Brown Coats

Bruce's New Ship

CEC MT2300 Teryn, the ships IDC identifies is as the “Proper Choice” and that is belongs to Bruce R Whitman this ship is a large transport often used for running cargo between planets, currently all the interfaces are set to communicate in Russian but with a little effort this could be changed. The Ships fridge has two bottles of wine, and about 6 pounds of meat, 4 pounds of cheese and 4 pounds of fresh vegetables. there is a hot tub and pool table currently in the lounge, and the cargo bay is mostly empty with 4 weeks of rations for a crew of ten people. the Cargo bay also has enough Tillium for 4 jumps. The ship has a x3 hyperdrive with a x8 back up. no weapon systems are on the ship. The 6 bed rooms ares each stocked with silk sheet and down duvet’s. one has been redone in order to have a king size bed instead of a single, and oak floor instead of steel paneling. another has been painted a cheery yellow and has several stuffed animals in it.

Gn cec mt2300 teryn e

Gn cec mt2300 teryn sl 12

Gn cec mt2300 teryn sl 23

Area 3
Speach before the hungry masses

My people, I know you are hungry, we all are, I eat the same as the least among you, to ensure that I always keep in mind the need to provide food for you all. The times are hard, but I am certain we will pull through. I am seeking for places we may purchase food from to tide us over till the crops come in, till we can resolve the current lack.
For the long term, I have assigned money to the development of more agriculture, and will in the next few days assign money for development of the fishing industry, which we have ignored for too long. For the short term, purchases of food will be made, as soon as a viable seller can be found.
I know promises of food in the future will do little to alleviate your current hunger, but I promise you that I am working on a solution. I will not allow good people to starve, as long as there is anything that I can do about it.

Erick takes a couple hours to walk among the gathered people and listen to their complaints and gripes. If there is absolutely ANY surplus in the Council Buildings stocks, he hands it out to those most in need.

Dr. Thomas

To: Doctor Donald D. Thomas
I would like to squire your services, a little for myself, but most importantly my wife to be. She has been though a lot, and I worry about her mental condition. As I am sure you are aware, Jessica Tenigua just recently arrived from the CORE worlds, and the difference between life there and here must be quite a shock. In addition, her father died, likely murdered, and she had our child while in transit, simultaneously as alliance soldiers tried to capture the ship she was on, and she spent a lot of time hiding from them in a closet. She’s a strong girl, but I fear the events of the past little while may be too much for her to bear, especially with me constantly being away on government business.
We are soon to be wed, but due to Whitefalls current situation, it would be a much less grand affair then what she could have expected at home, which I fear may only depress her more, but postponing the wedding till the situation improves may have the same effect.

Would you please find the time to take her on, to ensure her mental health and well-being? We will need to discuss the matter of rates, but I am certain we can come to an agreement acceptable to both.

High Councillor
Erick Voltaire

Sweet Dreams are made of this

Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Dream Journal of Katria Everdeen-Winchester

A little while ago I had a dream. I never have dreams.

  • Protect Corriliian Salt Mines on Whitefall.
  • You wonder the facility knowing it is important.
  • It must keep running.
  • Faceless Dominion Knights charge in.
  • You kill them all.
  • You are satisfied with a job well done.
  • You see Voltaire charge in.
  • You raise your gun to shoot him
  • You wake up in a cold sweat.

Ok so this dream kind of freaked me out. I thought what if I was doing assassination missions like those sleeper Cylons that Bruce told me about on Battlestar Galactica?

I asked Billie to do some testing, sleep testing, dream analysis; she even hooked up some electrodes to my brain. We found out that I wasn’t actually going into a sleep state. My brain activity is at a normal active rate. It feels like I’m dreaming but it seems to be more like a program running. I got some tips from Dr. Spencer Reid on lucid dreaming to try to figure out the dream. Each time I have the dream, I felt that there were others there, but I can’t recognize the voices. The dream seems to be like a memory, and it seemed to be set on repeat, and it always runs on the last 20 minutes of my programmed sleep cycle. I tried to change it up, reduce my preprogrammed sleep cycle but it would always run on the last 20 minutes. I preprogrammed my sleep cycle and got Billie to wake me up early and it would disrupt the dream, but then it would start again at the time it was stopped the next time.

I knew that there was something really important that was happening at the Corellian Salt Mines so Billie dispatched CSIS agent Harry Tasker to gather intelligence about the facility. Boy did he found out some crazy shit. Whitefall Homeguards all dead all having blood coming out of their eyes/ears. We need to go check it out. We need to send immediate word to Erick. My dream would suggest that there is some big threat to Erick Voltaire and Whitefall at the salt mine and hopefully Tasker will have some intelligence for us that will give us more information. I am worried though that this dream shows my original programming might reassert itself in the future and put my friends at risk.

After Corillian Salt Mine Sonic Death Laser situation:
Okay, we saved Whitefall and Erick Voltaire this time. Johnstone/Arturo is definitely behind this, he will be held responsible. Harry Tasker died a hero, saving a lot of people. Some of my original programming did try to reassert itself but I managed to shake it off, this time. Some of the parts of this were made on Sihnon. Maybe there is evidence there?


Meet and Greet 2.0

Good to hear from ya Bruce,

We is having a BBQ, gonna be on Haven in two days time, over in WEMYS on OYNE on Haven. you got friends, as long as they ain’t them snooty government type we got no problems with you bringing them. It’s a bit of a community BBQ so feel free to bring your old lady, and any kids if ya got em. I Know Paulies Grandson just made it into little leauge, hence the celebration. I am sure we will find our conversating muchly beneficial.

See yas on Haven

Tony Saprano

Romantic Rondevouz
In the privacy of the High Chancellosr private kitchen

As Bruce now has all this wonderful food that he got from some undisclosed man. Who he dare not tell his wife. He thought as he has not been the perfect husband in the past year that he needed to treat his wife to a wonderful dinner prepared by Bruce. He had a plan set up with Jessica to Distract Sandra for a couple of hours while Bruce needed to prepare things. Jessica also agreed to watch Lisa for the evening so they can have a couple of hours to themselves. He had to prepare things. Voltaire was kind enough to give Bruce a bottle of wine that he had stashed away. Bruce had a table set up with glasses, the bottle of wine, with Caramel sauce and sliced apples. (Bruce managed to trade 2 teaspoons of sugar with Winchester farms for a can of milk; to make the caramel sauce) He instructed Jessica to have his wife where something nice preferably a dress if possible.
He also prepared Moose steak with a mixed berry sauce. He had everything waiting for her arrival. Bruce even wore an apron to make sure he did not get anything on his nice clean clothes.

Jessica was told by Bruce to have Sandra meet her at 9pm in the private Kitchen. When Sandra walked into the Kitchen she was at first delighted by the smell but immediately concerned by the quantity and quality of food on the table.

She rushed up to her wonderful husband and asked, “Where did you get this food from Bruce”

“it was a retirement gift from a friend in the brown coats”, he responded as he did not want his wife to know and worry for her the safety of her husband, “Enough with the questions the food is getting cold have a seat my love”

He escorted her over to the table and pushed in Sandra chair. Bruce poured a glass of really cheep wine he got from Voltaire for himself and Sandra. He held up his glass to her and said " Happy Anniversary my love, You have travelled thru space and time to be with me and I can never thank you enough. I missed you dearly and you wife on the earth. UHHHH I mean the universe. I sometimes forget where we are. I know that I have not been the greatest husband but things are going to change" Sandra looked at him with a tear in her eye and said " I love you to my husband I will go to the ends of the world for you" There glasses clinked and they drank a sip of what to taste like vinegar. Bruce said " Sorry, it’s all I could get" Sandra took the first bite of dinner and realized her husband has really paid attention when she was showing him how to cook. She was so happy and delighted to have fresh fruit and meat. Bruce had to tell her of an up coming plan for her safety as things on Whitefall are getting dangerous. Bruce had a plan that was set up that it will seem like Sandra and Lisa were going to “kidnapped” Bruce said" This is the best way as a lot of organizations are looking to acquire my services and some of them don’t play nice. I need to protect you and Lisa so this fake kidnapping is the best way to do so." Lisa sighed " Nothing is ever simple with is Bruce? Why do we always have to do the complicated way" This is in your best interest Bruce said. All I want is you and Lisa to be safe. We also need to talk about the powers our daughter has. The force as they call it. I have set up a meeting with the Jedi to see what there offer is for our daughter. I make sure that she is not separated from you. You are here mother" Dinner was almost complete by this time and Bruce had one more surprise. He had data pad with music on it with song that Bruce had found that was similar to there wedding song. Bruce reached for Sandra hand and said" Can I have this dance" They swept there feet across the kitchen floor to the wonderful song that was playing. Near the end of the song Bruce lifted his wife up into a furious passionate kiss then swept of the remnants of dinner off the table and gently laid his wife upon it. Sandra kissed him back and moaned with extacy as he lay upon her on the table. Bruce slowly started to undress his wife right on the kitchen table. His wife was not as gentle and literally ripped his button up shirt off and threw it across the room. Bruce burried his face in her bountiful bosom and began to slowly ravage her.

There were sounds of pleasure and delight that the guards outside the room could have heard. They lay naked with each other afterwards held in each others arms. Sandra piped up “I know sometimes it does not seem that way but I am so glad that i am with you again. Home in your arms”

Meet and Greet
Encrypted by Billy

Tony Soprano,

Thank you very much for your offer. I really do hate those purple bellies. I would like to set up a meeting with you and a bottle of wine and pasta is a good idea. I would like to hear more about what you have to say. Anything to take the allince down I support. Do you mind setting the table for 2 extra’s to join us? These are fellow haters of the allince and great men. Let me know date ,time, location.

Your soon to be good friend,

Bruce Whiteman

Winchester Farms

Katria sighed. She really needed a few days off after the whole Corrillian Salt Mine death laser situation. She had heard that some cattle from her and Sam’s ranch had been stolen. She realized that the farm had been neglected a bit recently since all the people had moved off the ranch and the Browncoats had been reassigned to other duties. She also realized that Dean and Billie and their house hadn’t been officially added as additional occupants of the property, so she dutifully filled out the paperwork and submitted it to the appropriate department.

She had talked with Sam about maybe expanding farm operations and producing more food and agriculture to help with the food shortages. Neither she nor Sam had spent any money in the past year so they had a bit to start with. Sam had even asked Dean for help. Dean then went ahead and offered 5% of his share of Flyboy Breweries to Sam. She talked with Billie as well about her idea for “Winchester Farms” and they decided to invest 25% in the business as well. I guess Sam and I are officially farmers now. I hope after this gorram war is over, we can retire and really make this farm great.

We’ve even managed to hire some farmhands and security for the farm. I guess some of the people we evacuated from Hill Valley and Augustine weren’t interested in returning to their villages and when they heard about job opportunities on our farm, they immediately signed up. So now I have 20 people to start work on Winchester Farms. I guess we’ll continue with cattle ranching but also start raising chickens. With the agriculture, we’ll start with wheat, hops and barley as well as different vegetables like potatoes. I hope that we can do our part to help alleviate the food shortages here.

New Winchester Farm employees:
• Brandine Fell
• Jeb Austin
• Jethro James
• Bobby Joe Carson
• Dale Robbins
• Ricky Johns
• Betty Sue Jenkins
• Bobbie Sue Roy
• Cyndi-Beth Earl
• Dakota Earl
• Griffin Shield
• Clint Spencer
• Lurlene Maddy
• Savannah Sierra
• Harley George
• Roscoe Spencer
• Cletus Jones
• Billy Bob Barnum
• Buck Jones
• Trista Lynn Diamond

Winchester farms logo
Putting things in the ground is what we do best.






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