Flagship Of The Celestial Kingdom Of Silverhold and Queen Imperialus’s Personal Star-ship, This Legatos Class Star-Destroyer Is Piloted By the enigmatic pilot ace known only as Sea-Biscuit.It is said that Sea Biscuit and Regi Nails were the only two pilots that were able to not only land the Legatos class ships on planetside but alsoe able to jump Directly from atmosphere into hyperspace with the monstrous vessels a feat with to date no pilot has replicated. Though not Directly part of the Sons of Plunder the Lenneth Has been known to lend its aid to their cause as Silverhold has often been aided by them in the past including their assistance in the first Liberation of Silverhold .


Class Legatus

Size: 2.6km long

Hyper drive: x2 Tillium with x8 back up tillum

Defense: 28 (armor)

Maneuver: -4

Hull Points: 5500 (DR 60)

Shields Front: 500 (DR 60)

Shields Left: 500 (DR 60)

Shields Right: 500 (DR 60)

Shields Rear: 200 (DR 60)

Max Speed: Cruising 3 squares
Atmospheric: Not worth trying again

Crew: Min 3543, Max Crew 21,000 (+4 bonus)

Passengers 9,700 Troops

Cargo Capacity 36,000 metric tons

Consumable 6 years

Turbos laser blasters: 60, set up in batteries 4 front 4 rear 4 left 4 right 6d10x5

turrets: 20, 8 left, 8 right, 2 front , 2 rear 4d10x4

Concussion Missiles: 40 5 front, 5 rear, 15 left 15 right

Ion Cannon: 2 front 5d10x2 ion damage

Tractor Beams: 6 front 2 left 2 right attack +2 see table 11-8 for details

has 12 docking bays each can hold 24 small class ships

currently has: 200 Pilus Class Ship, 1 Centurion Class ship

has one deactivated Mobil shield generator, looks like it is meant to provide shielding for Pilus ships, no one is sure how to make it work yet


Class Starfighter
Size: tiny 6m
Hyper-drive: none
Passenger: none
Crew: 1
Maneuver: +8
Defense 24
Shield none
Hull: 45 (DR 10)
Cargo 65kg
Consumables 1 day
Max speed: ram 10 square
Atmo: 1200kph, 16 squares
Weapons: Laser cannon fired lined (computer aid +10) forward only 5d10x2


Brown Coats Argyle