Brown Coats

Alliance Commander Neroth to be executed

We interrupt this Program for breaking news,

In what can only be called remarkable we have discovered that the Alliance Star Destroyer Majelen, has had both it’s primary and secondary Hyperdrive systems stolen. Majelen being the flag ship of Sky Marshal Johnstones “clean the outer rim” campaign this strikes as a remarkable embarrassment to his organization. the Primary Hyperdrive, complete with new sonic thrusters had just finished it’s test cycles last year and was the first of it’s mark from Corrilian engineering corps to be mounted in a capital class ship, as many of you may remember this mad the Majelen the fastest ship of it’s class in the CORE fleet. Now lacking any form of FTL propulsion the ship is stranded in low orbit around Jiangyin while it waits for a temporary hyperdrive to be brought to it and installed so it can make the long journey back to the Corrilian Ship yards and be more appropriately outfitted.

The Tribunial was quick to make a decision concerning the fate of Commander Neroth, the three star commander in charge of the Majelen. He was found guilty of gross negligence and will be executed by lethal injection in two weeks time, if you would like to pre book tickets to the execution please dial the number at the bottom of the screen now… warning must be 16 years of age or older to participate in state executions…

When questioned on who this will affect his campaign in the border and rim worlds SKy Marshal Johnstone replied “this is a great disappointment, but the law abiding citizens of the RIM and Border worlds need not fear as I am rerouting both the War Hog, and the Thermopile to replace the Majelen while it is undertaking up grades, LAW WILL BE UPHELD

Although both ships are still technically in service neither of the ships have the size,weapons or speed that the Majelen had possessed but we are told by the parlements office that as long as a ship is in service it is maintained by the highest military standards. it is said that the War Hog has been used as a cadet training ship since the First Unification War but as of this moment no one will confirm this from the Space Pilot Operators Office. How these old ships will hold up to life on the border, only time will tell.

If you have any information about this crime, please call the crime stoppers number at the bottom of the screen.

until next time I’m Maria La Troy with CORE NEWS @ 11


Welcome Back to CORE NEWS @ 11

Sky Marshal Johnstone announced today that each of the Border Systems will have doubled their routine patrols and that the Mobil Infantry will take over basic policing duties within the next two months.

“with the Mobil Infantry comes new transports,better armorments and generally better feeling of security in the border worlds”

Johnstone also announced that any planet lacking a “recognized police force” would have a MIU stationed on their world acting as police, until such a time that the world can organize and support their own police force.

When asked if the Sky Marshal had similar plans with the Rim worlds he stated “one thing at a time, it best to work slowly and surely in such regards as opposed to making mistakes by diving into something too quickly”

Some of the border worlds have protested stating that the Sky Marshal has no right to enforce his law on their worlds so long as they keep Alliance law when it comes to interstellar issues, others would like to know what criteria he will use to “recognize” a police force. So Far the Sky Marshals office has refused to comment on these queries.

Stay Tunned to CORE NEWS @ 11 as we look into a puppy who dove out an air lock to save a young child… all this and more coming up after the break.

I’m Maria La Troy for CORE NEWS @ 11

What's going on in the verse?

Welcome back to CORE News @ 11.

recently there have been several unconfirmed reports of Alliance Military grade land Transports going missing on RIM planets. When we questioned former Parliament Member and current Sky Marshal Johnstone on the subject he waved us away “I believe you should check your sources, every single Alliance transport is accounted for” But sources from military postings in the RIM disagree


“This is the eighth transport this month, and I hear it’s not just here on ”/campaign/brown-coats/wikis/aberdeen" class=“wiki-page-link”>Aberdeen but that similar things have been happening over on Newhall as well. It’s those damn Brown Coats

In a astonishing display of unity both the CORE Sky Marshals office and the leaders of the RIM Worlds in question deny any involvement or knowledge of an active Brown Coat organization

we’ll continue to follow this story as it continues,

I’m Maria La Troy

and this is CORE NEWS @ 11

In the Begining
Every Good Story Starts Somewhere... PRELUDE

Welcome to CORE Mobile Infantry Recruitment Centre,

Ever since those poor RIM worlds mistakingly aired a HOAX video tape and called in fact, there has been an increase in piracy of CORE and Alliance ships throughout the BORDER and RIM sectors. It has been decided by parliament that in order to bring peace and order to the VERSE an increase military presence is required. If you sign up now as a Mobil Infantry Unit (MIU) you will gain 4 years of education free, paid for by the government to the CORE university of your choice. If you sign up as a Space Pilot Operator (SPO) you will gain 2 years of education free, and finally if you sign up as an (ISG) Inter Steller Gunner you will gain 1 year of free university in the CORE university of your choice. Sign up now, join the alliance and make a difference in the VERSE


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