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Owen tapped away at his data pad, he hated all this political stuff, here he was debating the finer points of a Dominion when he should be bringing the fight to the Alliance, well another two weeks and he’d be done with that he thought as he read his comments on last time

Erik, your dominion seems like a nice place, but I have a few questions

1) clusters of 12 planets get a single vote? how many planets do you think are out there? and how many of them are you planning on having join yer dominion

2) now that we’re stating who gets to be a Praetor and who is stuck as a sectator?

3)Not sure I like the bit about space based organisations, leaves it open for corporations to join as well, and what about planets with multiple governments, can they each join… two votes for one world?

4) How much does a planet need to tith in times of war? what about wars that affect just a few planets of the dominion but not all planets, is the tith less for unaffected planets?

5) what if your pirates join and continue to rob dominion planets, will us stopping them count as an act of war that can bring the whole dominion down on us… again not keep on space based groups for that reason, no one wants to see glubber or another issa in our group

6) Same with an idiot who picks a fight with a non-dominion planet, does that mean we can all get dragged into a war cause one planet is an idiot? And maybe has a couple idiot friends?

7) Who runs this the dominion, who chairs meetings and keep infrustructure… where do they meet? What powers if any does the chair have?

I am curious of these things but also feel that they aren’t a pressing issue right now, I am asking that one of your capital ships please transport 150 of my fighters to the Kerry sector, we would like to begin occupying the alliance before they come here… I will start on my own if necessary, but transportation would help.

If I may speak personally for a moment Erik.
Erik, you have the makings of a true leader, but you’ve settled, you are talking about joining Aberdeen and fighting with the RIM over the scraps from the Alliance table that you’ve forgotten our god given right to be free and live independently. You could be great, and people would follow you, I would follow you if you’d just stand up and lead us to freedom, if we don’t have freedom then what’s this all worth? What’s the point of a Dominion, or Brown Coats or anything if we don’t have Freedom, Join me, send some ground troops to the Kerry sector and help me route the Alliance Fleet, we have truth, right and freedom on our side, all they have is a few legatos ships, hardly a fair fight, but I’m gonna pick it anyway. The time is at hand Erik, ride with me too freedom and glory, or continue talking about how to make your Alliance scarps look prettiest.

In my own hand,

Owen Wallace

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