A list of the currently known to be operating Alliance Ships

Engaged at Kerry

Standing Armada

The Lamprey
The Lonesomeness Chameleon
The Marvelous Tara
The Murderer’s Aura
The Paladin
The Philosophers Crossbow
The Ranger
The Senates Power
The Sisterhoods Journeyman
The Slayer’s Legend
The Snake’s Aura
The Stalker’s Love
The Strategym
The Vigilance Chimera
The Ego Centric
The Informant

Other Capital Class Ships

Diane’s Glory
Karen’s Evolution
Nicholas’ Genesis
Ryan’s Conception
The Anger Maiden
The Bear’s Order
Solar Denise
The Twisted Sister
The Brave Johnstone
The Champion’s Fame
The Chaste Annie
The Siayang Gore
The Disappointment
The Doomed Device
The Epic Shroud
Eternal Sorcery
The Experimental Fletcher
The Fairness of Spirt
The Frozen Rune
The Happy Debbie
The Lady Areil
The Liberty Eyes
The Mad Hatter
The Undertaking Blood
The Universal Beverly
The Unspeakable Purgatory
The Fish Called Wanda
The Wisest Bard
The Wise Monster
Troy’s Blade
David’s Wing
Eva’s Nebula
Gordon’s Intelligence
Jimmy’s Rebellion
Rhonda’s Exodus
Sandra’s Casque
Tara’s Sacrifice
The Animate Crossbow
The Desecrated Halberd
The Devil’s Diadem
Disappointed Journeyman
The Eastern Protector
The Endeavor
The Florence
The Gloria
God Under Fire
Holy Innocence
The Inquisitor’s Federation
The Insane
Lawful Emperor
The Light
The Lively Judith
The Marvelous Kindness
The Mighty Debbie
The Miguel
The Minor Beth
The Minor Joanne
The Monkey’s Greaves
The Saintly Promise
The Serious Leader
Shrewdest Demonologist
The Spectral Fighter
The Hero Welcome
The Heroic Traitor


Brown Coats Argyle