Below find a list of planets


Ariel is a central planet of the CORE. It is the eleventh planet orbiting White Sun. It is home to a major medical center (named Saint Lucy’s) of the Alliance’s solar system. Ariel is home to a bioluminescent lake that is a popular swimming spot.


Beaumonde, the fifteenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa, is a fairly wealthy planet. The planet is known to have factories and ranches. Beaumonde roughly translated from French means “Beautiful World.” it is also the home world of ISSA.


Bellerophon, seen in the episode “Trash”, is a technologically advanced Alliance world, and home to the wealthy. It is the tenth planet orbiting the White Sun.2 It has both a large ocean and an empty area of desert climate, complete with canyons, rocks and sand. Isis Canyon is pointed out as the most deserted spot on the world. Bellerophon Estates, large self-contained estates that hover with anti-gravity above the moon’s ocean, are described as having “gracious living, ocean views and state-of-the-art security.” Durran Haymer, a collector of priceless Earth That Was artifacts, lives in Bellerophon Estates. The planet is named after a hero in Greek mythology. “Bellerophon” is also the unofficial name of 51 Pegasi b, the first extrasolar planet to be discovered. Featured in Firefly.


Haven, a moon of Deadwood, the seventh planet orbiting the Blue Sun. It was also a place of refuge for the Serenity crew. In the novelization of the film, it is revealed that Haven is a mining planet which is often used as a hiding place for those running from the law (for a fee) and is where some smugglers or criminals decide to settle down. ISSA is known to have a firm hold on this planet though it is a common place to find Brown Coat dealings


Hera is an Earth-like planet with important significance to the Unification War. It orbits the protostar Murphy, which is the fourteenth planet orbiting the star Georgia.2 Serenity Valley is located here, where the Independent Faction experienced a crushing defeat at the hands of the Alliance. Hera is named after a goddess in Greek mythology, Zeus’ wife and sister.

Higgins’ Moon

Higgins’ Moon orbits Harvest, the fourth planet orbiting the Red Sun, where the primary commercial activity is mud mining which is performed by indentured workers called “mudders”. The mud is exported offworld and used in the manufacturing of ceramic components. The bulk of the population are impoverished and/or indentured workers. The moon appears to be owned by a magistrate named Higgins. Jayne became a folk hero to the mudders in the town of Canton due to his role in a botched heist about four years before the time of the Firefly series.


Jiangyin is a border planet located three weeks away from Persephone, and also nearby Greenleaf. It is the first planet orbiting the Red Sun and is the capital world of that system. Alliance law is known to be upheld here. The crew of Serenity sells a cargo load of cattle here in the episode “Safe”. The planet is most likely named after a city in China’s Jiangsu province along the Yangtze River.


Lilac is a moon of New Canaan, the second planet orbiting the Blue Sun and is near Reaver territory. From space it appears to have a lilac color, which presumably it was named for. The Serenity crew land on Lilac to rob a bank holding an Alliance payroll. Lilac is at times roughly ten hours from Beaumonde as stated by Mal.


Miranda is the name of a planet located beyond Reaver territory.1 It orbits the protostar Burnham, the eighth and final planet in the Blue Sun system.2 It was home to an Alliance colony with a population of 30 million. The Alliance experimented on the population to find a way to make people more controllable. However the experiments with “G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate”, or “Pax”, failed: 99.9% of the population became so passive that they essentially lost the will to live. The opposite effect was observed in the remaining 0.1% of the population, who became extremely aggressive and butchered the Alliance scientists in charge of the experiments. This tenth of a percent of the population escaped to become the Reavers. The Alliance tried to cover up what had happened on the planet by creating a story that the colony was lost due to failure in the terraforming equipment. This information getting out is what sparks the Brown Coats into levying a war against the CORE


Osiris, the seventh world orbiting the White Sun, is a wealthy core planet where Simon Tam attended medical school and worked as a trauma surgeon, mentioned in the episode “Serenity”. Most likely the location of the Tam Family estate shown in various flashbacks in the episode “Safe”. Named after the Ancient Egyptian god of life, death, and fertility, “Osiris” is also the unofficial name of HD 209458 b, the first extrasolar planet to be discovered by the transit method.


Persephone is a civilized planet with heavily stratified societal structure. The planet orbits the protostar Lux which is the last planet in the White Star system. The Eavesdown Docks are located here, a commercial port and Badger’s base of operations. Book had been living on Persephone at the Southdown Abbey. Persephone’s name comes from Greek mythology as the name of the “Queen of the Underworld” and was an early name for a proposed tenth planet. Featured in Firefly.


Second planet orbiting Georgia. It is a mining world upon which many people are suffer from “Bowden’s malady”, a degenerative disease. This is where “The Train Job” takes place.


An unsophisticated planet near Persephone. It is a moon of Qin Shi Huang, a protostar orbiting the White Sun, which itself is the eighth planetary body in the system. From space, Santo has a bluish-gray color.

St. Albans

St. Albans, the fifth planet orbiting the Red Sun, is an icy world, and Tracey’s home planet. Located at times about two days away from the Space Bazaar Sky Plex. There is apparently a single Federal Station located somewhere on the planet, reasonably close to a huge gorge through which Serenity flies in an attempt to outrun an Alliance gunship. Named after the city of St Albans in Hertfordshire, England.


Triumph orbits the brown dwarf Heinlein, itself ninth body orbiting the Red Sun. Triumph is primitive and poor world, apparently self-governed with rather unusual customs and traditions. Elder Gomman is the leader of the moon’s settlers or, more likely, one small town’s worth of them. Saffron was picked up here in the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds”.


Whitefall is the fourth moon of Athens, the ninth planet orbiting the star Georgia. A large percentage of the world is owned by a woman named Patience. Whitefall is said to not be civilization “in the strictest sense.” According to the RPG, a Blue Sun facility is rumored to be underneath one of the mountains. A security outpost on the planet was later seen in the film Serenity.

Other planets

These worlds were not featured on screen but were mentioned either in dialog or featured in other media such as the Complete and Official Map of the Verse, the Serenity comic books published by Dark Horse Comics and the Serenity Role-Playing Game published by Margaret Weis Productions.


Thirteenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa.


Seventh planet orbiting Kalidasa. It has one moon called Zephyr. and is the Home world of Brown Coats Command


Ninth planet orbiting Georgia. It has four moons, one of which is Whitefall.


A moon of Boros, the third planet orbiting Georgia. It is mentioned in ’Serenity Role-Playing Game.


A central planet, the first planet orbiting the White Sun. The settlers in “Bushwhacked” left from here on their way to Newhall.


A planet orbiting Penglai, a protostar orbiting Kalidasa and the eleventh body in the Kalidasa system. It has three moons, and appears to have a permanent cloud cover and dense ice rings. Mal’s war buddy Monty was caught by the Alliance here. Mal refers to it in the episode “Trash”.


Third planet orbiting Georgia. It has a strong Alliance presence. Originally the destination of the travellers picked up by Serenity on Persephone. Mentioned in the episode “Serenity”. A security outpost on the planet is seen in the film Serenity.


Third planet of Kalidasa where Mal, Zoe and Jayne try a bank heist while Shepherd Book delivers a sermon to act as cover. Seen in the comic book series Serenity: Those Left Behind.


Seventh planet orbiting the Blue Sun. It has two moons one of which is Haven.


Dyton is a moon of Greenleaf, the third planet orbiting the Red Sun, and is possibly the home planet of Badger. The colony’s inhabitants were likely of British origin, since cockney accents appear common among people from Dyton. Referred to by River in the episode “Shindig”.


The first planet in the Georgia system. It is a desert world orbited by Niska’s Skyplex. Mal tries to sell medical supplies here. Named in the script for “War Stories”


The third planet orbiting the Red Sun with a strong Alliance presence. Said to be located at times to be 10 hours away from Jiangyin.


The fourth planet orbiting the Red Sun. Higgin’s Moon is one of its two moons.


A brown dwarf orbited by Triumph, Paquin, Lazarus, and Silverhold. The dwarf itself orbits the Red Sun and is the last body in the system. It may have been named in honor of science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein.


The fifth planet orbiting the Blue Sun. It has one moon, Perth.


A moon of Whittier. The crew of the S.S. Walden was returning from a salvage mission here before they discovered Serenity’s distress signal in the episode “Out of Gas”.


Fourth planet orbiting Georgia.

Liann Jiun

A core world and fourth planet orbiting the White Sun.


Londinium is one of the two major planets of the ’verse, (the other being Sihnon). It is the second planet orbiting the White Sun. It is inhabited primarily by colonists from the western continents of Earth-that-was and is the location of the CORE Parliament. Londinium was the Roman name for London.


Third planet orbiting the Blue Sun.


Newhall orbits the protostar Penglai which is the eleventh body orbiting the star Kalidasa.

New Melbourne

The second planet orbiting the Red Sun. It is mentioned as having extensive fisheries, indicating that it may be an ocean world. probably named after the Australian city Melbourne, which is on the sea, though pronounced significantly differently.


A moon of the brown dwarf Heinlein and a location mentioned as having a job for Mal and his crew in the episode “Out of Gas”.


A moon of Bellerophon.


A planet orbiting the protostar Lux, the thirteenth and last body orbiting the White Sun, which is also orbited by Persephone. It is a resort world where the crew of Serenity travels after they successfully hijacked the drone in Better Days.


The seventeenth and final planet orbiting the star Kalidasa.


A moon of the brown dwarf/protostar Heinlein which is the eleventh and final body orbiting the Red Sun. Said to be eight sectors away from St. Albans which is the fifth planet in the same system. The Silverhold Colonies are the jurisdiction of Federal Agent Womack in the episode “The Message”.


A planet orbiting the protostar Murphy, along with Hera and Aphordite. Murphy itself is the thirteenth and final body orbiting the star Georgia. Shadow is where Mal Reynolds was raised on his mother’s ranch. The Serenity Role-Playing Game states that it was rendered uninhabitable during the Unification War. Mal is quoted as saying of it; “No one lives there. No one can.”


The third planet orbiting the White Sun. Together with Londinium, Sihnon is one of the two major planets of the ‘verse. It is inhabited primarily by colonists from China. The planet is highly sophisticated and technologically advanced. It is also Inara Serra’s home planet. From space, the planet has a deep red color. The capital city is said to be, according to Inara, “like an ocean of light.” Mentioned in the episode “Serenity”. The name may be a play off the prefix “Sino-” which refers to China.

Three Hills

The twelfth planet orbiting Georgia. Mentioned by Mal as a location for him to sell his stolen goods at in the episode “Serenity”.


The second planet orbiting Kalidasa. Formerly a poor and undeveloped frontier planet, the Alliance chose it as a site of a new gearshift assembly factory for military skiffs. Appears in the unaired script “Dead or Alive”.


The tenth planet orbiting the star Kalidasa.


Brown Coats Silk