Population: 501,723 (as of the Duke’s Census this year)
Size: 250 Square Km (province) 87 square KM (city)
Governmental System: Dukedom
Ruling figure Title: Duke or Lord
Succession: Hereditary though 1st born child

Ruler: Lord Estiban Carlisle

Pandora is located on the equator, it’s city houses 90% of the Dukedoms populace, the city stretches across 45km of shore line onto the western ocean of IO, and contains a large fishing port.

Notables of Pandora

- Lord Estiban Carlisle Duke of Pandora
- Magistrates: Sebastian Greene, Elias Pennington, Darrin Townsend, Jeffrey Hayden
- Security Head Harry Tasker
- Lady Belinda Carlisle
- Paula Mears the 3rd of Tampic Enterprises
- Bank Manager Andrew Anson, Vice President of the Carlisle Group and CEO of the Silverhold Branches
- Rick Grossen of Frostel Hyper Transceivers
- High Administrator Edgar Wolsey formally of the Independent Over-site Agency

Pandora Business

2- Fly Boy Brewery Chapters
1- Carlisle Group Bank
1- Tampic Feminine Hygiene Plant
1- Fishing Export Company Pandora’s 1st Choice Meats
1- Clothing Plant Nike sews/repairs military uniforms
3- Gun Smith and repair factories (specifically set for P-90s) Aim Ups
1- Shell less Ammunition Plant Turtle Works
2- Data Pad Construction Plants from Mapple
1- Vertical Agricultural Plant Grow Up
1- Aces and 8s Contracting Company
1- The Silver Lining Newspaper
1- Sea Ship Construction Facility
1 – Nuitrient Now Plant
1- Tillium Mining Headquarters
1- Tillium Refinery

Current Laws in the Dukedom of Pandora

1) No Weapons at all, without signed permission from Lord Carlisle or the Queen, if anything used like a weapon, it then becomes a weapon and you will be charged accordingly

2) If you work you will receive a days rations for yourself and any dependents. If you work 5 consecutive days you will get an extra days rations for yourself and any dependents, and granted one days leave from work

3) Harm None, breaking this law is punishable by death, there are no prisons in Pandora



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