlocked and dusty, the one room office had two old cells in the back, you could clearly see the a set of foot prints in the very dusty floor, it had come in walked to the desk and left… their sat a rolled up piece of paper, one of the men walked forward picked up the paper and read it allowed

_Wyatt Earp,

By a majority of the people of Old Gas Town, you have been formally elected Sheriff. The state of Tasmantus hereby bestows all the rights and responsibilities there in, may god above watch over you. And aid you in your task

Marshal Edward Tarsonis_
Whitefall Homegaurd

Wyatt dropped the paper back onto the desk and walked around to the other side; he looked to his brother who spat on the floor. Wyatt opened one of the drawers and pulled out two golden stars, he tossed one to his brother, and pinned the other to his jacket.

“Well Virg… ya ready to make ourselves some friends?”

Vigil looked to his brother long and hard, he chewed his tobacco for a long moment rolling it about in his mouth before leaning forward and spiting once more

“ya know Wyatt, once we start this there ain’t no commin’ back; and you can be damned sure them southern boys ain’t go no tears to shed for us, and they got weak stomachs for bloodshed. We’re asking for war on both sides of the boarder…” Wyatt turned to his brother, a fire dancing in his crystal blue eyes

“They shouldn’t thought of that before they went and got my Kate killed! You with me or not?” Virgil nodded at him

“I’m with ya, ya know it, to the ends of Whitefall and back again, so long as there is lead in my gun, I’m with Wyatt. Just wanted to make sure it was an informed decision we was making s’all” Wyatt looked his older brother up and down and let out a bark of a laugh

“An informed decision, ha, that’s rich Virg… now grab that ol’ shotgun, we got ourselves some work to do”

The two men walked into the street, crossed the road and walked into the fancy building there. They strode up the stairs to the third floor. Here there was a small office, looked like an accountants office, the two walked in to see a small women working the phone

“Can I help you sir….” She started as Wyatt lifted the desk drop and let his brother pass, the two walked past the cubicles as the secretary raced after them “Sirs, you can’t just waltz in here…”

“Got business in the back Miss., I recommend stepping to cover” was all Wyatt offered as he stormed across the room and kicked open the back door, Virgil stepped back in with the shotgun raised, Wyatts peacekeeper was drawn as he followed his brother in.

The room held a few men, one at a computer, two making pins, and two others reaching for guns.


Virgil put a hole in the first one, the second one stopped in his tracks and everyone raised their hands

“Only warning folks, and I ain’t one for warnings… FLQ doesn’t exist in my town no more! I see a pin… well that’s as good as choosing side to me, and I put led in ya!” Wyatt made sure his voice carried tot eh front


He put a hole in the computer as well, “I ain’t playing nice no more, get outta here! I see any of you in my town after sundown and I will shoot you dead”


“That means now!” he hollered, and quick as could be they hurried from the back room and scurried out of the office. Wyatt turned and followed them into the main office area

“That goes for the lot of you, ya’ll knew what they was doin’ here and ya just sat and let ‘em; that makes ya just as guilty in my books, Get out, and ya best be outta my town before sun down” the secretary and the accounts looked nervous, but weren’t willing to argue with the two armed men, quickly they gathered a few things and left. After the office was empty Virgil looked to his brother

“We’ll Wyatt, I do believe we have ourselves a beginning to this fair story here” Wyatt looked back to his brother

“No Virgil, we’re an ending, and that’s all we are” without the two brothers strode out of the building and headed down the street to the next one, they had a lot of work to do, and sundown would likely be a busy time for them as well

Silver Lining 02

Silver Lining

Crime rates down in Pandora
Magistrates; Tough on crime or just Tough guys?
What’s in the fish we eat?

Perry looked at the potential headlines for the next issue, glancing over the top four again…
“CAT! GET IN HERE!” he bellowed out his office door, Cat scurried into the room
“Yes Chief?”
“These headlines are great… to bad I can’t run them” he paused while she looked a little crestfallen and then strode forward “Not unless you have proof, I can’t go accusing anyone, especially the Dread Pirate of kidnapping the Queen without hard proof, the royal office won’t even admit she’s missing”
“But Chief…” cat started but he cut her off
“By Ceazars ghost women, don’t but Chief Me, I can hold the presses for 12 more hours, get me some proof, a witness, a source, a quote, something I can use, else I won’t run the story” Cat stared hard at the man for a minute before decided, she grabbed the papers from his desk and strode out of his office with purpose…

“You can count on me Chief, Hold the presses, I’ll get the story” Perry just smiled to himself
“I know ya will girl, I know it”

CPWH Whitefall Radio; it’s more than just static

This is CPWH Whitefall Radio; it’s more than just static

In the News this week
- Popularity for the High Chancellor swells after an increase on ration allotment and a government giveaway. Remember folks, we are Ration Booklet 8 now, make sure you sign up at your local food allotment depot in order to ensure that your household receives it’s due subsidies

- Although the poles are up for the High Chancellor, some folk are still unhappy; three government offices in Tansmantus exploded today causing 24 dead and other 162 persons injured. Credit for the action was taken but the extremist group known as the FLQ, they are once again demanding that the High Chancellor steps down and gives the North independent leadership, and rights to self-governance. As of yet no response has come from the Chancellors office.

- Are you unemployed? Currently looking to put skills to good use WHY NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT? The government is offering competitive wages subsidies to help you kick start your career. Current opening include Ranchers, Farm Hands, Labourers, Emergency Medicine. Botany and much more. Check out employment central today!

- A local notice for all citizens, we are currently still under Martial Law, this means that the Clones in your city are considered Law enforcement for the time being. They have been authorised to use force if necessary to maintain the peace, please let’s not have it come to that, respect the clones, they are here for your protection.

- Notice to all citizens on Tasmantus; by order of the High Chancellor it is too risky right now to hold an election. The High Chancellor agrees though that representation is needed immediately, for the time being the Elder Council will appoint someone to the role. If you think you know someone who may be good for the job, it is recommended that you contact the High Chancellors office today

- Once again the site has been updated with the latest KIA list, for those families seeking closer please check for updates.

- Do you know where the nearest bomb shelter is? Do you know where to reach one when you are traveling to work or school? Call you government securities office today; they will make you aware of the shelters nearest you. If the Alliance should come, don’t be caught unaware!

- Final writs have gone out for the remaining Home Guard, and Dominion Knights who have been transferred into the new Dominion Army. You are required to report to Ithica within 48 hours, failure to do so will be considered AWOL, and appropriate action will be taken.

- Have you adopted a solider? These men and women give so much, adopt a soldier today and help the war cause

- Are you growing food that you intend to sell? You could be eligible for a up to 25,000 in government grants, talk to the department of agriculture today

That’s all for now On the Whitefall News Minute, for more details on this story please tune in at 6pm. I’m Rob Dangerfeild on CPWH Whitefall, more than just static


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