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Welcome back, I’m Cassey and this is Tom, and We are here with another Fax and Friends addition of word on the street, here we will be speaking with a “random” group of people throughout the CORE to see how you think the Sky Marshal is doing

Q: What are your thoughts on the Triumph Tribute Wave?

A1: I don’t read the RIM tabloids, they are a waste of time

A2: What these RIM yahoos fail to realize is that the Sky Marshals office is the most trusted office in the land, of course he sent his personal inspectors, he wanted it done right, I personally think that the Sky Marshal should use more force against these yokals

A3: It’s a dangerous job on the War Hog, My nephew is stationed out there, if they want to carry a few extra missile thingys why not? he sounds pretty crazy this question guy

A4: We probably aren’t getting the full story, but I doubt there was any foul play, the Sky Marshal wouldn’t let that happen

Q: What do you think the Sky Marshal should be doing right now?

A1: He should doing has he has been, bringing peace to the Verse

A2: He should show those yahoos who is in charge, I wish he had nuked him, less places for my tax dollars to go

A3: I think another ship is a good idea, those are our boys out there, they should have they best equipment possible to keep them safe, I support our troops… Stay the Course Sky Marshal, Don’t Cut and Run

A4: I’d like to see where the Rim economy goes without Allaince Trade Laws and protection from pirating, maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine… but we will just be back here in a few years on a different humanitarians mission, there’s just no helping some people

Thanks Tom for those interviews… as you can tell 88% of Allaince citizens think the Sky Marshal is doing an outstanding job. Keep up the good work Sky Marshal Stone!

For Now I’m Casey and that was Tom with Fax and Friends

The Triumph Tribute... All Your News on the Rim

The Following Broadcast dose not necessarily show the views of the broadcast station or its reporters, this story was sent to us anonymously with certain documents giving it enough weight for us to air it, we leave it to you the viewer to decide its veracity….

Hello, I have to bring more questions to the table,

1) if Sky Marshal Stone wanted such an open and honest election, why did he not use an independent group as opposed to his private inspectors? also if you read the logs very carefully you will note that yes The ground inspection team agreed that a “dirty nuke” was detonated and those are the readings on Aberdeen, Yes the War Hogs Log showed it had not fired any nucular munitions, and that they were all accounted for in the hold, BUT if the War Hog had not fired any Nucular weapons, If it had all it’s space to surface class missiles saftley stowed, why in the supply log dose it now show that the War Hog took on three more 12kz-L3 Space to Surface Class Nucular missals while resupply and undergoing inspections at Angle ? I would think they would already be fully stocked if they hadn’t fired any?

2)The Sky Marshal keeps telling us he is on a mission of peace, why has he just sent millions of credits into R&D in Robotics, shield Generation and Ionion Based weaponry? Why is the rumor amongst his security council that he will be commissioning a new Capital Class Star Destroyer with planet destruction capabilities?

3) Haven has declared its independence from the Allaince, by CORE interstellar law after fireing on the War Hog, they have committed high treason and their commanding government should be put to death, and replaced by and Allaince governor… if the Sky Marshal is so proud of his Allaince? why dose he drag his feet when it comes to enforcing CORE laws? could it be that he fears a war? does he feel he needs his Capital Class Flag Ship Majelen operational and a new ship well underway before he declares war? is he testing the other RIM worlds to see who will follow so he can take them all out in one foul swoop? it’s hard to say, since he won’t answer any questions?

4) where is the Sky Marshals Family, there is no record of anyone seeing or hearing from them in over 5 years? isn’t that odd?

Thats it for now, as always I will keep asking the questions

The Question

(this post is meant to come out three weeks game time after the last post was put up)

FAX NEWS, Who else can you trust?

Sky Marshal Stone has launched a full investigation on the Aberdeen incident “The Facts will clear the honorable soldiers of the Alliance much quicker, then my words” he said earlier today at a press conference on Ariel. And so far it is looking like once again the Sky Marshal is right… Investegators interviewed the commander of the War Hog who said he had come into teh Aberdeen system on a random security sweep and then had found terrorists operating crudely fashion nucular weapons, the War Hog was moving into position to put a stop to this when the bombs detonated,

“it’s sad really” the commander commented “those poor people never really had a chance, but the weapons those Moo Goo Guy Pans were using lines up with some of the gear that was reported stolen over the past few months” inspectors are unwilling to comment on those facts yet at least until soil sample come back in.

the War Hog was also put under scrutiny when it entered the Angle system as a team of the Sky Marshals personal inspectors were their to make sure that nothing was left unturned in this investigation… “the logs showed that no nukes had been launched or authorized for launch…” chief inspector Tyre said to reporters ”... we also found every weapon safely stowed and accounted for in the ships armory, at this time we can be reasonably certain their was no foul play on the side of the Alliance or the crew of the War Hog”

Sky Marshal John Stone had this to say after hearing the positive news from inspectors “It warms my heart to know we can trust in the good men and women who serve in the Core Fleets, I would encourage all Border and Rim worlds to work closely with us so we can make sure that a travesty such as the one that occurred last week on Aberdeen never happens again, I would also like to personally extend a salute to the brave souls who put their lives on the line to make the verse a safer place for us all”

That was Fax News, Stay tuned after the break, as we show dramatizations of how we believe the heroic crew of the War Hog Tried to save those people of Aberdeen (may be dramatizations and not based on fact)

FAX NEWS, your freindly government sponsored news source

We interrupt this program for breaking news, Alliance Ship War Hog came under fire today from a group of radicals from the RIM World of Haven, just a few parsects away from Aberdeen where the War Hog was participating in a humanitarian mission to rescue Pirate savaged towns on the southern continent the small world seems to have taken great offense to the War Hogs presence attacking it with a slue of outlawed (and outdated ships)

we have been told by the Sky Marshals office that because the commander of the War Hog didn’t want to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary, he had delayed in firing on the rogue ships and tried to talk them down, this resulted in some property damage to the War Hog,but we have been assured that no loss of life occured on the Alliance side, the ships were easily turned away, but due to damages The War Hog did not pursue, we are told that the ship will return to Angle for repairs before heading back to Haven to begin it’s investigation.

This Just In, I have recieved a wave from teh planet of Haven saying “Alaince, CORE or Brown Coats aren’t welcome in there system, and they will defend their planet with any means… errr…. clearly thsi wans’t proof read of fact checked before it came to the desk, we are sorry for reporting what is surly a hoax, more on this story as it unfolds… now back to your regularly schedualed program MUPPETS IN SPACE

for now I am Kim with Fax News, we have the Fax

Aberdeen Wave Reposted By teh Question

.............. I Repeat…........ Town destroyed completely…........ MIU dressed as Reavers…....... SOS…...... SOS…...... Alliance looking for brown…...... Chicken Chou Mai-en…......

As you can see, once again the War Hog works on committing Genocide, three small towns that were ‘suspected” of harboring brown coats (meaning protesting MIU as police) were attacked and wiped out, not trace left of any of them save for this wave that i just managed to snatch before the Alliance tried to disolve it like those towns. Why are they so afraid of this getting out? why did they need to kill the entire populace of the lower continent of Aberdeen? why are we so willing to let Sky Marshal Stoen do this? If there are Brown Coats, why aren’t they helping their own people?

as always I will keep asking the tough Questions

the Question?

Daily Bugle Posted on Persephinie noted last weeks FAX NEWS report is the first time Sky Marshal Stone has admitted the existence of Reavers, why has he been denying it for so long? and what else has he been denying? Maybe this wans’t a Hoax, Maybe the government dosnt need to gear up for war, maybe they are spawning their own terriosts and attacking themselves to gain public sympathy? maybe? well that ones a little far fetched even for me, but the others are vailid questions, and who will ask these questions, Me, I am here to make sure the important questions get asked. now take a look at this

in other news ISSA has bought more stocks almost 21% in Corrilian Aero Space Corperations, at the same time as beefing up their crew counts and buying up old model rifals, jackets, and protable food stuffs…. dose this sound odd to anyone else? it dose to me, thats why i keep asking questions

the Question

FAX NEWS, News without all teh hard thinky stuff

Welcome Back to FAX NEWS,

This Just in, An unmarked unregistered ship was found in a boarder system, it appeared to have been attacked by REAVERS or Pirates. There was one survivor (unreleased name) who is in critical condition. She was saved at the last second by a CORE patrol who managed to destroy the small Reaver raiding ship and kill those aboard the derelict. Two CORE soldiers lost their lives in the attack, their families have asked to remain nameless. MIU has afforded a full patrol to escort the med ship back to Ariel capital hospital. The odd things however Tom, is that the ship appeared to have been stealing from the very patrol that saved it, 6 months of food stuff appeared to have been on board this unmarked ship. Terrorism is suspected.

The Sky Marshal issued this statement earlier today

“The recent theft of Government property is inexcusable. Recent attempts have been made by this government to extend the hand of cooperation towards the outer rim territories. Police forces, paid for and run by the CORE were the first step in an attempt to give these world security. In return, a vicious and insulting theft was committed. Furthermore, minor thefts of supplies have occurred. These supplies could either be given freely to the outer rim along with a dedicated peace keeping force, or they can be undermined by violent and immoral malcontents. If these thefts continue, there will be no choice but to increase security, and thus cut funding towards relief efforts in place of protecting loyal citizens.”

In addition to this, many of you may have seen the new CORE slogan, “Only by helping us, can we help you.” this rings so true, I guess we are just lucky to have someone like the sky marshal looking out for us, don’t you think Kim

Thats right Tom, Stayed tuned after the break for More news on why the Government of Persephini is to incompetent to run their own planet, THE CORE SHOULD BE THERE

FAX NEWS Your Infortanment Centre

Welcome Back to FAX NEWS, we have the FAX

The Honorable Sky Marshal Johnstone, announced today that even though Commander Neroth turned treacherous that is no reason that his family, distinguished in the Londinium community needs to be punished, and so he has personally taken in the former commanders wife and three kids to his estate on Ariel.

I think this shows the Sky Marshal as a wonderfully compassionate man, don’t you Tom?

You know it Kat, for a man to take in someones family, even after what that person had done, it just shows a level of generosity that you don’t see these days.

In other news it is said that the Sky Marshals push in the Border is going exceedingly well, with MIU placed on six different worlds and now having both the War Hog and the Thermopile out there, I would hate to be a Terrosit now…

Now Tom, I understand the Thermopile was re outfitted for this mission, can you tell me about it?

You bet Kat,

with a class 3 hyperdrive, you might think she’s a little slow for a capital class ship, but she certainly makes up for that in style, this ship has the unobtanium studded Hull plating, and carries over 6 wings of Corrilias new B wing design star fighter, having over 16 battery cannons, re modulated shields with self repairing boosters, and state of the art scanner array, I would hate to be anyone who got on the wrong side of this beast.

Thanks Tom, stayed tuned after the break when we show you how military commanders can spruce up the quarters while protecting the Verse in of Fax extreme ship makeover eddition.

MIU Springs Commander Neroth

Welcome back to CORE NEWS @ 11

Today 6 guards who were posted to watch commander neroth aided in his escape, as they opened his cell escorted him to a waiting ship and caused a black out in the prisions radar and scanner array so the ship couldnt be followed. We know that an old Firefly class transport rendezvoused with the escapees ship and likley took him out of the system as the escapee ship was found set a drift just outsdie of the gravity well perimeter. When questioned the guards maintain that their families had been captured and they were being extorted against the lives of their loved ones. Sky Marshal Johnstone commented that although the men will be punished he doubts he could execute men in good conscious for trying to protect their families. More on this story as it unfolds

On a personal note I would like to say farewell to our viewers, as some of you may be aware Sky Marshal Johnstone with the support of Paliment has changed the interstellar broadcasting laws and because of this CORE NEWS @ 11 was unable to gain a new license… we are asked to differ you to FAX news for all your information needs, I’m Maria La Troy for…. YOU KNOW WHAT, I CAN’T DO THISTHIS IS MOO GOO GUY PAN, I WILL NOT BE SILENCED BECAUSE SOME OLD SPOOK DONST WANT US QUESTIONING IS PRIVATE WAR, THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO….........


Welcome back to FAX NEWS, all the news in the Verse that you want to know about.

today we will be looking at the smashing job our Sky Marshal is doing in his campaign on the boarder, what you need to know about gluton free bread… and as a special treat we will look at the fall line up of designer cloathing for puppies in space.

I’m Tom and This is Kim for FAX NEWS

Five Men Gunned Down on Persphinie

Welcome Back to CORE NEWS @ 11

today 5 men were gunned down by MIU as they fled a shipping yard on land rovers with 6 canisters of Fusion Coolant, a very valuable substance used for FTL travel. when questioned on the use of Force MIU Major Cocrho had this to say

“these border folk gotta learn there are new rules in town. I said stop, they didn’t then I ordered my men to shoot to kill. MIU doesn’t work in half measures, when we tell you something its not a request its an order, and those criminals who want a shot at living best obey right quick”

The locals appeared to be a little shaken by the disturbance but no one seems to have known the men, and no groups are laying claim to the attempt of robbery.

in related news Sky Marshal Johnstone was commended in Parliament today with his success so far in decreasing crime in the Border worlds. The Honorable John Torrence had this to say from the House of Lords

“The Sky Marshal is doing a great job, I know death isn’t something to be celebrated but these hooligans have to learn that this sort of Tom Foolery is no longer acceptable and that there are consequences to every action, this may seem extreme to some, but it helps send a message so others will be save, Good work Sky Marshal… Good work indeed”

Sky Marshal Johnstone could not be reached for comments as he was overseeing the relaunch of the upgraded Thermopile before it was sent to the Border Sectors.

For now I am Maria La Troy

with CORE NEWS @ 11


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