Population: 511,723 (or so)
Size: 150 Square Km (province) 89 square KM (city)
Governmental System: Dukedom
Ruling figure Title: Dutchess
Succession: Hereditary though 1st born female child

Ruler: Dutchess Louise Caroline Windsor the 4th

Nephele is located south of the equator, and nestled up to a small mountain range it’s temperatures vary from summer +37 to winter -10. it’s city houses 85% of the Dukedoms populace, the city stretches across 12km of shore line onto the eastern ocean, and contains a large fishing port similar to Pandoras.

Notables of Nephele

Nephele Business

1- Space Ship Design Company Pro Tracts
21- Rice fields and factories
1- underwater science research station
1 – tidal power generator construction station
2 – copper mines
1 – Iron Mines
14- Silver Mines

Windsor ns coat of arms


Brown Coats Argyle