Brown Coats

Named for the cheap brown coats that were standard issue for the soldiers of the first war, this group is comprised of 4 of the outter worlds as well as some of the more liberal trading companies and colonies. the Brown Coats hate the power of the CORE and the way they try to control peoples lives, since finding out that the CORE created the Reavers the brown Coats have mobilized all be it some what secretly and are currently trying to levy the funds and resources required to wage war on the CORE nad stand a chance of surviving

After the Fall of Angel things have changed a bit, currently located on the south western continent of Whitefall the Brown Coats have once again set up shop, their alliance with Whitefall and the Sons of Plunder holds strong, they have also managed to convince Athens to begin their tithe once more… currently the Brown Coats are working hard to re create a worthy army so that they can restore the RIMS confidence in their force once more.

36 years later

the Brown Coats have merged and become the Dominion, the Dominion stands strong with an alliance of 17 planets, with five others petitioning for membership

The Dominion has moved towards orbital defense platforms over their planets and so has not invested as much in ships, their fleet comprise as the following

Dominion currently has

3 Legatus Class Ships

the Lenneth

the Bin Laden

the Emperors Might

7 Capital Class Star Ships






Freedoms Gait

Pandoras Box

18 Transport Class war Ships


Rubber Ducky

Charlie’s Harmony

The Ancient Amulet

The Brutal Eddie

The Earl

The Fallen Port

The Ghost of Greenleaf

The Dodging Thought

The Uncivilized Rose

The Warped Sceptre

The Wandering Gore

Whittiers Revenge

Havens Refuge

Lucians Yacht

Girl Misunderstood

Fried Green Tomatos

Gone Awry

The Brown Coats Currently have Several Infantry Companies

Easy & Echo
Dog & Dilbert

On top of these companies there are other areas of note

Statigic Ops
R and D
Jedi Council
Medical Core
Machine Core

and the new Agracultual Core

Brown Coats

Brown Coats Argyle