Brown Coats

FAX NEWS...We have the FAX month 011

Welcome back to Fax news, we now bring you a report right from President Ceazar

“As you know, the fighting has been fierce, and the war has almost spanned a year now, I also know that we have had many good young men and women come home in body bags, it is time to put an end to such things… our first wave of 20,000 droidica war bots from Cylon Enterprises has finished their test phases and are ready to be put onto the ground, these droid will take forward positions providing valuable cover for our men and ensuring we have the power to keep up the offensive. I have consulted with High General Seth Siddius and he has projected that within one months time we will have crushed the Brown Wing Command Centre in the Greenleaf sector and control that entire star system as well as have a firm hold over High Gate Whittier and Deadwood. This is an opportunity for wayward souls, throw down your arms now, before we unleash the droids and your jail time will be light, we will show leniency, continue to fight and we will finish this war once and for all, DROIDS DO NOT TAKE PRISONERS, DROIDS DO NOT GRANT QUARTER, THESE ARE ROBOTS, KILLING MACHINES AND THEY WILL SERVE THEIR DUTY TO THE CORE, TO THE ALLIANCE AND TO FREEDOM!”

I am Helroldo Rivieria with Fax on the Ground




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