Population: 3 000 000
Governmental System: Enlightened Absolutism
Ruling figure Title: Queen
Succession: Hereditary


1 Capital with 3 Cities
Capital City of SATURNA

Silverhold Ideal Military (The Silver Imperium)
Accendante: Commands all millitary
Judge Magister: Each commands one branch of the millitary Air,Ground,Space,Sea
Arbiture: Commands 2 000 000 Knights
Magistrate: Commands 200 000 Knights
High Templar: Commands 20 000 Knights
Templar: Commands 2000 Knights
Paladin: Commands 200 Knights
Champion: Commands 20 knights
Knight: Basic silverhold combat unite


Lenneth: Legatuse class Flagship

Economic Statistics
Chief exports: 0
Currency: Lumins (รพ) current value to .0000000001 to 1 Brown Coat Gold ($)
Royal treasury: 1.3 million Lumins
Yearly Expenses:
- Road Infrastructure Paid in full
- Hospitals (1 for each city) Paid in full
- Housing $2 Billion
- Military 684,375,500 in wages + 4 billion in maintenance and equipment, Medical and Pensions
- Power paid in full
- Running Water Paid in Full
- Research Station Paid in Full
- Ship Transport Yards 23.9 million
- hyper-drive construction site Paid in Full

Yearly Income:
1.05 Million Brown Coat Gold,
3018912.22 ruples
2.8 Billion Paper Printed Lumins
25,000 Alliance Credits (left over from Core Occupation)
115,000 Biel (left over from Whitefall Occupation)

Tax: 20% foreign 15% local (50% provincial 50% federal)

Projections for Cities in one year

Pandora $ $1,317,458.20 Federal Share
SATURNA $632,412.13 Federal Share
Accalia Currently $0
Nephele $ 12,312.82 Federal Share


Known But Not Operating yet

- Under water Tillium Mines
- Naquada Mines
- Fish
- Rice
- Ship Designs
- Transport Class Ships
- Tillium Hyperdrives
- Potential for Sea Based Military Bases
- cheep hard labour
- Potential for energy, there is enough Tidal Energy that if a few more plants were made you could potential make energy cells or power packs

Planetary Sport: Ice Dancing
Planetary Animal: Silver Phoenix

Project Dawn

Some Notable laws (still working on this)
-Age of maturity is 14 at this age you are considered able to do all things an adult would be allowed to do. Including all responsibilities, freedoms and obligations of a Silverhold Citizen

-All “recreational” drugs that are considered illegal on other planets are legal,but strictly Regulated and HIGHLY taxed (45%) on Silverhold.

-Prostitution is likewise legal but regulated and taxed. A Specific license and regular health checks are mandatory for anyone wishing to enter into the Profession, currently a backlog due to lack of doctors able to issue checks, with the shortage this has lead to many black market spots.

-Foreign businesses are allowed to operate within Silverhold so long as they pay the appropriate taxes and respect the laws of the planet.

-Corporations are NOT allowed to posses a military or policing force. Security is allowed but only weapons that would be allowed to average citizens are available to said securities. If the corporations wishes to have greater security they must address the Crown on a case by case bases.

-No duke shall tax their people more than the maximum tax rate set by the Crown.

-The people have the rights of freedom of speech and expression as well as freedom of religion.

-Freedom of choice so long as the bonds are consensual marriages can be held in any manor regardless of gender, Orientation or social structure. A noble, priest, shepherd, Judge magistrate, a captain on his own vessel or the Queen has authority validate a marriage.


Brown Coats Silk