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In the news today we have further movement on the war front, Wallace and the proud men and women from Haven have finished their liberation on the Planet of Angel and seem to be gearing up for another major move, will they be holding the planet, or is this just staging for a full scale invasion, this reporter can only speculate.

In other news, a successful Robbery inside CORE world’s banks has brought a stimulus to Silver Hold by way of our mysterious benefactor, the Dread Pirate Calgorie.

Pandora body counts seem to stabilize as the last Gang, the Notorious BIGS, fall to the power of the street judges.

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Just a friendly reminder of what the Scorpio Space Station is like

1) to get there you had to navigate a field of moving magnetic mines, please remember that the mines had sensor blocking technology and are more attracted to ship that have their shields up.

2)Ships that docked were locked into their docking port by massive clamps, meanwhile several concussion class missiles were pointed at each ship at pint blank range.

3) each group was only allowed three people to enter from their ship, passing through a scanning system

4) scanning systems throughout the space station continually sweep for weapons, threats were made that the entire area would be vented if anyone broke the rules

5) hyperspace communications are jammed in and around the station

6) the station has numerous weapons at its disposal and is likely heavily bugged

7) the station carries more space based weapons then a Hyperion class ship

just a reminder for the up coming session


Some Fun Facts in RIM NEWS this week

High Chancelor Erik Voltaire, was nominated as Silverholds 1st choice to suceed the Queen should anything happen to her, we caught up with him on Lilac and here’s what he said to us

“While I would be honoured to help the people of Silverhold in the case of an unfortunate, mournful event, it is my duty first and foremost as High Councillor of Whitefall to see to the prosperity and care of those already in my trust. It would be negligent of me to let my focus be diluted by trying to manage two worlds in these times of strife, especially considering the Queen has been doing an excellent job given the situation. I fully expect her to continue in her success, or personally see to it that someone worthy of the Silverhold people does so.”

What a Charmer

Speaking of the High Chancelor, in other news this morning our Whitefall Leader appealed to the Dominion to put their full support behind one Owen Wallace of Haven. Details are still a little hazy on what support they would give and why, but he said that Whitefall would always stand tall beside their Haven Brethren.

Another 3 bombs went off on Whitefall today, two in the northern contenent and one in the south. so far reports say 39 people are dead with anther 72 injured. FLQ has taken credit for the bombings.

the Whitefall defense fleet has turned back yet another Reaver attack, making Whtiefall the saftest Planet on the RIM

That’s it for this hour tune in to RIM Chatter every hour on the hour

more then just static

Fracked Up
Wave From Carson

To: Col Weaver
To: Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

CC: Admiral Victor Kennedy
CC: General Katria Everdeen

From: General Ginja Carson

I am troubled by press reports on Silverhold, the absence of a Queen is one thing, but if the Colonels could please be so kind as to tell me WHY THE FRACK THE HYPICRATIS IS A FRACKING SOURCE FOR NEWS ON GORAM SILVERHOLD! THIS IS AMATURE WUSHU, THAT’S WHAT THIS IS!

Winchester! I thought I put a man of competence in charge of security on one of our flag ships, this happened on your watch, and I expect you to clean it up, you have exactly forty eight hours to find out who this source is, and send their name to me or I will bust you down to private so Frackin fast…

Weaver! I want to know how anyone that we don’t trust has access to our state of the art Hyperspace Transceiver, if you can’t keep control of your ship then I am sure the Admiral can find someone who can. Get it together people! Its fracked up wushu like this that’s going to lose us this war!

General, Admiral, now that you’re appraised of this situation I trust you will take the appropriate measures to resolve it and dole out discipline where required

Thank you all

Carson Out

Editorial For Silver Lining

Over the past few weeks our planet has come together in fear, grief, excitement and now relief as to the whereabouts and happenings to our Queen. Yesterday her PR department let us know that she had taken a brief respite with alleged lover and Dread Pirate Calgorie, maybe it’s something in this old reporters bones that cause him to keep asking questions, for example:

If the Queen did leave on a private respite, then why were the clones that were protecting her, one Purple Squadron 7, found dead several blocks away? Where is the commander of said squadron? And why the secrecy in her leaving? a little further digging led me to a source on the Hypycratis who said that the ship did receive an emergency transmission with the Isabella and then altered course in order to rendezvous. Why such a hurry to arrive there? Sources also report the Isabella departing with Dominion Command persons for a top secret mission in the CORE. Is our young Queen participating in Espionage missions with the Dread Pirate? Why the cover stories? And where was she? These are all question we may never truly know the answers to, but they have sparked an interesting question. If the Queen is conducting dangerous missions for the sake of Silverhold, Who is the next in the line of succession should something happen to her, no response came from the Queens palace by press time today.

Editor and Chief Perry White
Silver Lining

EXTRA EXTRA Read all About It


Word has reached the Silver Lining that the Queen is in fact alive and well. She said she was provided with an unexpected opportunity to receive a little down time with the Infamous (and totally cute) Dread Pirate Calgorie. The Queen apologises for worrying her subjects, and reports that there must have been an error in the PR department and her public calendar. The Queen has relayed that she will be arriving back on Silverhold within a couple weeks’ time but has maintained the business of ruling from afar, and has remained in constant contact with her people since her departure. When asked how he felt about the Queens unexpected absence Duke Carlisle stated

“it is not our place to question the Queens actions or habits, it is our duty to trust that she is doing what needs to be done for the good of all Silver Hold, the Queen owed us neither apology or explanations and we are privileged that she saw fit to give them”.

We were also able to speak with Duchess Louise Caroline Windsor the 4th who had this to say about this incident

“The Queens absence worried us, we are pleased to know that she is alright, although this does bring up an interesting question of succession, should something happen to her, who is next in line to rule on Silverhold?”

This reporter took to the question and cause, unfortunately most of the succession and genealogy has been lost during the invasion and occupation, things are a little murky right now, please feel free to fill out our pole, WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD BE THE NEXT TO RULE?

Duchess Louise Caroline Windsor the 4th

Lord Henery Fiztroy Duke of Accalia

Lord Estiban Carlisle

Duchess Anastasia Inevitalis

Lucian C. Calgori

High Chancelor Erik Voltaire

Or other?

I’m Cat Grant with the Silver Lining


To: General Katria Everdeen

To: Admiral Victor Kennedy

From: Lt. Col. Sam Winchester

General, Admiral;

I write from Angel currently we still control the plane, but our ally from Haven Commander Owen Wallace is pushing hard to move onwards for the New Hall Drive Yards. He has the men spun tightly and many are volenteering to follow him. Sirs, please recall that we have several thousand clone units here as well as Echo, India, Baker and the Lenneth, Yomato and Galactica here. Wallace needs to know now, are we with him? He has not signed on to the Dominion, but is still techiniqully commanding Angel and preparing for his next attack. If we are not planning on backing him he deserves to know, though I think that may cause a situation. I would request that if we are not in support of his next move, that one of both of you come down here as it may help keep the fractureing of out troops and blood shed to a minimum, this is a very uncomfortable sit. Also If Major Dean Winchester of Echo Company is ready to return to duty, he can take command of his unit once more.


Lt. Col. Sam Winchester
Dominion Army,
Easy Company

Tick Tick Tick (Part 2)

The mood was quite as the Infinity Thought soared through Hyperspace, and the quarters were cramped. The Unwise Stephanie has been required on a mission elsewhere, and the Isabella had continued with its precious cargo of Gold back to the safety of Dominion Territory. The group was tired, the past few months had been a blur of activity; crime meetings, gold heists, Arturo, Deans Rescue, Goo, the fall of Mace, Sarah’s attack, it was starting to get to be too much. Three weeks in hyperspace would do them all well, as long as they didn’t kill each other on route.

Tick, Tick, Tick (part 1)

The young man hurried from the hallway, it would not do to be seen here, to many things would and could go wrong. he had completed the first part of his mission and now the timer was counting down. carefully he worked his way through the ballroom. the idiots continued to gamble and deal oblivious to their fate. He checked his watch again, 27 minutes, still lots of time just a little further now, he had to get off the station, he turned down the final corridor to where his ship was to meet him, the airlock was empty, he checked his watch again, 25 min still lots of time, they wouldn’t leave me behind, they don’t do that kind of thing, not on Whitefall.


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