Population: 499,492ish
Size: 450 Square Km (province) 69 square KM (city)
Governmental System: Dukedom
Ruling figure Title: Duke or Lord
Succession: Hereditary though 1st born female child

Ruler: Lord Henery Fiztroy Duke of Accalia (currently living in Exile)

Accalia is located far in the North and is built on permanent ice, it is winter all year round with a temperature variance from -22 to -68 it’s city houses 98.7% of the Dukedoms populace, the city sits on the north western coast of the ocean, and will expand and retrack as the sea ice freezes and thaws

Notables of Accalia

Accalia Business

7 -Naquada Mines that run deep into the Ice
Whaling and Fishing
Ivory and furs
1 Diamond mine

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