Brown Coats

go go power rangers

Belinda stared at the pile in front of her. Katria had arranged for her to get some of the heavy armor used by easy co. beside that she had her rather worn pink flight suit and beside that a pile of different fabrics used in flight suits in a variety of colors. Pierce had given her a book on current core fashions and she’d spent the better part of last night making sketches that she had sent to Minerva a local seamstress who had been helping her update her wardrobe. now all that was needed would be to settle on the colors and get tinkering, Minerva would make that new flight suit and billy would incorporate some of the armor and the kick ass helmet from easy co. so in the end she would have a light and attractive flight suit that would help protect from flying bullets.
Billy s space suitBilly s space suit

combat training

Bruce was already waiting for Billy at their usual meeting spot when she approached, she looked tired and had lost weight, even her clever makeup application couldn’t hide the dark circles and hollows in her cheeks. “You ok Billy; you look like you haven’t slept in ages.”
“Thanks,” she said sarcastically but she was touched by his concern. “I’ve been working a lot and I’ll sleep better when Deans home. Anyways check it out I’ve memorized the hand signals you showed me yesterday.”
Bruce listened has Billy demonstrated her new talent. The woman had an amazing ability to retain information. “Great job, so that’s it.”
“What do you mean that’s it?”
“Well I’ve given you the basics; all you need now is practice and practical experience. Really though the best thing for you to do is to listen to those who know better.”
Billy stuck out her tongue.
“Seriously, if Dean, Kyle, Katria or anyone in the group who’s ever shot anyone before tells you to keep your head down, listen! Billy you may be smart as all get out but you don’t know shit when it comes to a fight.”
She flashed him a brilliant smile, “that’s what you’re doing, teaching me what I need to know to avoid getting shot.”
Bruce was exasperated. “look It would take years to teach you everything I know, I gave you the basics leapfrogging, laying down cover, signals, and even some tactics, but so long as you believe your immune to bullets your gonna get shot. And another thing why the frack isn’t your flight suit armored?”
Belinda was taken aback, “they’re hideous that’s why!” she shook her head, “I can’t be seen on the holo net in one of those, they make everyone look the same, square.”
Bruce raised a single eyebrow.
She sighed, “I know I’m not broadcasting anymore but people do recognize me and I have a reputation to maintain. Besides my husband sees me wearing that almost more than anything else.”
“I’m sure Dean knows what you look like under your flight suit.”
Billy couldn’t help but blush she knew her argument sounded stupid to Bruce.
“Billy you said you didn’t want to be a liability on a mission. You don’t want anyone getting hurt on account of you. Well the more protected you are the less we all have to worry. And the less worried we are the less likely Dean is to do something stupid!”
“Fine!” she relented. “But I’ll have to design it myself and it’ll be pink!”

Next steps
Transmission from Angel to Silverhold, Lilac and Whitefall

Ladies, Gentlemen, Clones, Enlisted Members and Mercenaries… these titles mean little to me, as today I see us as one, as one FREE PEOPLE!!
(Cheers and Applause)
Our Victory on Angel has been momentous, we have done the impossible, and slain the Alliance demons, and that makes us mighty, WELOMCE MY MIGHTY FRIENDS!
(More Cheers)
But we cannot stay here, The Alliance will soon learn of our great deeds, and will come searching with hunger in their eyes and fire in their bellies. In order to stay strong we must keep moving, we must carry our passion forward and bring the battle to them, force them to fight on their soil and bring the war to their homes as they have done far too often to ours. WHAT SAY YOU?
(CHEERS and Boo Ya’s)
For decades every single battle ship, star fighter or Blaster Rifle that has come to kill an innocent rim women or child has been manufactured on NEW HALL, this planet is the staging point for every RIM Battle that has ever occurred, this planet must be ours, we will sack it, rob it, and make them pay for every man women and child’s whose rights they have raped and pillaged to its current laughable state! THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND! THERE ARE NO LONGER INNOCENT BYSTANDERS IN THIS WAR! THOSE RIGHTS WERE REVOKED WHEN THE REAVERS DECENDED ON JANGYING AND GREENLEAF. WHEN THEY NUKED WHITTER, WHEN THEY ENSLAVED SILVERHOLD!
Join us now, we need every ship you can spare, every clone you have, every person who can come to arms, the time has come to bring the fight to Alliance soil…. WHO IS WITH ME? Who will fight for freedom at my side? WHO AMONGST YOU CLAIMS THIS VERSE AS THEIR OWN, WHO AMONGST YOU BELIEVES THAT NOTHING CAN STOP A FREE MAN FIGHTING FOR HIS HOME!
We can’t go on as we have, if we are to slay this beast we must become beasts ourselves, and what is fiercest? The fat sedate beast of the core, or the savage hungry fury of the wild RIM FOLK!
Freedom is now, and our Waving Flag knows only one direction and that is to the CORE, fear not for your families, the CORE will not attack the RIM if it is protecting it’s gates… we must go forward… who is with me! WHO WILL TAKE ON THE ROLE AS HARBRINGERS OF DEATH, OF A MIGHTY FORCE OF NATURE THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED, WHO WILL BRING FREEDOM TO THE RIM!



Word from the front
After two long months, word from Angle comes in

Honourable Discharge

Captain Bruce Whitman

On behalf of the Dominion Armed Forces (formally Independent Rim Armies aka Browncoat Command), I officially accept your request for an honourable discharge.

We thank you for your courageous and exemplary service and wish you well in your future endeavours.

We would also like to present you your Echo Company M481 Pulse Rifle as a gift.

General Katria Everdeen

Another Harlequin Romance ....... in space

General Katria Everdeen stood in the morning sunshine looking over Easy Company with a critical eye during her surprise inspection. Sam must keep them on their toes she thought proudly when she didn’t find anything to comment on. “Good show Easy Co. Lt. Col Winchester if I may have a word.” She waited impatiently as Sam dismissed the men. She walked smartly and authoritatively a step ahead of him into the mobile command unit they had created in the cargo bay of one of the smaller transports. She had been avoiding looking Sam in the eye all morning for fear that the intensity of her longing would be evident to every soldier. She just about to close the bay door when she saw Garek and Cid strolling towards them, she plastered a smile on her face barley concealing her impatience, “Gentlemen, what can I do for you?"

As usual Cid was very polite “We’re sorry we weren’t here to greet you but we were unaware of your intention to visit Lilac,”

“Yes well, I’ve been busy with the Pentictington Accord so as soon as I was able to pass that off to the policy people, I thought that a surprise inspection would be in order.” Katria stood there awkwardly as they looked at her expectantly. “Umm, if you could be sure that any food stores from Glubber’s base are shipped to HQ that would be much appreciated and if you can make contact with the locals and attempt to broker a deal for us to purchase food stuffs from then in the future.”

Although Garek turned to go Cid continued to watch Katria expectantly. She glanced at Sam unsure of how to get rid of them without being too rude or obvious. Luckily Garek nudged Cid with his elbow and said loudly, “Thanks General if you need anything we’ll be at the Officers Mess."

Katria felt herself blushing as she saw the comprehension dawning in Cid’s eyes as he beat a hasty retreat. Her embarrassment was quickly forgotten when finally the door was secure and she was in Sam’s strong arms. For a moment they just stared drinking each other in with their eyes then suddenly he was kissing her strong and deep as if he couldn’t get enough they began ripping each other’s clothes off frantic to reach heated skin the only sounds where gasping breath and buttons scattering on the floor. Without even realizing they had moved they were beside a large desk. In a clatter Sam swept various data pads, papers and everything else onto the floor before pushing her back onto the desk. It wasn’t as sturdy as it looked and as soon as Sam joined her 3 legs snapped off. They fell in a heap to the floor Katria’s weight denting the floor but they barely noticed. Sam absorbed Katria’s passionate cries with his lips. Afterwards they lay in a tangled pile of limbs slick with sweat trying to catch their breath. Slowly they got up exchanging kisses and helping each other find various bits of clothing. Sam started to use his fingers to brush the loose bobby pins from Katria’s long dark locks. He loved her hair it especially drove him wild when it was down her back and over her shoulders teasing her firm breasts. Sam turned Katria to face him and pulled he hard against his muscled length her eyes widened “again?” she whispered breathlessly. His answer was to bite her gently on her shoulder just where she liked it then soothing her red skin with his tongue. He kissed his way up the elegant column of her neck to her delicate earlobe, “I have a cot set up in the back.” His hot breath gave her a delicious shiver raising goose bumps all over her body. This time they loved slower with a reverence for each other’s body savouring every moment and touch drifting into a satisfied sleep afterwards.

Less than an hour later, Sam woke. He laid still not wanting to disturb Katria; loving the feel of her sleeping in his arms. He marvelled at the fact that beneath her soft skin was hundreds of pounds of metal and circuitry. He was constantly amazed by her on the outside a beautiful young woman with uncommon strength and on the inside a feat of cybernetics and a soul that completed his own. He should wake her it wasn’t even noon yet and she would have to leave soon he wanted to make the most of every moment they had together. He skimmed his hand over her silky smooth skin bringing it to a rest on the curve over her hip, leaning in the gently kiss her awake. Her eyes blinked sleepily shining with a love that made his heart ache. She gave him a brilliant smile and wrapped her arms around him giving herself fully to him. Another hour passed and Sam was out surveying the wreckage of Lilac Command when an Airman stepped smartly through the door with a brisk salute. His eyes widened and Sam could see a tick go off in his cheek as he tried in vain to suppress his reaction to the chaos. “At ease airman, how can I help you?”

“Transport ready for General Everdeen, sir!” just then Kat rounded the corner straightening her uniform as best as she could around the missing buttons. She and Sam had already said their goodbyes privately. As she walked off, he looked at the lock of her hair that she had given to him the night before and held it in his hands. He missed her already.

Sam and katria


Commanding Lilac

Sam left the quartermasters office with his cheeks still burning. Most of the time people were handing in their uniforms to be shipped to Silverhold and washed or sewn due to blood, bullet holes, knife cuts ect. It was rare enough for a Colonel to requisition a new uniform, rarer still when he had to do it cause his superior officer had ripped all the buttons off and torn off his pant by the seams. How was a guy supposed to explain that?

He straightened his new uniform making a silent vow to change before he and Kat saw each other again, he walked across the field to where Cid and Garrick stood overlooking their new view. “gentlemen” Sam greeted the two and warmly received their nods back. He too took a moment to stare out over the landscape from Glubbers former palace

Lilac was a moon of Shadow, a planet a fair bit smaller then Silverhold, it had five small continents, surprisingly each geologically different from the rest. The main palace was here on Bremen with three major factories attached and an underground geothermal power plant to boot. Bremen was largely a dessert continent with some vegetation surrounding the fresh water oceans. The sand and rock here held a deep red with tall natural stone spires that rose towards the sky, it is said that there are three bands of sand nomads that wander these desserts, a fair shake of the factory workers had been imprisoned slaves, he was still waiting to hear back from command on what to do with them.

Dessau had been the most recent place EASY had been fighting, a thick hostile jingle, lush with vegetation and about a million different species of parasites, there had been two minor factories there was well as a major hydro dam. At least seven different clans of locals lived there, each with their own damn language and their own special way of making your men’s life hell

Flensburg was the northern polar cap, he was told that there were two tribes up there as well as massive solar fields, but his men had yet to return from their scouting missions, Mace had called them back before he had needed to take that base, something Sam was quietly thankful for, he hated winter fighting.

Koblenz a barren plane and the largest of the continents so far, this had been a brutal area to take with its massive wind turbines and twelve clans of horse riding locals, also Glubber had several air fields and had caused Sam to pay dearly for every meter of ground they had taken.

Saarbrücken more a series of small islands then a real continent, Scouts had reported that this had been the sight of Glubbers fusion generator, as well about 7 other factories, he was told that they had found about 1300 locals with primitive sailing crafts. How many different clans these people made no one could determine yet, but they had been the most friendly so far, language barriers aside they offered up much food and drink to his men, something they had gladly taken them up on.

Sam looked over at his companions, he was a little sad, he had come to enjoy his morning meetings with the two leaders, and they had developed a good working relationship if not friendship, but the nature of Easy company would likely place his far beyond the lines, and the nature of High Centurion Status tended to mean Cid would be at Whitefall. No one could be begin to guess what post or where the fancy free pirate might choose.
Cid pointed to one of the more distant Spires that neared the ocean “Jedi are looking to build their temple there”

“Hmmmm” Garrick grunted, as if that said it all “high time we got to moving, this war waits for no one” the other two looked at the pirate for a moment and nodded their agreement, their time on Lilac was indeed coming to an end.

Learning from the Learner

Noir looked out the window distantly as the Infinity Thought lifted off from Ithica’s main landing pad. The small transport shuddered slightly as it broke through the atmosphere and began to exit the lower orbit of Whitefall. From here she could see the dry-docks, the weapons platforms, the Hypicratis floating gracefully in high orbit, and there connected to it like always was the bronze sailing ship, the Isabella. The ships mast was still missing, Lucien was always complaining that it would take years of detailing to get the “right look” again, but still she was majestic and beautifully gently moored against the Hypicratis. For the first time ever Noir felt like she had a home, and also felt a sharp pain of sadness as the ship turned away from the plant and began to head out to the black. Once again the Infinity Thought Shuddered and Noir was sure she could smell the Tillium as the transport dove in Hyperspace.

“I am glad that you have found happiness Patawan…” Mace said breaking the long silence as he set the auto pilot “Normally I would remind a Jedi that there is great risk in forming attachments, for the fear of losing them is a path to the dark side. But you know this, and have chosen to do so anyway… you are an conundrum wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma my young friend” Noir looked up at the Master, she had expected the lesson, but not the declaration of friendship. Her respect for the Master grew slightly, as she learned that although they may not see eye to eye, they could still learn much from each other.

“How do you do it Master Windu? How can anyone live a life without attachments? It is a lonely existence with nothing else is it not?” Mace looked to Noir and stood leaving the cockpit and ushering her to follow, he led her to a simple yet comfortable kitchen and began to prepare some tea, only when the tea was made did the Master begin to answer the question

“It is a test for every Jedi, and a continual test, the idea as I have come to understand it is to come to a place where you can deal with the lose of that which you prize most, and be able to understand that one day you may be called upon to sacrifice that which you prize most for others, it is a Jedi’s calling to serve. And thus everyone and everything in the verse is placed before us. It is not an easy mantle to bare for anyone, which is why there are so very few of us.” Noir thought on that for a long moment before responding

“But how can anyone hope to achieve this, the temptation, the need for companionship is to strong for anyone to overcome completely, you are asking to much”

“perhaps, “On many long journeys have I gone. I have also waited for others to return from journeys of their own. Some return; Many don’t; some are broken; some come back so different only their names remain. Do you think the relationship between Master and Patawan is only to help them? Oh, this is what we let the masters believe, yes! But when the day comes that even old Mace does not learn something from his students-then truly, he shall be a teacher no more. We are paired to help each other, the masters wisdom and experience with the youth’s innocence and questioning and unhindered feelings of love and compassion, this is ultimately how balance is maintained, we all help each other down these roads, first by advising and warning of the consequences, then by being there to help should one or the other slip. If you should fall my apprentice, I will catch you”

Noir smiled despite herself, it was a paradox, the Jedi way seemed so closed minded, so shut out, and yet is seemed as if she was already walking that path without knowing it, this would take more thought and time. She sipped her tea and was surprised when the Master added one more thought
“Honour life by living, Patawan. Killing honours only death: only the dark side, I would be a better Master if I remembered my own advice from time to time” Mace’s eyes looked distant as if he were no longer talking to Noir. They sipped their tea slowly and mused for a long while in comfortable peace. If nothing else this journey would teach them both many new things.

letters to Dean 4

Life seems to be going on here; we are still hard at work on the accord. I’m enjoying the work immensely however I believe that it is with this kind of idealism that the alliance started with so long ago. With power comes corruption and convincing everyone involved that this agreement between planets should in no way give one any form of power over another if difficult. Well enough shop talk I have an interesting tid bit of information that will hopefully amuse you as much as it did me. My father has purchased a dukedom on Silverhold making him Lord Estavan Carlisle Duke of Pandora. It seems rather whimsical but knowing my father of course it is a shrewd business deal. Evidently it is a hereditary title going to yours truly upon his demise however I’m not sure if the law would allow that given that I’m not a citizen of the planet. Daddy does inform me that he has big plans for us; yes you are included in that. I have been spending a lot more time with Doctor Carter and he is calling me out on my emotional maturity with regards to our relationship. Evidently I’m a very insecure little girl who needs to make my husband jealous and possessive so I feel loved. He thinks I try to keep you unstable so you are more violent with your emotions and that for some reason likely relating to my past I equate anger with true love. There aren’t many people who could say something like that to my face without me storming out I guess it really says something about his doctoring ability and our friend ship I’ll really miss having him on the Hypocratis with us. I do still mostly disagree with his assessment (although perhaps there is some truth in it) but I like it when you get mad It lands me in the most interesting positions and while I agree it’s unfair of me to provoke you I think that it would be a damned shame if we couldn’t fight like that anymore. In fact I’m dying for a good fight with you this prolonged separation is killing me. I know that when I married you I was agreeing too many sustained absences but we’ve been so lucky having you posted on my ship. Come back to me soon.
Love Billy


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