Brown Coats

Jessicas Dirary Post 2

Jessica’s Diary 002

I don’t know why, but everything is starting to bother me… really who even uses pens and paper, but apparently there is a data pad shortage right now… I bet people will be protesting about that too. Erik tries to make sure I am comfortable but he is so stressed and busy, I don’t want to bother him with little things. There isn’t enough food, and what we have just isn’t good, our cook tries, she’s nice but there is only so much you can do with a half a MRE. Aurora won’t stop crying, SHE NEVER STOPS CRYING FOR ME. Erik can make her stop, Tessa can make her stop, but all the baby dose is cry for me! I can’t take much more of this… I want to go home back to the CORE, I was to be the head of Corrilian Corporations not some quaint rim world house wife starving to death on the edge of civilization with a baby on her tit. This is a nightmare. I want to go home.


Jessicas Diary

Dear Diary,
It has been a long time since I found time to write… a lot has happened, only now am I able to finally put it all down on paper, since Aurora is asleep for the moment. Aurora is my daughter, yes, I have a daughter now, and shes the cutest little angel ever. :)
That’s getting a little ahead of myself though. Where did I leave of last? Was it really that far back? Well you know about how I met Erick, that time when daddy took me to Whittier for a business trip? Turns out that time we spent in the escape pod was a bit more… productive. =blush=
I already told you he proposed, and even stood up to daddy to get his permission as well. Oh daddy wasn’t happy about that at all. I miss daddy… =a few tears wrinkle the paper=
Where was I? Right, repeating myself a little bit. I’ve already told you much of this but… putting it down again helps straighten things out a little bit. A little before my dearest Aurora was to be born, daddy started getting a little scared… I don’t know exactly what was going on, but he decided it would be best to put me on the prototype of his newest ship, and send me off to dear Erick. It seemed strange, he’d been so upset about me and Erick, but I guess he suspected he was in danger. =More tears wrinkle the paper=
Most of the time on the Pendictington was rather drab, I’m sure it’s a wonderful ship but… it didn’t have even a single ballroom! It should have been so easy, Erick would come and get me, and all would be so well… But he wasn’t alone. Daddies fears where true, the Alliance tried to get take the ship, as did ISSA. I never though they where into murder and piracy. Well Erick saved me. Talked down a fully armed Alliance soldier, and then the entire Alliance boarding party.
Aurora was born during all that, Erick just barely made it in time, it was so scary, with the Alliance wanting to kill us all, and Aurora only a few hours old, I had to hide in a broom closet on my fathers own ship, while Erick went and led the soldiers away from us. I heard gunfire, and was so worried, but there was another girl with me, she was so young but… there was something strange about her. She said they where ok. I don’t know why, for some reason I trusted her, she was so certain she was right.
After the Alliance left, we made it to Whitefall. Its… not exactly Londinium, but its still better then the horror stories my friends told me at University. It was also once we reached here that Erick told me what had happened back home in my absence… =the rest of the page is a blurred mess of tears and ink.=

The people outside are complaining about lack of food… They want Erick to do something about it, but he already eats as little as they do… less, he usually ends up giving most of his rations to me, I’d like to tell him exactly what to do with them but…. he’s right, Aurora needs me to be healthy. I worry about him, he’s become rather withdrawn, something weighs on his mind. He said there’s an assassin after him, he made it look like just an annoyance, rather then a real threat, but he’s probably just trying not to make me worry too much. Of course I worry, I couldn’t stand it if he too… =tears blur out the words again=

Aurora has woken up, I think shes hungry again. I’ve got to go, but I’ll try and write every day, getting it all out is so refreshing.

Lazy dayz

Billy replayed the latest wave from Dean and gave a happy sigh, her marriage was no longer in tatters and Dean was safe. Any day now the Hypocratis would arrive at Angel to replace to the Yomata and Echo would be heading home. This had been the first time since their marriage that Dean had been in a combat situation without Billy there to keep any eye on him and she’d almost forgotten how hard it was to wait to find out if your loved ones where ok. But the fighting was over and he was on his way home. Suddenly Billy felt exhausted but in a good way she’d been afraid of sleeping and the dreams for almost 2 months now, but at the moment she felt almost an obsessive need to hit the sack. It felt like all the tension she’d been holding since her fight with Dean just drained out and there was nothing left to hold her body upright. She glanced over at the heavy armored flight suit she was in the process of dismantling there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. She didn’t bother with P. Js leaving her simple dress in a pile on the floor, she slid beneath her silk sheets and piled pillows around her so her bed wouldn’t seem so empty she closed her eyes. she’d write to Dean tomorrow.

When Billy woke the clock said 530 am she stretched, her awareness slowly increasing, she felt rested, there had been no dreams and the weight that had been resting on her chest for so long she hadn’t even known it was there anymore was lifted, leaving an urge to laugh and cry all at once. All of a sudden she realized she had an urgent need to pee, also she was starving. That’s a good sign she though since she hadn’t had any interest in food either. Out her small window the sky was glowing pink as the sun thought of rising and Athens was waning. She went to the bathroom and then hit the small kitchen and grabbed her last MRE. Despite the early hour Billy had gotten more than double the sleep she had grown accustomed to so she decided to get up and start work. She should be able to finish the last of her emergency tooth beacons before she was needed at the accord talks. Billy had been working for just over an hour. It was when she was refilling her coffee that she noticed she had a holo message waiting for acknowledgment. That was strange she hadn’t heard the call and it was early for someone to be contacting her. Billy’s heart accelerated as she thought of reasons why someone might have called so early. Images of Deans broken body flashed through her mind and she consciously tried to slow her breathing she would not let the anxiety control her dammit. Dean’s ok, Dean’s ok, Dean’s ok, was the litany in her mind as she slowly reached to play the message. It was such a relief to hear Voltaire’s crisp tones that it took a moment to discern exactly what he was saying. “Hello Billy I’ll assume by the fact that your over an hour late that your choosing not to participate in the accord talks today should you change your mind you know where to find us.” It rolled right into another message Katria’s face looking concerned "hey Billy where are you? If I have to sit through these talks so do you. I’ll stop by on recess to check in.” The last message was again Katria. “Hey so when I came by you didn’t answer I was worried so I popped your lock and found you sleeping like a baby I couldn’t bear to wake you. call me when you finally get up.” Katria rolled her eyes before ending the message. Billy was perfectly still trying to absorb everything. In fact rather than sleeping for 9 hours like she’d assumed she’d actually been asleep for 32 hours. Well that explained the why she was so hungry. This couldn’t happen again she reached for the comm. to call Doc Carter.

Everythings Comming Up Bruce Reponce

Dear Choo,

Thank you so much for our generous offer, But I respectively decline. I have just left the Army and would like some free time. Please feel free to contact me in the future as my current plans of relaxing might change


Bruce Whitman

Everythings Comming Up Bruce

Mr. Whitman

We have been watching you for some time now. You have both skills and friends that are useful. You are no longer in the employ of the army, but retain access to their commanders. We would like you to work for us. Much money can come your way if you agree. We noticed you have wife and little girl. We have good benefits; they would live long happy lives if you worked for us. Working for other people, well they don’t have the same benefits. I know we have understanding, talking to others about this job offer will make it void. We have signing bonus for you; up to 1,000,000.00 credits could be yours, just for saying yes. The choice is yours to make Mr. Whitman; we know you will choose well.


From one friend to another

Lucien, I hope all is well, times have been tough and I have been working harder than ever before, Issabella is well and still resting peacefully, I have sucessfully moved her from Areil and am looking for a new facility with the medical skills to help her

the reason I am sending you this is because…. I need your help. I think I have found a new theroetical hyperspace laneway, one that could connect Athens to Dyton… yes I can just imagine the ripe possibilities flashing over your face. this could change many things which is why I need the final calculations done by someone I can trust, and someone who knows the better part of discretion, if i share this with you, it cant end up in the hands of your soldier friends, this cant become a known laneway, just a vessel for supplies to trickle back and forth

let me know if you want in and I will send you what I have

Robert of ISSA

Pirates and Mafia's
Package to Calgori

Dearest Captain Calgori
From: Yuri Chekov

I would like to start by sending my dearest congratulations, please enjoy the attached vodka and cigars, both of my own personal choosing. I am father of five myself, and know no greater joy then sight of young ones, for this I wish you many happy returns. I am also of the understanding that it was you who passed our information on to Silverhold, for this as well I am thankful. There had been some worry in our Family after seeing your confrontation with the fat man that perhaps the Sons of Plunder were looking to enslave those of us who wish to live outside of the Alliance Law. Now I see more correctly, you merely wished to roast a pig… good choice of pig, he deserved roasting.

You are good man Calgori, and I am for thinking that I like you, that is good for you and thus good for business. If all goes well in my dealings with Silverhold, then know that the Nishka family is owing you a favour, and I always repay my debts Mr. Calgori.

Good Luck with the little one, may it have it’s mothers good looks, and its fathers keen sense,

You’re Friend,
Yuri Chekov

P.S. I think Vladimir is good name if it becomes boy

Doubling Down
A final arrangement with Silverhold


My Name is Yuri Chekov; I am here in the representation of a certain Mr. Nishka. It is of my understanding that you have, how you might say, items of undesirable nature? And that these certain items would be better put to use off of your world? I am of the belief that this can be a mutually profitable situation for all of us. These are terms that Mr. Nishka would like to put forward for your scrutiny, please let us know if you find them, how you say… appealing.

1) A warehouse with our chemists, and men will be arranged somewhere on your planet, this is place that undesirables will be stored. It is also place where our chemists will assure that undesirables are of pure nature, and set appropriate pricing. Warehouse is preferred to be away from major cities or populations, and have room to park small capital class ships nearby.

2) We will provide own power, security and chemists for warehouse; you may have a chemist work with ours to assure mutual results. You may also have up to five inspectors at any time to assure that you are not being cheated.

3) During our business arrangements, warehouse will be considered to have diplomatic immunity for any obscure laws that may be violated in the packaging, testing and loading of undesirables.

4) Once each month we will send ship to remove what undesirables have been rightfully purchased from you. This ship will come at different time each month and is not subject to planetary inspections or customs, but is welcome to be checked by five inspectors mentioned above for purposes of this deal.

5) We will purchase undesirables at 32% of market value, based on mutual chemist recommendations. For current batch, assuming all is of similar quality to what you have provided than we are willing to pay 1,784,326 ruples, if you are unaccepting of ruples then you will be charged fair exchange rate for transfer into whatever currency is desired. We currently do not operate with your local currency, for this you must forgive us. (out of game note 1 ruple = .97 Brown Coat Coins)

6) You will give us notice of at least one month, when situation is no longer desirable for you; this will allow us to remove our presence from world without violence or issue.

7) While working with us you will not sell undesirables to any other planet or organisation, if you wish to end deal simply give us our notice and we will not have problems.

8) At no time will Alliance or ISSA be made aware of our dealings or location of warehouse, if this were to happen and a certain planet were to be found at fault for it, our friendship could no longer continue.

9) Finally, five days grace will be given to current members of Nishka family who wish to leave this world and not be killed due to new management. After five days you may do what you please to these members.

I am of belief that these are fair conditions, if you are of similar belief, then I think business can be done. I will remain at warehouse once it is set as your, how you say, personal ambassador. This will assure that there is not miscommunication and that all proceeds in an appropriate manner.

Kindest regards, and thanking you for time given,

Yuri Chekov, of Nishka family

A Hairy Situation

Incoming message to High Chancellor Voltair, Belinda Carlisle, and Infantry General Everdeen.

This is Special Agent Harry Tasker registry number 004, as requested I have headed out to the Corrilian Salt Mining Facility. There appears to be two hundred and fifteen Whitefall Home Guard soldiers here, they seemed to have been well entrenched, all are dead. There appears to be no major sign of a battle or struggle, initial insights show that the majority of soldiers have blood running from eyes, ears and from within their mouths. I have run the parameter and found evidence of three fighter class ships that appear to have parked near the facility and left within 4 hours, ground is still warm from their after burners. Currently there is no sign of survivors. It appears the coms officers’ throat was slit; he is the only death that differs from the rest. Currently there are no unaccounted transports or ships within a ten mile radius of this position.

I am entering the facility now, but requesting military backup, as well as a detail to examine and properly care for these fallen compatriots. The salt mine has once again been activated which strikes me as odd, I suspect a trap or perhaps a rigged overload of the plants power source, by my calculations that would put the townships of Augustine, New Rachford and Hill Valley at risk. I will begin my search there and attempt a disarm, a bomb disposal unit as backup would also be appreciated. It may be prudent to attempt evacuation of nearby townships, as I am unsure of what we are dealing with. It is likely that direct coms will not work under the facility, I am getting a lot of static here on the outside, I am equipped in a black flight suit with black helmet and red trim, please take caution if sending backup in, that they do not fire on me. If I don’t report within three hours assume the worst.

Tasker Out


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