Brown Coats

Incident Report
Marked Classified

Incident Report 121A-763-YL4
Location: Corilian Salt Mines and Heavy Water Facility, Lower Continent Whitefall
Date: Jan 11th 235,167 approximately 4:35pm standard Whitefall Time

Description: On the date in question at approximately 4:02pm the Homeguard received a message addressed to General Katria Everdeen, Belinda Carlisle and High Chancellor Voltair. The messege was from a CISIS Special Agent Harry Tasker, Code Designation 004. He was calling to inform about the deaths of 215 Home Guard and that the Salt Mine had been mysteriously activated. What the Agent was doing on scene is still unclear, but he suspected foul play and advised safety measures as he continued forward to investigate.

High Chancellor Voltair was unavailbe at the time of the call, and so it was routed to Centurion Alexa Voltair.

4:04pm the orders for Homegaurd to scramble and meet on scene was issued from Home Guard Command. General Everdeen Ordered the immideate activation of Blue Clone Squadron Alpha, and had them use their transports to immideatly divert to the scene. Ms. Carlisle Ordered 10 additional CISIS Agents as well as the Bomb Squad from India Company to scramble and report to incident location.

4:27pm General Katria and Ms. Carlisle arrive on scene with Clone support. Homeguard are currently loading in atmospheric transports. General Katira orders 300 Clones to begin evacuation of Agusitine, Hill Valley and New Rachford. The remaining 700 clone form a perimeter and begin securing the building.

4:32pm Clone squadrons have secured 93% of building. General Katria reports that main core seems to be over loading, issues orders for perimeter teams to set explosive to “Blow the building, ONLY ON MY MARK” India Bomb squad is called to facilities operations centre to deal with “One Guram Frack of a well-made bomb” Clone search squadrons find main fusion core room to be sealed from within, reports of possible sounds of battle from within. General Everdeen orders the clones to begin cutting the door open.

4:37pm Homeguard transport is in air and on route to nearest landing strip. Centurion Voltair on board and taking command mobile. The building begins to shift and shows that a massive sonic device extend from the roof, the buildings shape implies natural amplification, the device is pointed at Whitefalls Capital City. Reports indicate that the General and Ms. Carlisle are unsure if they will be able to deactivate it in time. General Everdeen orders “All non-essential personal, Evac now! Get those townships clear and get the frack out of here!” Ms. Carlisle with Clone Commander 167-AP4-R5563 Hence forth referred to as Ryta agreed to attempt to “Hack” the computer program and shut it down, while General Katria would proceed to the Fusion Generator and attempt shut down from there.

4:39pm, Homeguard are making landing approach but are warned away by Clone Flight Commander 276-AP9-R4463 due to eminent explosion. 83% of townships have been evacuated to “Safe Distance”. Ms. Carlisle is encounter problems shutting down the program, Clone Commander Ryta recommends evacuation, Ms. Carlisle disagrees and continues efforts. General Katria arrives at door to fusion generator; a large enough hole to see through has been cut. General Katria orders remaining Clones to evacuate while she looks in. Logs show she witnessed Special Agent Tasker battling a dark clad figure wielding a light sabre; the two seemed to be battling over an explosive device Agent Tasker had set on the generator. General Katria attempts to rip steel door open.

4:41pm Ms. Carlisle believes she has stopped the main program, but with fusion generator still powering up, there is still risk to local towns instead of main city. Ms. Carlisle order Ryta to escort her to last waiting drop ship and orders and remaining CISIS Agents to evacuate. General Everdeen has managed to pry the steel door partially open, she fires on and kills dark intruder. Special Agent Tasker givers her detonator through opening but realises he will not fit. He requests that she blows the generator and saves the towns. General Katria evacuates

4:43pm General Katria decides to blow entire building, hoping protection of steel room will provide enough protection to save Agent Tasker. Salt Mine and Heavy Water facility explode. No Sonic burst is fired from building.

4:52pm General Katria orders two more Clone Companies, to begin searching and digging for Agent Tasker and recover any evidence. Hoem Guard aids in the task and begins to work with Clones in moving evacuees back to their towns.

4:12am Access to the former fusion generator room is made available. Two badly burnt corpses are found.

6:52am one corpse is DNA identified via Hypicratis as Special Agent Tasker. No salvageable evidence was found in wreckage. DNA samples have been taken from other body, no identification has yet been found.

Additional Notes: CISIS reports that the inside of Heavy Water tanks were wet, implying they were recently emptied. CISIS also found main logs, access codes and much of the Mine’s operating systems had been deleted. Samples taken from the Salt found Hydro-Produlockside in it, this is a chemical known to lead to epilepsy if ingested. CISIS will begin conducting an investigation to see if any ships in orbit noted the fighter sized ships, Agent Tasker mentioned, approach or departure, they are not confident in results.



My name is Tony, and I am thinking we should meet, The Family thinks you have a very bright future, a future that could lead to much freedom. I hear you got a hard on for crakin allaince skulls. Guess what, so do we, frack the bastards, everyone one of them penicl pushing dickless snobs who tries to tell us how to live our lives. Anyway, we’re wantin to sit down, have a meet and greet and talk a bit about yer future, perhaps over a nice bottle a wine and some pasta. Anyway think about it. Me and the boys got some business later in the week on Haven, what say you to a face to face? let me know

Tony Soprano,
Marked Man

The man from Id

Erick opened another dispatch envelope, and skimmed the content, rereading it two times before the words formed meaning. Sighing, he checked the time. “Evening again. Of course.” He placed the dispatch back on his desk, and turned instead the the rapidly shrinking volume of vodka in the bottle that shared his desk. “Well that’s all for today…” He sighed, and poured himself a shot. “Anything else…” He downed the shot, blinking away the tears it brought to his eyes.

A while later, he rose to his feat and was about to head out the door when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He did a double take, and stepped back, looking himself over. An old man stared back at him. “Well shit…” he placed his hand on the surface, resting his weight against it. “I’m only twenty-three… I look like I’m nearing my forties. Bloody war…” For a moment, he closed his eyes, but his reverie was interrupted by a voice before it could even start.
“Oh poor Erick, is government too much for you?” Asked a familiar voice. He snapped his eyes open, and looked around. No-one else was in the room, till his eyes fell on his reflection in the mirror. It was acting rather unreflectionlike, while he was leaning on the mirror with his left hand, his reflection stood free of support, a smirk on its face.
“What the hell?” He gasped, and pushed himself back, ending up half sitting on his desk instead. The mirror rocked, nearly tipped over, but then stabilized. “What the hell?” He repeated again.
The reflection, which had not copied his movement in any way laughed. “Oh now its really getting to you. Seeing things are we?”
“What are you? What are you doing here?” He inhaled to call for the guards, his voice caught in his throat. His reflection grinned again.
“Its just us two for now, you and me. As for what I am, well I am you. Sort of. Or will be, no maybe you will be me. It really doesn’t matter much, and its too complex for you to understand anyways, after all, just the issue of what to do about a particular alien race has you all tied up in a knot, not to mention your pretty wife.”
“I know I didn’t drink this much.” Erick groaned, as he stood up straighter. “And you leave Jessica out of this or…”
“Or what? You’ll kill me?” The reflection laughed. “You cant even run your own planet well, your people are starving, you have compromised your own morals, Jessica is probably suicidal at this point, what can you do? You are only one WEAK man.”
“I’m doing what I can! What would you know, you are just a figment of my imagination. Maybe I did have too much to drink.” He walked to the coffeepot and poured himself a cup. The coffee one could make from the available rations had the consistency of mud, and tasted a bit worse, but it was better then nothing.
“I wouldn’t do that” Said the reflection, STILL standing in the mirror rather infuriatingly, even though he was nowhere near it. “This particular batch has some sweetener in it. And not the good kind. A few drops of cyanide, not exactly healthy. Unless of course you want to quite now.”
For a moment, he was tempted to ignore the illusion, but… the risk was too much. He replaced the cup on the table. “And how would you know that if you are supposed to be me huh? I certainly have no reason to think there would be poison there.”
“Yes well… you never did bother to develop your… sensitivity to the force. I have a much better link with that then you do. Or I might be lying. Want to make a bet?” The reflection leaned on the mirror, almost as if trying to push out of it.
“… No. So are you here to help me, or mock me then?”
“I’m not here. I’m you remember? You compromised your own morals, introduced the first crack in your mind. Now its just going to get worse. Maybe you should have just forgot nightfall existed. Left Biggs to his fate, whatever it was, and got on with winning the war.”
“No, he was there because I sent him!”
“So what? So where all those home-guard on Whittier. The ones you left behind. Speaking of leaving behind, what about the rest of Biggs’s expedition? You left them too. What is there fate I wonder?”
“I did the best I could. I went back for them all. I got as many as I could!”
“Your best just wasn’t good enough. What is it the Jedi say? There is no try, only do? Guess you should have done more.”
“I did all that COULD be done!”
“Yes, yes, yes, I am sure they will tell stories of your heroic efforts some day. Or curse you for screwing everything up. Don’t you ever wonder whatever became of that message you sent while retrieving the Puff from Hyperspace? Who knows what you could have broken by doing that, messing with the natural run of time, trying to predate cause with its effect.” The reflection laughed. “And what of Jessica hmm? taken from her life as a princess in the core, with everything she could ever want at her beck and call, now barely surviving here, on this dust-bowl of an excuse for a planet. A newborn child, barely anything to eat, her father dead, a world she has never seen even in the worst of the core slums.”
“I did what I thought was best when sending that message! If the loss at Angel could have been prevented! The risk was worth it. Jessica… I did her no harm. Her fathers death was in no way my doing, and that is the cause of her current loss, for that I can blame Maximillian Arcturo, and I will make him pay for it. Her father sent her here to me, he believed it was the best choice, he suspected what was going to happen to him!”
“Ah yes of course… but have you really done all you can? Did her father maybe think you would be more… capable? After all, what have you done for her so far hmm? Yes she is alive, but that is the bare minimum.”
“I have done everything! There isn’t food to go around, I already give her most of my own!”
“Hehehe.” The reflection chuckled. “Wouldn’t it be a waste, if she where to do something… drastic? I wonder how much it takes to break a girl like her, used to having her own way in everything? And what will she do when it happens? It wouldn’t be that hard for you to… find her at least some better food, maybe some of the amenities she is used to?”
“Yes I could, and once again I would be betraying the people! I have had enough of that!”
“So you care more for the people, some of who hate you so much they hired an assassin to take you out, then you do for lovely Jessica?”
“No… I…”
“As for betraying the people, what of Project Genesis hmm? Isn’t that betraying the people? Sacrificing a child, risking the people, risking the entire planet, perhaps the human race?”
“Yes, I did that. The risk was great but… I can not allow a sentient species be doomed to extinction, especially when it is our own fault for destroying the natural order of their solar system.”
“So now you care so much not only for Jessica, and the people of Whitefall, but also the Alluvian entity? Who will you try and help next, by betraying all the others hmm?”
“No. I just have to… do what is right! What good is humanity if it perpetrates the genocide of a sentient species? Even if accidental?”
“Oh? So now you would protect the entire verse? Oh poor foolish Erick, the responsibility of a single planet bends you to your limits, and you would take on the weight of the verse? Do you really believe that is possible?”
“I have to believe! I have to do what I believe is right.”
“And damn the cost? What ever will you do if humanity and the Aluvians have that war the Jedi warn of? Whose side will you stand on? Would you betray your own species if they instigate it? Or would you betray yourself, and the sacrifices already made to ensure hu8manity won?”
“I… A war WILL be averted. I will not allow the Jedi’s prophecy to be fulfilled. They are wrong. They must be.”
“They have always been right before, a war is inevitable, you know it. And Saya has so much.. exoticism to offer. It has occurred to you too hasn’t it. Wouldn’t it be… interesting?” The reflections arm disappeared from view, and returned intertwined with another, attached to which was an image of nude Saya. “Look, do you not want to try this?” The reflection asked, putting its arms around her. “Hahah, wouldn’t that be just another betrayal to add to the list?” Its hand cupped a perfect breast, the other slowly sliding south.
“NO! I think of many things I never carry out, and this… If I did this I would truly be beyond all hope! I will not bend any more!” He flung the cup off the table at the mirror. The cup chattered, a spiderweb appeared in the mirrors perfect surface. The reflection and the image flickered, the later disappeared, the first remained, now with a dark line across its midsection where the glass was cracked.
“Did you have to do that? I was enjoying myself.”
“Yes. I have had enough of bending and allowing my morals to crumble. I will make things right.”
“What will you do then? Kill the species you tried to save? Abandon Project Genesis? I know, maybe turn the Psykers over to the Jedi to deal with, win the war, and retire in piece with Jessica? Assuming she survives that long, and the assassin doesn’t get you, and that shes willing to still be with you after you lose you power and prestige as High Councillor?”
“No. To do that would be another betrayal. A betrayal of the Psykers, a betrayal of Saya’s species, a betrayal of Jessica, and of the people. What I have done, I have done. I can do nothing to change that. I will merely have to proceed, and avoid any future… mistakes.”
“And how will you know such mistakes? What that you have done is a mistake? Do you know even now?”
“…. Saving the Aluvians was not a mistake, the deserve to live, humanity doomed them, it is only right that humanity help them. The Psykers…” He shook he head. “If they become a mistake, I will deal with them myself. Project Genesis was necessary… the first one. The second was a mistake, one I will try and correct if I can, and one I will not repeat. As for Jessica… I am not a psychiatrist… but I will find one to help her get through this.”
“Assuming the assassin doesn’t take her out as a target of opportunity.”
“Yes… that… I will have to move her somewhere she will be safe. I am not sure here is safe enough… As long as I am a target…”
“So leave her alone, somewhere safe? I am sure that will work wonders for her mental state. Will this be before or after the wedding?”
“I… don’t know. Maybe a psychiatrist can tell me which would be better.”
“Even if you manage to do all this, what about the Jedi’s prophecy? How will you avoid that? They have never been wrong before, what can you alone do to make them wrong this time?”
“I can… Their prophecy is rather limiting. It must be fulfilled, but nobody says when, or by who. If it is destined to happen, I can manipulate it to happen in the best way possible, maybe ensure that it is a different species that plays the part of the Vong, or ensure that what they foresee is merely a small skirmish under controlled circumstances, rather then a verse shattering war for existence.”
“Hahahahahah. Do you really think that is possible? Do you really think you can do all that? You are already juggling so many vibroblades, how many more before you miss one, before the whole show ends in nothing but a bloody mess?”
“I will succeed! I have to, failure is not an option, I dream of a bright future, and I will do everything humanly possible for it!”
“What was that saying? Something… The road to hell is paved with…”
“NO! BE SILENT!” Erick kicked the mirror, sending it toppling over. It crashed into the wall and shattered into a million pieces. For a moment the fragments hung in the air, a million reflections stared at him from the remains, then where replaced by an image, copied a thousand times over.

Co lfull

As if the world was finally catching up, the fragments fell to the ground, and the door was flung open, two of the guards charged into the room. One covered the room, the other leaped to Erick’s side, pushing him down and covering him while seeking for hostiles. “You alright sir? What happened?”
“I’m… alright Dominate. I believe the coffee may have been contaminated, please have it checked out, and find out where, when and how it happened.”
“Yes sir.” The Dominate gave the room one more look over. “We will have someone clean up here. You will be…?”
“I’m going to my quarters, I’ll have some of the hall guards escort me.”

Queen of all trades

Sarah sat up from the welding bench and pulled up her mask. Her Data pad was ringing again, There never seemed to be a time when it wasn’t ringing, She had taken to ignoring it now and again so that she could finish some of the larger welds she was doing. Around her men and women scurried around the job site casting wondering glances back at her when they though she wasn’t looking. She was used to that by now. It took each job site a few days to get used to seeing the queen working among them. “You needn’t do such things your majesty you surly have more pressing busness to attend to.” The forman of each housing site had said. Each time she had told them the same thing.
“There is nothing more important than helping my people, the law states that anyone who works gets rations for a day and I’m not exempt from my own laws. I am working for my supper just like everyone here is. I’m a handy mechanic and can read complex blueprints I am also a citified doctor so I can act as the job site fist aid attendant as well. What needs doing?” Over the past few days she had traveled all over silverhold helping add some input with the researcher who were studieing a cure for the water, Looking over the plans and giving design hints to the ship builders, helping with the machinery and blueprint on housing projects and helping the understaffed hospitals with surgical procedures when she visited them. Another beep from her data pad brought her back to the moment. She sighed and looked at the screen. Another request for a conference call regarding the pendictington accord, How many days was that now that they were all just sitting in that room deciding on specifics? Day after day she had been getting messages about the accord or Issues that were coming up involving state business. if it wasn’t for the occasional… uplifting waves that Lucian Sent her in between all the political talks she might have been tempted to stop answering the damned thing. She patched the call through on audio only as she lacked the transceiver to do a vid feed from the job site. She plugged in a headphone and mic to her data pad, pulled down her mask and continued to work as she talked. “Good morning Lords and Ladies of the counsel, This is Queen Imperialus, What do you wish to discus.” She said as she began her weld again.
“Good mourning Your majesty” Came Kith’s calm voice through the com. “We were simply going through the points in appendex two and High general Everdeen had some questions for the Celestial Kingdom of silverhold. You may proceed High general”
“Thank you Master Kith” Katria said “Now queen Imperialus we were just discussing with High chancellor Voltair and it turns out there was already some contracts signed in the original form of the dominion that Silverhold was involved…” Sarah moved the welding battery out of the way of her foot, as she shifted it it clanged loudly against her leg, hearing the noise Katria stoped in mid sentence. There was a slight pause before “Queen imperialous if you don’t mind me asking what are you doing?”
“Currently High General? I am arch welding a component for a hospitals torbo lift shaft.” Sarah Replied as she continued her work. A stunned silence followed that statement broken only by Lucians light chuckle in the background.
“I.. see. anyway carrieing on..” Katria continued. By the time Sarah had the torbo lift component finished the call ended and she went inside for a breather. She missed Noir she missed Lucain and she was exhausted. Between the political talks, the physical labor and the speaches to inspire and organize her people she was using every ounce of stamina she had. But there was comfort in knowing that everyone else was working just as hard, Together they would rebuild silverhold and when that was done they would help move the rim forward to a brighter futer. She smiled and placed one hand on her stomach. A brighter futer for us all.

Everything is Comming up Bruce 2.0

Dear Mr. Whitmen

Clearly there has been communication error. Greatest apologies, my command of Common Languages is not yet good. What I meant to say was, You come work for me, we give you 1,000,000.00 to start and then more money as you do jobs. If you say no we hurt your family very badly. If you talk to others about this we hurt your family badly, do not make me into a person who has to hurt your family, come be millionair instead. Again, apologies for first letter. I will be more clear from now on.


Death of a Cohort
thats place within 10 hours of a hairy situation

today Harry Tasker died under my command. I wasn’t good enough to save him. We had to make a choice between the people of Whitefall and Harry. I don’t know how you do it. How does one keep going after ordering a man to his death? I’m angry, this is one more death on the shoulders of Johnstone and I will make him pay. The people of White fall my never know how close they came to Death and how they survived due to the heroic sacrifice of one man. Now I have to go talk tell Helen what happened to her husband.

Pendictington Accord Draft 2.0

The Pendictington Accord

- Lucien Calgori
o Sons of Plunder
- High Chancellor Voltair
o Whitefall
- High Guardian Alexa Voltair
o Whitefall
- Admiral Victor Kennedy
o Brown Coat Fleet
- High General Carson
o Brown Coat Command
- General Katria Everdeen
o Brown Coat Infantry
- Ms. Belinda Carlisle
o Free Press
- Master Kith Kan’an
o Jedi Council, Mediator
Via Hyperspace Transceiver
- Queen Sarah Impreialis
o Silverhold

Let it be known that each Dominion planet may keep an armed force of no larger than .5% of their population. This force may be equipped however the planet chooses so long as they are not scuttling funds or equipment from the Dominion Army.

Let it be known that upon the signing of this document the following organizations will be disbanded:
- The Independent Rim Armies (Brown Coats)
- The Dominion Knights of Whitefall
- The Home Guard of Whitefall
- The Army of the Celestial Kingdom of Silverhold

Let it be known that upon the signing of this document the following will occur
- The new galactic organization will be created, this organization will be referred to as the Dominion (See appendix A)
- The Dominion Army will be created, and all of the afore mentioned armies will be infolded into this one unified force
- Dominion Planets will Tithe 15% of their yearly revenues to the Dominion Army in order for it to maintain itself, any planet is welcome and encouraged to invest more, but no less shall be offered
- A Council of Generals (Appendix B) will be formed to lead this army and continue out their Objectives (see Appendix C) on behalf of the Dominion.

Appendix A

Dominion – A Union of planets operating together to assure their freedoms and individuality, the civilian leaders of these planets will come together to create and ratify a codex of operations that allows new planets to join and is accepting of the rights of individuals.

Appendix B

Council of General – A selected group of individuals that will lead the war effort against the Alliance and fulfill its objectives. The Council of Generals (Command) will consist of the below mentioned people.

a) Command maintains the right to elevate future soldiers to the position of General or Admiral as the situation warrants by a ¾ majority vote.
b) Command Generals will each of an area of expertise that they will have ultimate command over. Decisions can only be over ruled by a majority vote. Time sensitive information or decisions will be left to the general/admirals whose field the decision falls under
c) Command generals can be removed from power by a unanimous vote by the other generals
d) Command will relinquish power to the Dominion and disband its army once all pledge planets have ratified the Codex and its objectives have been completed
e) Command generals are obligated to keep Civilian leaders informed of decisions that will directly affect their world or capacity to rule their world, unless the situation is too time sensitive to allow, if such a situation does occur, that general will then be suspended from duty until a debrief by the other generals can occur to ensure the General acted as was necessary.
f) Current Suggestions for Command are
a. General Carson of Three Hills – Intelligence, Administration, Logistics, Operations
b. General Katria of Whitefall – Infantry Command
c. Admiral Kennedy of Dyton– Fleet Command
d. Judge Magister Kerriden of Silverhold – Civilian Uprisings and Riots
e. High Centurion Voltaire of Whitefall – Dominion World Defenses
f. Master Mace Windu of Liliac – All extra terrestrial and force based threats

Appendix C

a) To defeat the Alliance and assure that it can never again destroy the freedoms of the Boarder and Rim worlds
b) To protect the Dominion Planets from the all external threats
c) To free those planets that were taken by the Alliance and aid them in reestablishing self government

Look whos coming to dinner

After another long day on the Pendictington it looked like the accord was nearing completion and Belinda was famished. She’d eaten that MRE more than twelve hours ago and she knew that she had nothing left at home. Since the food crisis began driving up prices and making food scarce Belinda had always eaten on the Hypocratis. Today was the first time she’d noticed what she was eating in more than a month in fact Weaver had been visiting somewhat regularly to check on her and to force her to stop working and eat. Obviously the good doctor had been stocking her cupboards as well because whenever Billy remembered the need for sustenance there had been something available. Until now, the Hypacratis was on its way to Angel, so where to get food? She headed for the local Brown Coat distribution center and presented her credentials to the officer on duty.

Officer Garland was an older man who looked a little worn around the edges, he also looked inherently angry, she supposed he was a man who’s entire job was arguing with soldiers over the difference between what they needed and what they were going to get.. “What can I do for you?” he glanced at her Id. “Ms. Carlisle.”

“I’m completely out of food, I’ll take umm… 8 MRE’s that should cover me until I can make other arrangements.” Garland stared at her for a moment, as if sizing her up, his look was one of annoyance and when he spoke he spoke slowly as if to a very simple person.

“ma’am, this here distribution center serves the needs Of the Independent Rim Army or Brown Coats as they are sometimes called; there is nothing in this mess of papers here to indicate that you are a member of our organization.” Billy was taken aback by his manner she opened her mouth to respond but he wasn’t finished. “Well sweetheart,” he leaned in at her, “are you?” She opened her mouth to speak, but for once found herself speechless. “Well not exactly but…” he cut her off, and did it in a manner that told her he’d had this same conversation with hundreds of people. “Ministry of foods and agriculture is down the road, it is their responsibility to feed the civilians of Whitefall, make sure you have ID with your current address, your last week’s pay stub and ration booklet C”

Billy gritted her teeth and felt her cheeks getting hot “Do you have any idea who I am? I am Belinda Carlisle” the man stared at her blankly “Of Rim New?” he just shook his head “I’m currently drafting the Pendictington Accord with the Generals,” again the solider was firm “I’m also a Duchess on Silverhold?”

the man actually chuckled a bit at that before responding,“I would try going there for food then your highness” he laughed again but then cut it short when he looked back at her and saw the heart freezing glare she gave him, the solider suddenly felt very uncomfortable and shifted unconsciously from foot to foot, Billy didn’t relent. This stare could break Dean, a seasoned battlefield commander, she had seen Erick relent on political arguments under her stare, it would certainly work with a back world distribution officer.
“Look mam, down the road to the Whitefall Ministry, good luck and sorry for your trouble” the man said in a much more polite tone, and then suddenly left to do some important work in the backroom away from the angry woman.

Billy sighed in annoyance, but gathered up her papers and headed for the Ministry. When she got there she found the place was packed, seems like a third of the town was standing their waiting. Again she sighed in annoyance before getting in line. She had only been standing there for a moment when she saw Bruce near the front, she dove on the opportunity and raced up to see her friend.

“Hi Bruce, What are you doing here” Billy asked as she stepped beside him in line.

Bruce looked up from his handful of papers and smiled,“Hi Belinda, I’m just renewing our ration booklet for….” “NO CUTS!” an angry man behind them complained, both Billy and Bruce turned and fixed the man with that same angry stare, he wisely let the matter drop.

“I’m just renewing our ration booklet, now that I’m a civilian, I can’t eat in the mess, which means we need to account for a larger ration share… this stuff is a pain” Billy nodded sympathetically.

“NEXT” a elderly man shouted and Bruce jumped a little and headed over mumbling something like “third times a charm” Billy wasn’t sure what that meant, but didn’t have long to ponder it as a women at another booth called “NEXT!”

The women appeared to be in her mid-forties, she had the look of a battle hardened soldier, one without fear or compassion, she was just there to get the job done.

“Hi…” Belinda started, but that was as far as she got.

“ID, Address, last week’s pay stub, and ration booklet C please” the lady said in a monotone don’t argue with me voice. Billy presented her credentials to the lady and began to speak but again was cut off.“Is this a joke? These say you’re from Whittier?”

Billy jumped in quick, determined to get a chance to speak,“Well I am, at least originally, but I have a home here on Whitefall as well.”

the lady looked annoyed,“What is your Whitefall Address?”

Billy thought for a long moment, that was a really good question, the ranch didn’t have any roads near it, and it was over 60 miles from the nearest township… it wasn’t even hooked up to the grid, what was the address… she hastily tried to explain that to the lady, offering to point out the location on a map if she desired. The Ministry women was having none of it, and when she did a computer search, the only ranch registered in the area was that of a Mr. Samuel Winchester and a Mrs. Katria Everdeen-Winchester, no mention of any other homes or dependents were in the computer, and neither of them had opted for government food support. She was about to be turned away when Belinda mentioned she was renting apartments in the city here for the Accord.

The lady gave her an exasperated look, but said that that would be good enough.“Now, Ms. Carlisle, if you would just give me a copy of your rental agreement, as well as your last week’s pay stub and ration booklet C we can get underway”

Belinda looked a bit sheepish “Well, I don’t really have a pay stub from last week; I don’t really get paid for what I do, although come to think of it maybe I should” the lady gave her a blank look, Belinda noted a vain beginning to appear on her forehead.

“I’m sorry Ms. Carlisle but under strict orders from the High Chancellor, if you don’t work, the government does not sponsor your rations.”

Belinda leaned in close. “Look…” she looked at the woman’s name tag “Margret, I work damn hard, I’ve been working my ass off for the last few weeks to make sure your planet doesn’t get itself blown up! So cut be some slack here and give me a goram MRE!” the women seemed slightly taken aback but her face softened to Billy as a look of understanding crossed her face

“Honey, your confused, if you work for the Brown Coats, then all you have to do is head around the corner and down the street to the IRA Distribution Center, they will make sure you get three squares a day.”

Belinda stared at the women for a long moment and began to bang her head on the desk… it wasn’t worth the argument, although she suddenly had a very good idea of why so many people were going hungry. She collected her papers calmly and left. On her way out the door she noted Bruce was leaning over his booth talking to the man, his tongue was sticking out in concentration as he tried to learn the ration system.

When she got outside she buzzed she com.

“Lindy, how good to hear from you” came Pierce’s voice.

“Pierce, your taking me out to dinner tonight… it’s going to be somewhere nice.”

there was silence for a moment before he responded.“But of course, when should I pick you up?”

“Seven would be fine Pierce, oh and one other small thing”

“Name it”

“when I get back to my apartment tonight, I want my pantry full, I don’t care where the food comes from or who you have to kill; I would almost prefer if it were someone at the Ministry of Agriculture…” she joked under her breath “… but just get it done.”

Again there was a short pause,“I understand my dear; it will be taken care of”

“Thanks Pierce” she said hanging up, she smiled to herself; things were looking up.
Crates to Bruce

Mr. Whitmen,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce myself. My name is Yuri Chekov, and I have some small associations with the Nishka Family, a group that has long aided the people of the outer rim. It is by happenstance that I have realized that you have recently left the employ of the Independent Rim Armies in a status of great honour, for this I would like to offer congratulations, in times of war that is quite an accomplishment. The reason I write this correspondence is that my source tells me that you have close ties to a Captain Calgorie, an Admiral Kennedy and a certain High Chancellor. These are all people with who I currently have no connection, but would like to begin a lasting mutual friendship with. It is my hope that you would consider meeting with me, learning of my operations and then aiding as a, how you might say, ambassador. The time requirements would be minimal, and your words would mean much in aiding future relations between my people and your friends. Of course we would not expect you to work for free, and so I am sure that a man of your training and intellect can come up with a fare price for such an arrangement. I am currently on my way to Silverhold to finish a negotiation there, but will be available to speak within two weeks. Please take that time to think over my offer, and please feel free to suggest how this might become more appealing to you. Enclosed please find a small token of what I hope to be our new found friendship.

With many thanks

Yuri Chekov

(this letter was attached to a crate filled with 60lbs of smoked meats some rarer like salmon or moose, others more common like beef and bacon, as well as 40 fresh apples, 7lbs of mixed berries, and 12lbs of white sugar (on Whitefall this is almost more valuable than gold) and two bottles of wine (each valued at about $600).

The Cost of Living on Whitefall and Silverhold

On Whitefall in Beil

1 Liter of Milk 22 Beil
1 Lb of Ground Beef 32 Beil
Eggs 2.50 Beil each
1 Pint of Beer 38 Beil
1 lb of sugar 55 Beil – almost impossible to get
1 Sack of Flour – 38.50 Beil
1lb of Fish (not contaminated) 10 Beil
1lb of Silverhold Fish – 5 Beil
1 Lb of Rice – 5 Beil
5 lbs of root vegetables – 24 Beil
1 lbs of fruit – 65 Beil – very little fruit grows well on Whitefall
1 lb of butter – 40 Beil

One Meal standard Protein Rations (in Bar form) on open market – 45 Beil
One Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) standard Military Meal Ration (set to caloric needs) – 65 Beil

Whitefall Citizens are Given 218.50 Beil in Food Vouchers each week, this is expected to feed a Family of four, if you have less in your family your voucher will be less. Food Vouchers are not given to citizens who do not have at least one working member in their household

On Silverhold in Brown Coat Coins $’s

Prices may very within $5-$25 between dukedoms on any given item

1 Liter of Milk $ 14
1 Lb of Ground Beef $18
Eggs $2 each
1 Pint of Beer $12
1 lb of sugar $44 – almost impossible to get
1 Sack of Flour – $90.80 – must be imported to planet
1lb of Fish (not contaminated) can’t be bought
1lb of Silverhold Fish – $3
1 Lb of Rice – $3.50
5 lbs of root vegetables – $24
1 lbs of fruit- mostly apples and cherries – $8
1 lb of butter – $20

One Meal standard Protein Rations (in Bar form) on open market – $36
One Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) standard Military Meal Ration (set to caloric needs) – $52


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