Population: 997,673 (by anyone’s best guess)
Size: 121 Square Km (province) 101 square KM (city)
Governmental System: Dukedom / Capital
Ruling figure Title: Dutchess
Succession: Hereditary though 1st born female child

Ruler: Currently the Duchess Anastasia Inevitalis is being held by the Alliance, the Queen rules ion her account until such time that she is freed.

Saturna is located North of the equator with summer temperatures as warm as 32 degree Celsius and winter temps as lows as -29 , it’s city houses 100% of the Dukedoms populace, the area is largely flat and is known for it’s biting winds in both summer and winter months

Notables of Saturna

-This is home of the Royal Palace and Queen
-This is the former Home of Project Dawn

Saturna Business

1- Fly Boy Brewery Chapter
1- Space Transport Factory, Forerunner co
1- Tillium Hyper-drive Factory Quicksilver
1- The Imperial Ice Rinks
1- The Silver Phoneix Memorial Museum
1- Male Escort Service, Knights (Funded and owned by Lucian C. Calgori and the Sons of Plunder )
1- Dedicated Arms and armor repair shop Sheildmaiden
1- Medical Equipment Factory Pheonix Down


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