Brown Coats

FAX NEWS... Month 012... Final Warning

“this is Commander Seth Siddius

Youthinkdotcom 2898872 172341

Aboard the Legatus Class War Ship Palpatine, I am Accompanied by 12 other Legatus Class Ship including the Hyperion, and the Thermopolie to mention a few. Each of these ships carries with them 3 Halo Class Bombs as well as 27 NK-2 Space to surface class nuclear missals. Each of these ships carries over 12,000 ground troops not including the 20,000 Droidika’s at our disposal. We also have 15 Centurion Class Ships and three squadrons of twelve Pilus class ships each.

I say this to be very clear and frank people of the Brown Coat resistance and people of Greenleaf, you are hopelessly out numbered, and out gunned, you cannot hope to compete with us on any level here, if you surrender now the President may show Leniency, but mark my words, in 31 days, this planet… this sector of space will be under Alliance rule of Law, one way or the other…

You have 24 hours to state your reply, then your answer becomes irrelevant.

Commander Siddius, the Bridge of the Palpatine



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