An old blockaid runner this ship was converted by Tristan Call into a Medical Ship with and then has been a Brown Coats Science Vessel ever since, although the General Ginja Carson won’t admit it, many see this ship as the Flag ship of the Brown Coats, as it is usually where the action and the command team are.

it is Captained by Col. Weaver, and owned by Ms. Belinda Carlisle


Hull: 850 DR 40
Shields 01: 400 DR 40
Shields 02: 250 DR 20

Size: Large (185m long)

Defense 24

Cargo 3000 metric tons

Crew: Min 250 Max 643 (+4)
Passengers: 600

Initiative :+1

Max Speed: Attack 5 squares

Atmo: 950kph 16 squares

has 12 docking rings
three docking bays each can hold 14 small size ships
three cargo bays
18 turrets double laser 8 left, 4 font 4 right 2 rear, 5d10x2 (+5 fire control)

10 proton torpedo tubes, 6 left, 2 front, 2 rear, 9d10x2 (+5 targeting)

has 3 med bays – two surgery one post op/exam

has function hospital with all assumed scanners and devices, has three backta tanks

Has two tractor beams both right

has a x1 cold fusion hyperdrive with a back up of x1 cold fusion hyperdrive


Brown Coats Argyle